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“Better to breathe”. Youth action committee/youth leadership team . Myths N’ facts. Cigarillos are less harmful than traditional tobacco . FALSE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Better to breath

Better to breatheYouth action committee/youth leadership team Myths N facts Cigarillos are less harmful than traditional tobacco FALSECigarillos such as prime times and bulls eyes are equally as harmful as traditional tobacco and if anything, theyre more harmful because they do not have a filter. You are inhaling 4000 chemicals and 70 carcinogens such as tar, hydrogen cyanide, benzene and organic compound. Myths n factsTobacco Smoke contains:

30 carcinogens 70 carcinogens 500 carcinogens 4000 carcinogens

Myths n factsA carcinogen is a cancer causing agent. There are over 70 carcinogens in tobacco smoke. There is over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. Myths n factsMany people believe that they gain weight when they quit smoking.

Quitting smoking causes weight gain.

Myths n facts

Smoking causes your heart to beat fast and decreases your appetite. Quitting smoking changes the metabolic level and therefore weight gain is expected. As the cells receive more oxygen without the tobacco it will be easier to lose weight with regular workout and proper eating habits.TRUTHMyths n facts A smoker who smokes half a pack a day will spend $2700-3500 over the course of a year. Smoking aids cost 3.00 - 10.00 dollars a day and will only be used for up to three months.

Smoking aids are too expensiveLight and mild cigarettes Terms "light" and "mild" on cigarette packages are misleading as they are no less dangerous than the regular kinds. There are holes on the sides of "light" cigarettes to increase ventilation and decrease the amount of tar and other chemicals being released into your body. However, to get the most out of a cigarette, the majority of smokers cover the holes with their fingers which undermines the very idea of adding the more porous filter.The truth behind all of these misconceptions

Chewing Tobacco is gross and unhealthy. It erodes your mouth and makes you grow black hair and fungi all over your mouth. It rapidly increases your chance of many preventable diseases think twice. SMOKELESS TOBACCOSmokeless tobacco is NOT a safe substitute for smoking cigarettes

Smoking ads comparedHealth canadaTobacco company

Types of tobacco. Which one do you think is worst for you?

Youth action committee smoking video http://www.tgmag.ca/aorg/index_e.phpThere are new smoking packages They are much more graphic and true stories

Do you think the new warning labels on tobacco products will decrease the amount of new smokers in Canada?In 2000, 25% of 12-17 year olds in Canada were smoking. This is when Health Canada took the lead on sharing information though warning labels directly on the packaging. In 2011, 17% of 12-17 year olds are smoking. The new labels are going to be released in 2012 and the goal is to Decrease the amount of smokers to less than 12% . We can only do this by working together.

www.bettertobreathe.comThis is how you canJOIN THE MOVEMENT


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