Be responsible. Be respectful. Be cooperative. Be the best you can be.

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Be responsible.Be respectful.Be cooperative.Be the best you can be.Do not play around in hall or classroom! Be in seat as soon as you come in the room, starting the Problem of the Day, and have your assignment and agenda out. No individual extra credit is given.Complete all assignments using . . .Unless stated otherwise.Penalty: No grade will be given until the assignment has been completed in pencil.We grade in class at times for completion grades.We use our Math workbooks often to size of book. Math Book and workbook is available on disc, too.Assignments are usually very short, but we have one most everyday.There are redos for homework and sometimes tests sometimes.Absent students are expected to get assignments and turn them in without the teacher asking.I will accept late work right after class for 10% off 50% next day or until unit test is taken.If students have a missing assignment, they must sign the late work clip board. All late work must be turned in with the date, name, and period in the late work tray.3 times unprepared is a detention.Students must have agenda, assignment, book, workbook, calculator (Math), pencil, grading pen, dry erase marker each day. Also anything extra the teacher lets them know the previous day such as color pencils or markers, protractors, and graph paper.For Mrs. Johnstons Math classesLoose-leaf paper and blue pronged folderProtractorRulerBasic CalculatorGraph PaperAt least two dry erase markersAgenda and AR bookFor all of Mrs. Johnstons classes***Have available when needed****Glue*Colored Pencils*ScissorsPencils*MarkersMaterials For Reading ClassOrange pronged pocket folderAgendaLoose leaf paperAR BookSpiral notebookPencils and pensReading book and workbook AgendaFor all of Mrs. Johnstons classes***Have available when needed***GlueColored PencilsScissorsPencilsMarkersFor Mrs. Johnstons Language Arts Class1 inch binder with a pkg. of dividersYellow pronged pocket folder and loose leaf paperSpiral notebook Spelling workbookEnglish book and workbookVocabulary workbookAgenda AR book Grade reports will be given every Friday. The reports will be stapled in each students Agenda Book. Friday Preferred Activity Time will be rewarded to students that have no Zs on their grade reports. If on a grade report a student has 3 or more Zs in class he or she will receive a detention, unless work is turned in the following Monday.Late work will only be accepted during the unit of study. 100 A+94 - 99 A 93 A-92 B+84-91 B83 B- 82 C+ 74 - 81 C73 C- 72 D+64 71 D63 D-If a student receives below a 73% on any assignment, the assignment may be corrected for half of the missed for points. It must be turned in with the original assignment. This does not apply to tests and quizzes. With prior approval, failedtests can be retaken only after staying for extra help for three days.Three tardies (total) in one grading period constitutes a detention!CheatingA zero on the assignment or test will be given to all individuals involved in cheating.Cheating could also result in a phone call home.Repeat offenders will be dealt with in the office.Do NOT throw graded papers away in classrooms!NOTHING is to be left in the desks. Everything needs to go to your locker.Gotta have..AR bookAgenda book (This contains your AR log.)At least two class subject assignments/textbooks** You will NOT be allowed to go back to your locker to get more work to do. Bring everything that you may possibly work on during the class period. ** If you CHOOSE to come to class unprepared three times in a grading period, you will choose to have a detention.When the bell rings, all AR books should be open! Dont wait for me to tell you to begin.If you need to visit the media center to get a new book, fill out your reading log and then raise your hand. Ill then sign your log, so you can go to the library. Library passes are for 10 minutes.Ill announce when study center time may begin. At that time, you may close your AR book and begin working on assignments. If you have no assignments, continue reading your AR book.It is expected that you work quietly and independently on homework assignments during study center. If you need help on an assignment, I would be happy to help! At my discretion, I may allow you to work with others on assignments, but that will be rare.


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