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2. A TIMES OF INDIA INITIATIVE MANAGED AND CONCEIVED BY JANAAGRAHA THE TIMES OF INDIA | BANGALORE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2010 A unique initiative of The Times of India to monitor the performance of the corporators and hold them accountable to the people TOWARDS ABETTER LIFETEAM TOI O WHY BANGALORE PATROLn Monday, Bangalores seven million resi- dents got to know the identity of the 198 corporators who will preside over their des-The Times of India sees its role as an tiny over the next five years. The BJP hasactivist member of society, not awon the mandate to deliver good gover- passive reporter of news.Our earliernance to the citizens.campaigns like Lead India, Teach India and The successful holding of civic elec- tions, in one sense, was the culmination ofUnlock Bangalore have all tried to address a political process. In the other, it marksissues critical to our nation and cities wethe beginning of a journey in which theserve. Bangalore Patrol is a vital, newcorporators chosen by Bangaloreans get to work on delivering a better quality of lifecampaign in this series. It tries to address the for the people.central lacuna in the way our cities are To ensure that the BBMP poll makes amanaged; the absence of a monitoring difference to the city, to make sure thatsystem with the resulting lack oftheres accountability in the system, to sen- sitise coporators to the needs of Banga-accountability of our civic bodies.loreans, The Times of India is today launch- Rahul Kansal | DIRECTOR,ing a unique initiative, Bangalore Patrol, THE TIMES OF INDIA BRANDmanaged and conceived by Janaagraha, an institution that works to improve peoplesThe genesis of the idea is about five yearsquality of life in cities and towns. The primary aim of Bangalore Patrolold. Working in the civic space,we realisedis to deliver a better quality of life, in a tan-that while budgets are presented at the city gible, measurable form to the people. Thelevel, not much information is available oncampaign will present the corporators with concrete data on five important measuresthe quality of life at the ward level. We also that touch peoples lives on a daily basis:learnt that data on the quality of life at the water, health and sanitation, mobility pub-,ward level is largely anecdotal. The questionlic amenities and environment. This willthen was how to measure in a systematic, be captured by the Ward Infrastructure and Services Assessment (WISA) Index devel-objective and scientific way the quality of life oped by Janaagraha. While electricity iswill unleash the competitive spirits of the attempted in India by a non-governmentalthe data, mobilise opinion and put pres-at the ward level? Thats how we came upalso a very critical measure, we havent in-citizens, corporators and administrationagency In fact, it would be fair to say that . sure on the system: corporators, local gov-with the idea of assessing and rating each cluded it in this campaign due to certain leading to the overall betterment in thethe kind of data Bangalore Patrol will pres-ernmental bodies to improve the quality technical issues. We might include that inquality of peoples lives.ent is perhaps not even available with theof life of the people of Bangalore.ward on a scale of 10 after collecting data onIn the coming weeks, watch this space, the next phase of the campaign. A lot of thought, effort and hard worklocal governmental bodies. Even as youthe civic status of the ward.Bangalore Patrol will provide all stake-has gone into collating this information. read this, Janaagrahas ground staff that as we bring you all the data that you need- The aim is to to improve the quality of holders with data for all the five measures To ensure that the data stands upto rigor-has fanned out across the city will be col- ed to know about your ward. The aim Ban- for each of the 198 wards of Bangalore in ous scrutiny Government of Indias bench-,lating data.The data collected under Ban- galore Patrol is to make the impact ofurban life from the grassroots, the smallest terms of say, availability of water, busmarks have been used to assess each of thegalore Patrol will be taken to every citizenengagement high resulting in measur-political unit of the ward.stands, bus shelters, public toilets, drainageparameters. of Bangalore. ToI and Janaagraha will holdableimprovements in the life of the Ramesh Ramanathan | CO-FOUNDER, etc. This in-built provision for comparison An exercise of this kind hasnt ever been city wide events. The aim is to highlight people of Bangalore. JANAAGRAHA CONNECTING WITH MEASURES THAT MATTER THE CITYTEAM TOIamenities (parks, playgrounds andpublic toilets) and the environ-AND HOW...Atotal five parameters that matter ment.most to you as local residents;The ward-wise scores for eachscores tracked on a scale of 0 to 10of these parameters will be decid-TEAM TOIwith a final score that will help you ed based on a detailed survey on adetermine the quality of infra- total 28 indicators. Research and he Times of India, Bangalore, has been interfacingstructure and services thats pro-vided to your ward by the local gov-ernment; ability to compare howyour ward fares vis a vis a neigh-bouring one in concrete measures.In short, this is the new TOI-Janaa-accumulated experience in deal-ing with citizen issues in the pasthas helped us in arriving at thesemain parameters, said Janaa-graha executives. Everything in your ward countsTwith you, the citizen, in the improving public servic- es by launching several initiatives. We have regular- ly devoted space to ways and means of improving life in Bangalore as also leading campaigns on specific is- sues like traffic snarls and quality of roads. In all these exercises, we have got city planners, stakeholders andgraha WISA (Ward Infrastructure on this indexright from the qual- citizens groups to engage in debates.and Services Assessement) initi-ity and exact quantity of waterBut Sunday, December 1, 2002, marked a uniqueatie to change the way you look atsupplied to your house to the street-date with civic concern. We had an invited audiencecivic issues. A way to engage, mo-lights, roads and public transport of about 200 citizens representatives armed with loadsbilise and put pressure on the sys- in your areas. (See box for the de-of grievances. We pit them against a dozen publictem to deliver quantifiable im- tails). More than 50 people have agency honchos and local corporators on a canopiedprovements to the quality of life inbeen already deployed to check onlawn. And give them the green signal to debate issueseach and every ward of Bangalore. each of these parameters onof civic concern. That could have been recipe for dis-The ground survey has already ground for each and every ward.cord and uproar. On the contrary, the inaugural ses-started. It has been going on a warThe human effort on thesion of Times Connect, an ini-footing for three months now. Whatground is being supplementedtiative to bring citizens face toyou will get soon are the reliableand authentic scores for the fivewith adequate technology andequipment like the GIS maps andTimesface with the authorities, heldin the cool environs of the Ko-main parameters that are beingtracked on this unique WISA in-special water pressure monitors.The five categories will be assessed Connect, ramangala Club, saw a spiriteddialogue although vehementdex.under the following four aspects: and impassioned at times. OverThe paramaers being mobility, Access, Quality,ReliabilityLaunched the years, we organised aboutwater, health & sanitation, publicand Risks.half a dozen more such sessions Almost 8 in various localities in Banga-lore and one meeting in Mysore.WHAT WILL BE MEASURED? FIVE PARAMETERS AND 28 INDICATORS cleanliness of roads, % of road network Years Ago, What was strikingly evidentwas Bangalores growing civic with storm water drains, instances ofG WATER: Deals with municipal water supply G MOBILITY Coverage of publicinjuries and deaths due to accidents flooding, access to public toilets andWas Aconsciousness and public en-gagement, induced by the un-G MOBILITY: Includes motorised (public and transport network, access to information,G WATER SUPPLY % ofquality of public toiletsprivate) and non-motorised (pedestrian and bicycle)frequency, speed of travel, crowding inestablishments with water connections, G PUBLIC AMENITIES Distance toBlockbusterprecedented expansion of thecity in the last two decades. public transport, avg. cost of travel/km,continuity of supply (no. of hrs/day),transportG HEALTH & SANITATION: Includes sewerage,presence of footpaths with appropriate quality of water supplied and the avg. cost the closest park, sq.m. of park area per 1000 people, distance to the closestInitiative The citizens brought underscrutiny a wide range of com- width and surface condition, of dedicatedper capita.playground, sq.m. of playground area perstorm water drainage and solid waste management. bicycle lanes, streetlighting conditions,plaints: from piling up ofG HEALTH & SANITATION Access to1000 peopleG ENVIRONMENT: Air pollution and green cover pedestrian safety at junctions, presence of garbage to rude official dispo-sewerage network, % of households with G ENVIRONMENT No. of days whensition; traffic bottlenecks to en-G PUBLIC AMENITIES: includes parks,functional signals/ road markings, qualitydaily door-to-door garbage collection, air polluted beyond recommended limitscroachment of public proper-playgrounds and public toilets.of road surface, speed of travel andpresence of litter bins on street, and the % of green coverty and overflowing sewage to non-availability of public trans- port. Encouraging the officials accompanied