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"Galloping into the Future"- a half-yearly e-publication of the International Y's Men's Club of Singapore (Beta Chapter)


  • 1 Vol. 144 Jan-Jun 2014

    MCI(P) 130/11/2013

    Ys Men International & Metropolitan YMCA Singapore

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    Vol. 144 January June 2014

    CONTENTS Editorial: Galloping into the Future p.3

    57th Installation Dinner p.5

    Presidents Fellowship Night p.9

    An Evening at Bee San Avenue p.11

    Kite Flying with MY Manna Kids p.13

    February Dinner Meeting p.15

    March Dinner Meeting p.17

    April Dinner Meeting p.20

    May Dinner Meeting p.22

    Dinner with the Pontrefacts p.24

    SMIT & Regional Conference p.25

    Birthdays & Anniversaries p.27

    MCI(P) 130/11/2013

    Mr Norman Wee

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    EDITORIAL Galloping into the Future

    To encourage membership extension, Ys Men International gives Booster Pin awards to clubs which have increased its membership by at least three within a service year.

    Beta Chapter has never won a Booster Pin in its entire history. We had never been able to increase our membership by three, at the very most by two. Most years we cannot even recruit a member, try hard as we would. It does reflect poorly on our

    membership extension efforts. In fact attrition had been the order of the day. With diminishing membership and flagging interest, Beta was on the point of closing down till persuaded by the District Council, Alpha Chapter and the Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA) to give it a shot for another year. President Norman Wee even volunteered to stay on for another year three successive years, unheard of in Betas history. At most the President serves two terms.

    All these magnificent efforts are now paying rich dividends. It started with the President of the MYMCA himself, Samuel Yeak, signing up as member, busy as he is. With his influence, he has now recruited four members David Wong Wei Li, Oliver Seet, Loh Peng Wah and Henry Goh. He has even lined up others to join the Club namely Pearl Pwee, our guest speaker for our February Dinner Meeting. For his stupendous efforts, Beta has now won for the first time the Booster Pin: which will be Samuel Yeaks property.

    This is the year of the Horse a magnificent animal which is created for greater things, which in times of peace or war leads the charge to glory land. It is perhaps apt that Beta has chosen the year of the Horse to mount a revival of the Clubs fortune. All indications point to success. Beta will once again gallop effortlessly, with great pride and with great joy into a bright and glorious future. Hopefully in a couple of years we will consolidate our position and allow others to speak about the great influence Beta had in Ysdom.

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    To succeed we need every member, new or old, to put their shoulders to the plough. We will cultivate the ground and let the seeds of our efforts germinate and multiply for a good harvest.

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    50 Ys Men, their families and friends were present to witness the installation of the new President and his Board of Directors at Betas 57th Installation Dinner. This took place on 29 June 2014 at the Vines, MYMCA. Present for the function were DG (SMIT) Ys Man Taweechai Termkunanon from the Bangkok Ys Men Club and 10 members from the Alpha Chapter (DG Ys Man Lee Liat Cheng our Guest-of-Honor and his wife Shook Ken, Ys Men Edward Ong, Tan Song Thiam, James Tan, Freddie Lee, John Yap, Ma Poh How and Lady Ys Man Patricia Lim and Lady Ys Man Chan Soon Sim). Ys Man Paul Tan was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed all our guests. Before dinner he invited everyone to stand to sing the Ys man grace.

    At 8.30pm outgoing President Ys Man Norman Wee inducted two of Betas new members Loh Peng Wah and Henry Goh Soo Heng. He then made his closing address, thanking his Board of Directors for their support in his three years of office. He was thankful that despite its many problems he was able to see its revival. He was hopeful that

    the club under the strong leadership of the incoming president, Ys Man Samuel Yeak will grow from strength to strength and be what it was years ago.

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    Our Guest-of-Honor, Ys Man Lee Liat Cheng in his address was pleased to see Beta on its feet once again. He told the parable of the three servants, the first two doubling what their master had given to them and the third afraid to invest hid his talents. He prayed that Beta

    members will be like the first two servants and invest their talents wisely for the benefit of society and for the glory of God. He then installed the new President and his Board of Directors for service year 2014-2015.

    It was time for our new President to give his inaugural address. He thanked the club for giving him the honor to lead it and promised to make the Club a better and stronger Club. He would do his utmost to improve on the clubs membership. He outlined his vision of the club. Let us help this club grow not as a burden, but to enjoy serving, especially in support of the Metro-Y programmes... As a group, encouraging one another, we can do much, much more.

    The new DG for SMIT, Ys Man Taweechai, was handed his badge of office in the regional conference in Chiangmai by RD Lady Ys Man Patricia Lim.

    Ys Man Edward Ong, ICM and Area President made remarks on how Beta had risen from the ashes like a phoenix. He wished the club all the best under its new leadership.

    Our new DG, Ys Man Taweechai presented the club awards: Most number of guests invited: Ys Man Norman Wee Top Recruiter: Ys Man Samuel Yeak Best in Attendance: Ys Man Norman Wee Ys Man of the Year: Ys Man Norman Wee

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    Table photos were taken after the evenings function closed at 10pm.

    With Guests from Alpha Chapter

    L-R (standing): PCP Norman, DG Taweechai, PDG Lee Liat Cheng, Ys Man Tan Song Thiam, CP Samuel Yeak, Elizabeth Yeak, RD Patricia Lim, Lady Ys Man Chan Soon Sim, Ys Man Freddie, Ys Man Mah Poh How.

    L-R (Seated): Ys Menette Ming, Kang Gee Bah and wife Madaline, APE/ICM Edward Ong, DT Anna Loo.

    Ys Man Paul Tans guests, together with CP Samuel & Ys Menette Elizabeth:

    L-R (standing): Dr Ong Eng Yau, Ys Man Leslie Struys, Paul, Ys Man Mah Poh How.

    L_R (Seated): Mrs SH Chen, Dr SH Chen, Lynn Ong, Ys Menette Daisy Tan, Irene Struys.

    With the VIP table:

    L-R (standing): DG Taweechai, DT Anna Loo, GOH & PDG Lee Liat Cheng, APE/ ICM Edward Ong, RD Patricia Lim, CP Samuel, Ys Menette Elizabeth, PCP Norman.

    L_R (Seated): HS Phyllis, Ys Menette Shook Ken, Sharon Lee, Pearl Pwee

    Well-deserved: Ys Man of the Year Award went to PCP Norman Wee

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    Ys Man Wong Wei Lis guests:

    L-R (standing): Ysling Kristofer Wong, Darrell Wong, Yeo Soo Pio, Ys Man David, CP Samuel, PCP Norman

    L_R (Seated): Ysling Kelley, Patsy Wong, Linda Yeo, Ys Menette Li Lian, Ys Menette Elizabeth

    With new Beta members:

    L-R (standing): Ys Man Oliver Seet, CP Samuel, Hon Sec Phyllis

    L_R (Seated): Ys Man Henry Goh, Ys Man Loh Peng Wah, Catherine, MYMCA Liaison staff Rebecca Thio, Lady Ys Man Maggie Mun.

    Beta Members looking distinctive in red and white

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    PRESIDENTS FELLOWSHIP NIGHT In the true tradition of Beta Chapter when the President of the new service year hosts either a Christmas or a New Year Fellowship night, Norman opened his home on January 18, 2014 for the Clubs fellowship gathering.

    A total of 53 persons were there for the party. 20 were Ys Men and their Ys Menettes, including 3 from Alpha Chapter (Ys Men Edward Ong, Lee Liat Cheng and his wife). The others were Normans friends and members of the Creative Arts Ministry of Barker Road Methodist Church. Betas ex-member, Dr Ong Eng Yau and his wife Lynn also graced the function. Eng Yau has been regularly attending Betas function and we are hoping his interest will be rekindled for him to rejoin the Club.

    Norman this time catered a peranakan dinner which was greatly appreciated by all present. The dinner included ayam buah keluak, ngo hiang, stewed chicken, fish fillet, otah and mixed vegetables. It was so delicious that we ran out of food and Norman had to buy chicken rice to supplement the dinner. His satay man failed to

    deliver the 500 sticks of satay ordered. For dessert we had pulut hitam. After allowing time for us to fellowship, it was then time to enjoy the performance of the Creative Arts Ministry from Barker Road Methodist Church. They put up two dance items to the strains of two hymns: I Surrender All and Bind Us Together. After the last item we were all invited to participate and learn the dance steps. Almost all present participated including the children.

  • 10

    The party ended at 10pm.

    Thank you, Norman and Ming, for being such gracious hosts.

    Ys Man Hak Hai, Ys Menette Ee Har and family posing for the camera in Normans beautiful garden

    DG Lee Liat Cheng (Alpha Chapter), probably trying to convince guests Loh Peng Wah and Henry Goh to sign up as members

    Host CP Norman Wee with his grand Ysling watching the dance performance by the Creative Arts Ministry.

  • 11

    AN EVENING AT BEE SAN AVENUE Betas new member and club president elect, Ys Man Samuel Yeak and his wife, Elizabeth graciously opened their home for a fellowship gathering on April 5, 2014. Present for the dinner were Club President Norman Wee and Ys Menette Ming, Ys man David Wong Wei Li and Ys Menette Li Lian, Ys Man Paul Tan and Ys Menette Daisy, Ys Man Ng Hak Hai and Ys Menette Ee Har and Ysling Wen Ping, Ys Man Lee Yut Khoon, Ys Man Loo Fook Sung, Lady Ys Man Anna L