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BigDoor's Tommy Lee talks about gamification during 2011 Games For Health Conference


  • 1. BigDoor (
    Tommy Lee
    Director of Monetization and Implementation

2. What Does BigDoor Do?
BigDoorpowers social engagement
economies through the use of
game mechanics
3. BigDoor Approach to Gamification
4. BigDoor and
5. BigDoor Case Study:
User Rewards
Prestige, Recognition, Virtual Currency, Virtual Goods
More Traffic

  • Average User Actions:

6. Before BigDoor = 4 7. After BigDoor = 12 8. % of Users to Post Blogs 9. doubled From 7.5% to 15% OvernightMore Money
Virtual goods sales = 30% of total revenue
Average purchases = $10.55
10. Gamification In Action
11. Gamification In Action

  • 2 1/2X Increase DAU

12. 25X Increase in Liking & Sharing 13. All in an attempt to buy time with the most available VC on the planet