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Getnameless is one of the coolest store which can provide fabulous travel wallets in heaps of variety


<ul><li> 1. We believe in style over fashion andquality over brand and that you will find your own style without a logo. It's said that fashion is what you buy, and style is what you make out of it. How you wear it, how you style it and how you modify it. </li></ul> <p> 2. NAMELESS created a kit for you all style heads out there. It's our first KIT aimed at you who like to modify and create your own style. The KIT will be in sale on 4. of august and contain 50 pcs of different screw back studs in high quality. 3. We used aHannabagfor this porcupine modification, because it is made of thick full grain leather and lined with a thin lining of PU inside. The lack of cotton lining makes it much simpler to modify as you do not need to cut in the lining. The inside of the bag will look much better and the screws will hold because of the natural resistance of the pu lining. 4. Using a plastic bag will tear and holes will become bigger over time as the a plastic bag cannot hold the weight of the studs. So use only thick leather bag when doing these modifications. 5. Hanna bag - 199$ Studd kit - 39$ Ruler - 1$ Pen - 1$ Thin screwdriver 3$ Modelling razors 6$ Totalling in at 249$. 6. Start browsing aroundpinterest for inspiration on patterns and if you enjoy some good old drawing go ahead and make a sketch of your pattern and plan out your design counting the studs and aligning them on the table or paper. 7. Remember to measure the space between the studs and the actual size of the area on the bag you want to use. Measure twice as it's much harder to cover over a bad hole. 8. Using the razors to cut a fine hole in the leather and then pushing the screwdriver thru the whole will get the cleanest result. Since the bag is of very thick leather there is no chance of ripping or tearing the leather so go for it and push hard. 9. Takeit slowly and be sure to measure up whenever you have completed a row. 10. Website: http://getnameless.com/ Address: NAMELESS Co. LTD Suite 1D, Level 23 Governor Phillip Tower 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW, 2000 AUSTRALIA Contact Us: 02 80051103 </p>