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BEYOND THE VLOG Why VIDEO Matters with Joey Fortman @JoeyFortman

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  • BEYOND THE VLOG Why VIDEO Matters with Joey [email protected]
  • Why Video Matters? SEO Puts face behind the brand. More engaging People do business with people they like or feel they can relate to. Reach Prospects Video into e-mail marketing increases clickthru by over 96% (Implix) People do business with people they like or feel they can relate to.
  • Video Video SEO boosts conversion rates by an average of 9%. (Internet Retailer, October 2010) Products that have videos are 95% more likely to be bought.(Internet Retailer, April 2010) Video adds two minutes to visitors stays on retail sites.(Comscore, August 2010) Video increases the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 96% with proper page optimization.(Forrester, January 2010)
  • Do you have CONTENT? How-Tos / Tips & Tricks Brand Awareness Video Testimonials/Reviews/Intervie ws Creates credibility. Contests About the Team Events
  • How-Tos / Tips & Tricks DIY, fashion haul, etcBrand Awareness Video intro about yourself (homepage)Video Testimonials Reviews & Interviews Interviews / personal reviews - authors, inventors, celebrities: book reviews, product review Video Testimonial from someone other than yourself about you/your product
  • Contests Great for SEO with time on site Site Scavenger Hunts Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/YouTube Giveaways Do a video to explain a contestAbout The Team Employee/writer/contributer/reader/etc of the month Could make it a feature or one time. Make it long with a collage or each separately
  • Events Did you do a press event & want to impress the agency who invited you? Did your blog/biz do a charity event & you want to highlight it Did you cover something in the area that you specialize in (hyperlocal) These are AWESOME if youre dying to break into travel experiences!
  • Things to Think About Equipment Video Cam, Cell Phone, Webcam Sound Music Beds, sound effects Subjects Spokesperson, Kids, You, Production Who will produce your videos?
  • WHO will produce it? In-House iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, YouTube Professional/Production Company Bloggers, Fans, Friends Testimonials/Reviews
  • Go YOUTUBE EDITOR to the website
  • Video Terms Tilt (up/down) Pan (side/side) Backlight Over The Shoulder Shot Wide Shot Two Shot Medium Shot Close Up Reversal Lower Third Cutaway B Roll Pre-Post Roll Jump Cuts Interview
  • Types of Video Raw: Amateur/Candid Un-edited footage Produced: Professional/Investment Edited video Cutaways, closeups, branding Live: Experienced Sites like Ustream or Stickam
  • RULES for VideoIntroductionSoundLightingDressShotSubjects
  • INTRODUCTION Who are you? Why are you there? Im ____ and welcome to my website! Today were going to talk about ____. BE CATCHY! Grab their attention. Start with a shot then fade to you
  • Sound MINIMIZE background noise: kids, music, conversation, tv Sometimes you just cant control it. Thats when you find a way to have fun with it. USE a MICROPHONE when possible It can make or break your video. If youre covering an event with your iphone and no mic? Might as well not even do it... sound is so bad! GREAT Mic for iPhone: Audio Technica ATR 3350 approx $35
  • Lighting More is BETTER Outside (when possible) INDOORS USE TRIANGLE LIGHTING Key Light Fill Light Back Light
  • Dress Solid BRIGHT Colors Black is ok if you have accents in jewelry or your hair contrast (Joey wears a lot of black!) If doing a lot of shots, just change shirts or accessories! Avoid reflective clothes and jewelry
  • Shot Clean it UP! Avoid Clutter!! Product Placement Frame the shot
  • Subjects Be prepared! Cue Cards. When filming children: COACH them! Be energetic & passionate about what youre talking about.
  • Unedited-Raw Video Keep it short! :30 seconds - 1:00 max Shoot, Review, Shoot x 2 = pick best Use cue cards if needed!
  • Edited Video Keep it short! 2:00 or less Only have :10 to make that first impression & keep your audience. 1st frame: LOGO & website Pacing: Dont drag!!! Use transitions Avoid jumpcuts
  • Editing Software Mac: I Movie, App for iPad/iPhone Final Cut x ($300.00) PC Adobe Premiere (elements - $100) Desktop/web camera: Camtasia $99
  • Where to Put Your Posting: YouTube,Video Vimeo PRO: Free, Views count for YouTube SEO CON: YouTube gets SEO credit-not your site. Hosting: BrightCove, Wistia, Kaltura PRO: Better quality & analytics: Video sitemapping CON: Cost for hosting ($100 month) Fees involved Things to Think About: Pinterest! Pinning Videos on site HELPS!
  • YouTube Must Do:
  • Social Media & Video YouTube: Engage the community Tips Facebook: Use video on pages & walls VIDEO ranks #1 in FB algorithms Twitter: Share to your followers LinkedIn: Put YouTube in UPDATES! Pinterest: Pinning Videos is SEO Heaven.
  • Video & Securing Press DONT pitch your business Theyre media companies-theyll pitch you back! If you have the budget-Pay for Play! 10! Show, Better Philly, Talk Philly Pitch BENEFITS of your service. Look for an EMOTIONAL hook. Be a LOCAL EXPERT WHY VIDEO? When you pitch-the producer has something to see. Personality, Appearance, Relevancy
  • Monetizing Your Video Product Placement Video Reviews Producing welcome videos for small businesses Event Coverage Social Media Consulting Teach clients how to use it Creative Branding
  • Resources $25/mo. $37.50 w/exercises* $250 year $375 premium* iTunes iPad/iPhone: iMovie app $5 Film Director, Vibop Classes Apple stores
  • Great Tech Goodies GoPro HD Motorsports Hero (Action Camera)Audio Technica ATR-3350(Lavalier Microphone) XShot iRig iMic(case/tripod) (Mic for iPhone) XShot 2.0 (iPhone Camera Extender)