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  1. 1. Over several decades now, most business owners have declared that email campaigns is the best tool for increasingrevenue and maintaining customers. There are new opportunities that are emerging for marketers to attract newcustomers by the use of mobile email and Smartphone. There are ways that can help you handle the emails in not onlyprofessional manners, but also ensure that customers are satisfied with your feedback and the message you send viaemail. If you are interested in knowing how to maintain and conduct email-marketing campaigns, you should proceedin reading this article. Ensure that you maintain accurate and clean data of your customers. The data is essential because the success of yourcampaign will depend on it. Additionally, you should not rely on the feedback from customers as they might fail toprovide you with accurate and clean data as the email marketing requires. Therefore, you must validate and audityour database before you commence on building your email marketing campaign. Never make a mistake of sending unsolicited emails to existing and potential customers. You should not make anassumption that a certain address is accurate because it might fail to send the message. In most cases, customersregulate the usage of their email lists by certain users. When you make a mistake of sending any unsolicited email, itwill end up in the spam box of the customers. Alternatively, spam ends up hurting the chances of converting potentialcustomers to purchase your brand. You should know the source of the data that you want to use in creating your emailmarketing campaign. It is essential that you monitor the action of the customer within a given period. A successful campaign requires you tokeep a healthy customer database. More so, you must analyze the frequency by which customers purchase or respondto your emails. For example, you can monitor the responses that customers give when you place an offer. The aspectsthat you will be checking are whether the customers still continue clicking on the links that you have provided in youremail. In addition, you can check the products or services that customers frequently purchase. Such an action ishelpful in target engagement and refining the email campaigns. Create a sales record of the products that customers purchase most frequently. Since starting to create the email listsis a challenge especially as a beginner, you can use the assistance of a prominent business owner. You can ask theclientele to add your email addresses into their list. More so, you should let other people know that you are interestedin them joining your email list. When sending an email to a new client or investor, it is essential that you identify yourself immediately. Suchinformation is a crucial part of the content in an email and you should never omit it. Nevertheless, when you followthe guidelines that you have read from this website alongside any other that you come across, you will be able tosucceed in your email campaigns.
  2. 2. When a business owner utilizes the ways of email marketing, it can be a perfect tool not only for increasing sales opportunities and retainingcustomers, but also for reaching beyond their website. Selling through a website can often be a success or a complete failure. It all depends onhow you manage the long list of emails from customers, business partners, and interested parties, among others. You need a personnel who willbe reading the emails and respond appropriately. Failure to do so customers will feel that you hardly have time to read the messages or evenrespond to their inquiries. As a business owner or email marketer, your address list is an aspect that you should cherish. However, creating a permission-based and good listfor email marketing is not an easy task and it involves several pitfalls. It is necessary that you create solid email lists of all the email addresses both of potential and current customers. The point below will take you through the journey of creating an email marketing list: Start with a great strategy before you embark on building a list, you have to set aside some time to think about a few essential things. Forinstance, you should ask yourself who you will be in the email campaign list. Would you prefer using double opt-in or opt-in? More so, it isimportant that you decide where you will get the email addresses. You should map such aspects before you build the email lists. Home page your home page must have an opt-in form which must appear on the above-the-fold to attract customers attention. Integrating theform is the most common and easiest method that most people use. Since website visitors and people who check their emails daily hardly haveenough time, placing the form at the top will attract their attention. Internet service providers offer the code for opt-in forms where you mustsign up to qualify. The code is affordable because you will only pay 20 dollars in a month. As your email marketing list exceeds 5,000 members, the price of thecode per month increases. After signing up, the company will assist in sending messages easily to all the subscribers, manage your long email listand compile the email address of customers. It takes lesser time than you thought to set up your account, where you will be required to log in toyour account and comply with the instructions. About Page putting an opt-in outline on the home page is not enough to manage your list. If a customer reaches the point of checking moreinformation about your company, it implies that he wants to communicate with your support team. Therefore, when you insert the opt-in icon onthe About Page, you will be encouraging the customer to join your email lists. Checkout process the checkout process is an additional place for including an opt-in feature. The major reason that attracts customers to onlinebuying is the great discounts that product dealers offer. In addition, they will be interested in reading messages that you have included on thewebsite.
  3. 3. Most people have used email for sending and receiving messages, but that does not imply that they understand the aspects of email marketing.The fact that people have been using email for decades does not guarantee that they can describe the benefits and mistakes they must avoid.Most businesses use email as a means of communicating with customers and provide the same to customers for sending their inquiries andfeedback. It is in this process that online marketers make mistakes while using email especially as a tool for marketing. This article will outlinethe major mistakes that you must avoid in email advertising. Never include irrelevant information in case you select a certain social media and a means of getting customer feedback or a discussion forum,you should avoid posting numerous updates under different topics at a go. For instance, if the subscribers sign up for store emails, they have theexpectations of finding content related to your store. News regarding raising cash and a charity race you are about to take deserves subscribersattention, but you should be cautious while posting personal information during email marketing. Never mistake or assume the gender of your recipient if you are planning to use email campaigns, the first thing you should research on is thegender of the audience. Sending an email containing male message to a woman is the worst mistake that shows ignorance and proves to customersthat you are not serious. When you make such a mistake you will be wasting resources, time, and the message will reach the wrong targetaudience. Never email the recipient and fail to include an ESP or Email Service Provider. If you are planning to send one email to several recipients, atleast avoid overcrowding. At times, internet service providers end up blocking such emails from reaching the recipients. Sending out an email and failing to include a link to the private policy is another mistake that you should avoid while performing your emailmarketing campaign. When you take time to include the link this proves to your customers that you are a business partner that they can trust.The privacy policy must deliver details like all the data relating to your customers such as their telephone numbers, email address, and names.More so, the policy must include other details that you wish to share with your customers regarding your services or products. You should check the email lists before you send to avoid mistakes such as sending out lifeless or blank emails. The best emails that you should besending during email marketing are the ones that will attract the attention of the recipient. Therefore, as a business owner you must select theemail marketing personnel who is not only skilled, but also portrays the necessary accreditation. Most email marketers make mistakes by sending out emails that do not have their business address or other contacts. One of the objectives ofemailing customers is to get feedback relating to the services of products that you offer.