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Some tips to make your presentations presentable Basic Power Point Guidelines

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  • Some tips to make your



    Basic Power Point


  • Basic Rules for Presentations

    Contrast is important.

    For paper

    Dark text on a light background.

  • Basic Rules for Presentations

    For projection

    Light text on a semi-dark


    The eye is attracted to the light

    on the screen.

  • Basic Rules for Presentations

    Stick with a single


    The background is the stage for

    your information.

    Set the stage and leave it alone!

  • Basic Rules for Presentations

    Dont try to dazzle the audience

    with graphics or stylebut with

    the information.

    The medium is not the message.

    The information is the message.

  • Basic Rules for Presentations


    Do not center bullet points.

    It makes the text ragged.

    And hard to read and follow with your eyes.

  • Basic Rules for Presentations


    Generally, left-justify bullets.

    This keeps things neat..

    and easy to follow.

  • Basic Rules for Presentations


    Centered graphics leave little room for text.

  • Basic Rules for Presentations

    Balance. Place graphics off-center.

    More room for text.

    Better balance.

    More pleasing to the eye.

    Left placement leads the eye to the text.

  • Basic Rules- Capitalization


    First Cap - More Formal.

    Harder To Type And More Decisions.

    This is an example of capitalizing the first word.

    Less formal.

    Easier to type and fewer decisions.

  • Use Restraint With Fonts

    Employ only a few..stick to familiar fonts

    Stay away from gimmicky fonts unless for a


    Keep type sizes consistent. Serif vs San Serif.


  • Choose Fonts Wisely

    Italics are more difficult to read.

    Use bold when you want some words to

    stand out.

    Font size Easy to read (18 pt)

    Easy to read (24 pt)

    Easy to read (32 pt)

    Easy to read (48 pt)

  • Fonts

    Font Style Should be Readable

    Recommended fonts: Arial, Tahoma,


    Standardize the Font Throughout

    This presentation is in Tahoma

    Do !

  • This is a good title size Verdana 40 point

    A good subtitle or bullet point size Verdana 32 point

    Content text should be no smaller thanVerdana 24 point

    This font size is not recommended for content. Verdana 12 point.

    Font Size

    The larger, the better. Remember, your slides must be readable, even at the back of the room.

  • Dont !

    Font Size

    What does this say? Garamond Font, Italic, Bold 12pt.

    This is very difficult to read. Times Font, Bold, 12pt.

    This point could be lost. Century Gothic Font, Bold, Italic, 14pt.

    No one will be able to read this. Gill Sans Font, Condensed Bold, 12pt

    Combining small font sizes with bold or italics is

    not recommended:

  • 16

    Font Size

    You are close to your monitor

    Your audience is far from the screen


    32 pt28 pt24 pt20 pt18 pt16 pt14 pt12 pt10 pt


    32 pt

    28 pt

    24 pt

    20 pt

    18 pt

    16 pt

    14 pt

    12 pt10 pt


    32 pt

    28 pt

    24 pt

    20 pt

    18 pt

    16 pt

    14 pt

    12 pt

    10 pt


    32 pt28 pt24 pt20 pt18 pt16 pt14 pt12 pt10 pt

    Lucida Sans

    32 pt

    28 pt

    24 pt

    20 pt

    18 pt

    16 pt

    14 pt

    12 pt

    10 pt

  • 17

    Squint City

    If you find yourself saying you probably

    cant read/see this, but

    Then you probably have a BAD SLIDE!

    There are exceptions, but very few

    Test on real screen in conference room

    Not just your computer screen.

  • Fonts

    Dont Sacrifice Readability for Style

    Dont Sacrifice reaDability

    for Style

    Dont Sacrifice Readability for StyleDont Sacrifice

    Readability for


    Dont !

  • Avoid Text Overload

    Having too much text on the screen can defeat the purpose of using PowerPoint. The slides begin to look like a jumble of text, making slides difficult to read and unrecognizable from each other. People will either try to read everything or copy everything down or they will lose interest. List only the key points. If you have more info to include use more slides or create handouts.

  • Basic Rules That You Must

    Have to Have a Good


    One of the most common mistakes in creating a presentation is to place too much information on the screen. This can cause the reader to become distracted from the speakerjust like you are now. Audiences are much more receptive to the spoken word.

  • Basic Presentation Mistakes.

    Too much information.

    Reader gets distracted

    Audiences are much more receptive to the spoken word.

  • Basic Rules

    Keep it simple..

    Make bulleted points easy to read.

    Keep text easy to understand.

    Use concise wording.

    Bullets are focal points.

    Presenter provides elaboration.

    Keep font size large.

  • Basic Power Point Guidelines

    Use buildsdont give them

    too much info at once.

    Stick with the same transition.

    Be creative but leave some

    colour choices to


    Six words per line.

    Six lines per page.

  • Choosing a Colour Scheme

    Stick with power point defaults.

    What may look good on your computer may

    be unreadable in the classroom.

    Remember to use strong, contrasting colors.

  • Use Contrasting Colours

    Light colours on dark background.

    Dark colours on light background.

    Usually cant read this

  • This is a good mix of colours. Readable!

    Background ColoursRemember: Readability! Readability! Readability!

    This is a bad mix of colours. Low contrast.


    This is a good mix of

    colours. Readable!

    This is a bad mix of

    colours. Avoid bright

    colours on white.


  • 27

    Mommy, my eyes are burning!

    Can you look at this for 45 minutes?

    Colours look different on every LCD


    Colours look different between

    transparencies and projector

  • Clip Art & Graphics

    A few excellent graphics are better than

    many poor ones.

    Photographs can be powerful.

    Use sparingly!

  • Avoid using graphics that are difficult to read. In this example, the bright colours on a white background and the small font make the graph hard to read. It would be very difficult to see, especially in the back of a room.


    Dont !

    Graphics and Charts

  • This graph contains too much information in an unreadable format.


    Dont !

  • These are examples of

    good graphs, with nice

    line widths and good


    Good Graph

    Do !

  • Charts and Graphs










    North America Europe Austrailia

    Mode A

    Mode B

    Mode C


  • Charts and Graphs











    Europe Australia

    Mode A

    Mode B

    Mode C

    Do !

  • 34

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    You have

    lots of cool


    No one can

    read this

    No one can

    understand this

    Graphs are

    your friend

  • Religious leader

    Civil rights



    Labor activist


    Antiwar activist

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Religious leader

    Civil rights activist


    Labor activist


    Antiwar activist

  • 37

    This is a really long title for this

    single slide, I should have just


    Hard to read

    Many people dont read the title anyway

    Should have been Long Slide Titles

  • 38

    Know Slide Boundaries

    People cant read text that runs off the side of the slide

  • 39

    Bullets Arent Everything

    How many

    Levels of

    Hierarchy do

    You think

    You need

    * To express

    - Your point?

  • 40


    How samrt will poeple thikn yuo are?

    Watch for:




  • 41

    Bad Presentations

    Audience wont see your work is great

    But will make fun of you from back row


    What does that slide say?

    Dunno, Im playing minesweeper

    Those are some NASTY

    coloursHey it

    matches my tie.Please let it be OVER

  • 43

    Good Presentations

    Interesting topic, explained at audiences level

    Slides are understandable and easy to see

    Good presentations reflect well on speaker!


    I understood this one!

    You shouldwith a PhD

    I wonder if this technique would

    work for my problem

    Lets talk to them at the

    breakI never thought

    of that!

    But its outsidemy main area

  • Points to Remember

    Keep bullet points brief

    Use the same background for each slide

    Use dark slides with light colored text in large hall events

    Do !

  • Avoid the All Word Slide

    Another thing to avoid is the use of a large block paragraph to introduce your information. Attendees do not like to have what is on the screen, read to themverbatim. So, please use short, bulleted statements and avoid typing out your whole presentation on to the slides. Also, it is difficult for some to listen and read a large amount of text at the same time.