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  • Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

    In a small bedroom, you certainly rather difficult to determine whether the wall can be used

    as a cupboard or closet can be used as a wall. Almost all the walls in the room area of 26.8 square

    meters, utilized as a built-in cabinets. In the closed state, when you move it, a variety of clothing and

    other personal artifacts will be visible. Cabinets are made as high as the ceiling, so that there is

    absolutely no wasted space, without being utilizing. The door was made with a sliding system, so

    that more efficient land. The door is made very simple design, without handle.

    No wonder that no one thought that it was a prominent wall closets. This simple design also

    makes the room look more compact and neat. Cabinetshave different types ofdoors. There is akind

    ofstandardopendoors, sliding doors and others. Currentlycabinetscome in

    variousdesignsandshapesthatcan beadapted tovarioustypes ofbedrooms. Wewant to sharesome of

    thebedroom closetdesignsthat are specially madeofwood. Woodcabinetswillgivea natural looktothe

    bedroom, especiallythe interior. Youcanalsospecifythe color ofboth light anddarkwood. For more

    detailswe just see thevariousdesignsof modernwoodcabinetsforbedroomfollowing:


    Is The combination of solid wood from natural wood with a contemporary design. All wood

    furniture looks very harmonious and has the same color tone.

    Combo System Z007

    This is a closet that is large enough. These cabinets look very simple and not so many shades.

    The cabinet design can certainly provide a more than adequate storage and gives the impression of a

    beautiful interior.


    Bedroom minimalist and simple as this can always go well together with a large closet that

    also has a minimalist design.

    Dark Walnut & Mirror

    The bedroom was filled with a touch of wood. Ranging from furniture to the floor all made

    of wood. Cabinets combination of wood and glass completes the look of this bedroom.

    There are many more examples of the bedroom closet design ideas you can find out.


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