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all you need to know about making the correct choice while buying a leather handbag


  • 1. How To Get The Best Product At The Best Price

2. Before you purchase one particular product, visit a bunch of retailers. Dont take out your money to soon instead go over your choices 3. Make a mental note of any particular leather handbag you like or better still store a few pictures on your camera phone. If you have more than one item in mind and have to choose just one due to budget constraints, you may want to go back home and think before making a purchase so that there is time to decide what is perfect for you. 4. Smell the bag. Well treated leather is odorless. If there is a whiff of chemical residues it may not be a good idea to make the purchase. 5. Check The Stitching. A great handbag should not only be made of genuine leather but the stitching must be strong to insure longevity. If there are any doubts on the stitching, it is best to move on without making a purchase. 6. Check the Lining. While poor quality handbags would be lined with polyester, a genuine leather handbag is ideally lined with silk or leather.