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<p>Best Bazaar, New Delhi - Exporter &amp; Wholesaler of Beauty Products, Electronics, Beauty &amp; Wellness</p> <p>+91-9643009836</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>Best</p> <p>We are a well-known as an eminent wholesaler,retailer and importer of Beauty &amp; Wellness,Electronics and Spiritual Products. Our oeredproducts are known for eectiveness, longer life andquick results.</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>A b o u t U sCommenced in the year 2012, we, Cart Management, are well-known in theindustry as a wholesaler, retailer and importer of a commendable range ofBeauty &amp; Wellness, Electronics and Spiritual Products in short span of time. Ouroered range encompasses Beauty, Electronics and Beauty &amp; Wellness.Applicable in various areas, these products are sourced from the trustworthyvendor-base. The oered products are manufactured by our vendors incompliance with the industry set norms and guidelines. Excellent nish, compactdesign and durability are some of the quality attributes of these products, owingto which these are widely demanded across the nationwide market. With thorough market research, our vendors are selected by procurementagents on the basis of several parameters like market reputation, nancialstability and past records. Our specialized vendors make use of best-in-classtechnology to manufacture these products to attain maximum clientcontentment. Post-procurement, these products are checked rigorously onvarious parameters by our quality controllers to ensure eectiveness.Furthermore, to meet the requirements of clients in committed time-period, wehave knitted a vast distribution network, which is looked after by our team ofC&amp;F agents. Under the leadership and guidance of 'Mr. Vivek Mehta (Sales Head) ', ourorganization has grown from strength to strength. His managerial skills,knowledge and domain expertise has gained us formidable position in short spanof time.</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>BEAUTY PRODUCTSOur range of products include Beauty Products such as Derma Seta, HairBuilding Fiber, Sandhi Sudha Plus, Meta Slim, Fair Look Cream, Dr.Ayurveda Height Increaser and many more items.</p> <p>Derma Seta Hair Building Fiber</p> <p>Sandhi Sudha Plus Meta SlimP r</p> <p> o d </p> <p>u c t</p> <p> s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>ELECTRONICSWe are a leading Exporter &amp; Wholesaler of Electronics such as SwingWalker, Massage Pro Slimming Belt, Mini Sewing Machine, Power BankCharger, Power Saver, Aluma Wallet and many more items from India.</p> <p>Swing Walker Massage Pro SlimmingBelt</p> <p>Mini Sewing Machine Power Bank ChargerP r</p> <p> o d </p> <p>u c t</p> <p> s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>BEAUTY &amp; WELLNESSWe are a leading Exporter &amp; Wholesaler of Beauty &amp; Wellness such asHair Instyler, Breast Cream, Hair Instyler With Bumpits, Beauty Slim NLift Supreme, Slim N Lift, Smart Bra and many more items from India.</p> <p>Hair Instyler Breast Cream</p> <p>Hair Instyler With Bumpits Beauty Slim N LiftSupreme</p> <p>P r o </p> <p>d u </p> <p>c t s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>CAMERAExporter &amp; Wholesaler of a wide range of products which include Camerasuch as HD Handy Camera, Camera Watch with Video Recording, Spy PenCamera, Button Camera with Video Recording, Car Keychain with HiddenDigital Camera, Watch Mobile Phone Camera and many more items.</p> <p>HD Handy Camera Camera Watch with VideoRecording</p> <p>Spy Pen Camera Button Camera with VideoRecording</p> <p>P r o </p> <p>d u </p> <p>c t s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>HEALTH &amp; FITNESSPioneers in the industry, we oer Health &amp; Fitness such as Easy SlimTea, Slim Tea, Power Prash, Sauna Slim Belt, Sauna Steam Bath, Slim FitOil and many more items from India.</p> <p>Easy Slim Tea Slim Tea</p> <p>Power Prash Sauna Slim BeltP r</p> <p> o d </p> <p>u c t</p> <p> s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>SPIRITUALWe are a leading Exporter &amp; Wholesaler of Spiritual such as HanumanKavach, Dhan Laxmi Yantra, Ek Mukhi Rudraksh, Kuber Kunji Yantra,Nazar Suraksha Kavach, Shani Raksha Kavach and many more itemsfrom India.</p> <p>Hanuman Kavach Dhan Laxmi Yantra</p> <p>Ek Mukhi Rudraksh Kuber Kunji Yantra</p> <p>P r o </p> <p>d u </p> <p>c t s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>AIR SOFAOur range of products include Air Sofa such as 5 In 1 Air Sofa, 5 in 1Velvet Air Sofa and Velvet Air Sofa.</p> <p>5 In 1 Air Sofa 5 in 1 Velvet Air Sofa</p> <p>Velvet Air SofaP r</p> <p> o d </p> <p>u c t</p> <p> s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>OTHER PRODUCTS: </p> <p>Fair Look Cream Dr. Ayurveda HeightIncreaser</p> <p>Stop Nasha Power Saver</p> <p>P r o </p> <p>d u </p> <p>c t s</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>F a c t s h e e tYear of Establishment : 2013</p> <p>Nature of Business : Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer</p> <p>Total Number of Employees : Upto 10 People</p> <p>A Member of</p> <p>CONTACT USBest BazaarContact Person: Mr. Vivek Mehta</p> <p>No. 24, Street No. 2, Vivek ViharNew Delhi - 110093, Delhi, India</p> <p>+91-9643009836</p> <p></p>