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  • 1. Beyond Decent Homes CPD PresentationMaking spaces special
  • 2. Agenda Introduction to Moores Background to Sustainability Building Standards Building Standards Section 7 Code for Sustainable Homes Carbon Footprinting Conclusions Agenda Making spaces special 2
  • 3. Introduction to MooresMaking spaces special
  • 4. Introduction to Moores Furniture Group Introduction to Moores Furniture Group Leading manufacturer and installer of kitchen and bathroom furniture in the UK Supply furniture into contract markets for social housing developments and private builds Operate a number of retail brands which are sold in independent retailers throughout the UK Supply furniture for builders merchants and large DIY stores Established in 1947, joining Masco Corporation in 1996 Based on 30 acres in Wetherby, West Yorkshire Factory extends over nearly 600,000 square feet Granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1995 Making spaces special 4
  • 5. Background to Decent HomesMaking spaces special
  • 6. Background to Decent Homes Ten year programme to achieve a decent home for all Government drew up a range of options for the implementation of the policy Background to Decent Homes In 1997 2.1 million social housing properties did not meet the Decent Homes Standard By the end of 2010, 92% of social housing met the standard 40 billion invested in decent homes refurbishments Recognised that Government Ministers have not given a great deal of thought to what should happen after 2010 Making spaces special 6
  • 7. What is a Decent Home? A common definition of decent was required A Decent Home: The definition and guidance for Implementation A property is defined as decent if: What is a Decent Home? It meets the current statutory minimum standard for housing It is in a reasonable state of repair It has reasonably modern facilities and services It provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort Making spaces special 7
  • 8. Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Criterion A: It meets the current statutory minimum standard for housing Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Risk assessment procedure looking at: Risk of harm Deficiencies that can give rise to a hazard Likelihood of an occurrence that a deficiency could cause harm 29 hazards are identified each of which sits under one of four main categories: A Physiological requirement B - Physiological requirement C Protection against infection D - Protection against accidents Making spaces special 8
  • 9. Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Number. Hazard 1 Damp and mould growth 6 Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products 15 Domestic hygiene, pests and refuse 16 Food safety 23 Electrical hazards 24 Fire 25 Flames, hot surfaces etc Making spaces special 9
  • 10. Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Criterion B: It is in a reasonable state of repair Property fails if: One or more key building components is old and, because of its condition needs replacing or major repair; or Two or more other building components are old and, because of their condition need replacing or major repair. A kitchen is not defined as a key building component Lifetimes used to assess whether the building components are old Kitchens assumed to require replacing on grounds of repair every 30 years Making spaces special 10
  • 11. Requirements for a Decent Kitchen? Criterion C: It has reasonably modern facilities and services Requirements for a Decent Kitchen A property fails this criterion if it: Lacks three or more (of 6) facilities which include: A kitchen which is 20 years old or less A kitchen with adequate space and layout Age used to define a modern kitchen is less than the one used for the disrepair criterion Takes into account modernity of kitchens, as well as their functionality and condition This allows for dwellings to be improved to a more modern standard than would simply be achieved by applying the disrepair criterion. Making spaces special 11
  • 12. Decent Homes The Current Position Decent Homes The Current Position Decent Homes target was not met By 2010, there were still 410,000 non decent Government, despite the challenges faced in tackling the budget deficit still committed to the programme Announced (in 2010) a 2.1billion capital funding investment Help halve the backlog of non-decent social homes over the next four years 1.6billion allocated to refurbishing of council homes 0.5billion allocated to housing associations The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is in place administer the Decent Homes Backlog Programme on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Assess funding bids from local authorities Make recommendations to ministers on allocations Making spaces special 12
  • 13. Beyond Decent Homes Inquiry House of Commons requested an inquiry into Decent Homes programme Inquiry sought urgent, detailed thought as to what succeeds the decent homes standard and the legacy of the programme of work it entailed Beyond Decent Homes Inquiry Communities and Local Government Committee published Beyond Decent Homes in 2010 The committees conclusions and recommendations were intended to aid that process of reflection and be a spur to action Although the inquiry covered implementation, management and funding, this briefing guide will focus on the standard itself. To this end, the following responses and recommendations were made: Making spaces special 13
  • 14. Beyond Decent Homes - RecommendationBeyond Decent Homes - Recommendation Criterion Response RecommendationCriterion (a): the HHSRS has been embedded successfully Gov and TSA to take steps to improvestatutory Evidence of lack of understanding of the availability and take-up of HHSRS sys