baroque period pt2

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George Frederic Handel (1685-1759) German- English composer Operas, Oratorios, and Concertos

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Baroque Period Unit Pt. 2 Powerpoint with video clips


Page 1: Baroque Period pt2

George Frederic Handel(1685-1759)

• German-English composer

•Operas, Oratorios, and Concertos

Page 2: Baroque Period pt2

“The Messiah”

• Written in 28 days• Overture: Opening to a large work of music

• “Hallelujah” Chorus- Easter piece

• “Comfort Ye”- what Male voice is this?

Page 3: Baroque Period pt2

Johann Sebastian Bach(1685-1750)

•German composer

•Played piano, organ, harpsichord, violin and viola

Page 4: Baroque Period pt2

Fugue in G minor•What instrument is this?

•Count the number of times the “Theme” is repeated

•What was another instrument Bach mainly wrote for?

Page 5: Baroque Period pt2

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5

• Name the instruments you hear

• What is the Tempo of this piece?

• What two instruments have the melody?

Page 6: Baroque Period pt2

Antonio Vivaldi


•Italian Composer

•Concertos • Over 40 operas

Page 7: Baroque Period pt2

The Four Seasons-Spring

• What is Vivaldi trying to express in this piece of music?

• What is the Tempo of this piece?

• Tone painting• How is Vivaldi using “tone painting?”