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For inquiries please contact Jon Flax: [email protected]


CEO Jon Flax

CTO Kevin Felichko

Head of Product Donny Zanger

Business SummaryAugust 2015

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Backboard is the secure digital home for your priceless memories

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We’ve been told to store everything in icloud, dropbox, Google, and Amazon, but there must be a better way. Photo/Video storage will always be an ancillary service to their core businesses.

Backboard’s sole focus is to give you the security you need, features you want, and value that should come with protecting and sharing your most priceless and irreplaceable digital possessions.

Why choose Backboard?

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Sync Backboard will automatically find and sync your photos and videos on all of your

devices, all while remaining platform agnostic.

Secure By creating end to end encryption, our users won’t have to worry that their private and precious photos are being seen by us or any third party. The user has total control over

who sees their data and when they see it.

Surface Why is it so hard to search through past memories and find what you’re looking for? Our

intuitive search functionality as well as easy to use filtering system will have users wanting to engage with the app on a regular basis.

Stream Private sharing with close friends and family should be easy, fun, and platform agnostic.

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Our demographic

• Multi OS users: 28% of all Mac users own an Android. 35% of all ipad users own an Android. This translates to millions of customers in the US alone who need to find an alternative to the Apple eco system to back up their photos and videos.

• Disgruntled icloud users: Incomprehensible and clunky to many, people use it because it’s there, not because they like it.

• Dropbox users: The general consensus: great for files and folders, terrible for media. Their photo app carousel launched with fanfare and faded into anonymity.

• Families: Households with a variety of different devices and operating systems that want to store and share privately.

• International community: They now have the 3G and 4G wireless capability to upload and access large amounts of data via the cloud.

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Competitionamount cost criticism

1 Terabyte $150/year —————


1 TerabyteFree with full page ads,

$500/year for 2 terabytes

Ads via yahoo in free version; perceived as

public network; photos only, up to 200MP

Microsoft OneDrive

1 Terabyte


Amazon Cloud DriveUnlimited $100/Year with Amazon Prime

Amazon eco system; photos only, but with 5gb of video and file storage

Dropbox (Carousel)

1 Terabyte $100/Year

Apple iCloud

1 Terabyte


No smaller pricing plans; limited app functionality; poor desktop experience

Limited to iOS for device and sharing functionality;

confusing and bulky

Poor user experience; appealing only to people in the Microsoft eco system


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Recent events have put large companies like Apple and Google in an unflattering light when it comes to users’ privacy.

Encryption and privacy for our users is one of our four core principles and our users will know this from day 1. Our terms of use and privacy will contain translated, plain written language next to all of the legalese, to show everyone that Backboard is a transparent

company looking out for its users.

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Initial revenue generation will come on a monthly subscription basis.

Free 90-day trials will be given to all users, and those who fall under a certain threshold of cloud storage will continue to have free access to the service.

“Soft” users will be allowed access to the service. These are users who choose not to back up anything with us but would still like access to albums and

streams that they get invited to view from existing Backboard users.

Revenue generation

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0-10 GB: Free

25 GB: $2/mo

100 GB: $6/mo

1 TB: $15/mo

Unlimited: $25/mo

*Discounted options for annual billing

*Discounted options for family billing

Current pricing options*

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July 2015 - August 2015 Alpha testing of mobile and desktop

September 2015 Limited beta launch

January 2016 Full market launch

Project timeline

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Free Me An easy way to remove photos and videos from your mobile devices and computers to free up space

while keeping all of your data safe and accessible in the cloud.

Family Plans We’re built for families and loved ones who want to share their memories in a private setting. We want

to make that experience even better by offering easy family sharing where device and operating systems don’t matter and billing becomes painless.

Auto Tag and Smart Search We want to take the pain out of finding memories from 5, 10, even 15 years ago.

Fast Finger Clean-Up We tend to tap our finger 10 times to get the perfect shot and it ends up cluttering our libraries. An easy solution to consolidate those moments while keeping your library efficient and looking sharp.

Scored Videos A fun feature that will increase the impact of an image or video shared by adding a score.

And lots more…

Additional features post-beta

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The Backboard TeamJon Flax, CEO

• Jon has over 10 years of experience in sales and operations, with a specialty in entrepreneurship. • In B2B, he’s flourished in the medical device and floral industry. • In B2C, he helped start Tapd’NY, a NYC based bottled water company that pioneered a “drink local” movement. • As the first employee of H. Bloom, Inc., Jon rose to become Vice President of Sales and helped grow the company to a $10 million annual run rate in his 4-year tenure. H.Bloom is backed by leading VC firms Battery and Shasta.

• Jon’s successful track record in enterprising sales and operations puts him in a poised and unique position to lead Backboard’s growth to become the market leader.

• Donny is a web-savvy entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in sales and operations, as well as expertise in SEO and internet marketing.

• He has launched three businesses to date, including the successful All Week Walls, a temporary wall business in NYC that has been featured numerous times in the New York Times.

• In 2009, Donny’s web development company, EmunahSoft, Inc., released Transferpod, an app that allowed music files to be transferred from an iPod/iPhone to a PC or Mac and back, a capability that was revolutionary for its time. Donny’s industry experience and knack for filling technological needs makes him well suited to spearhead Backboard’s product development.

Donny Zanger, Head of Product

• Over 18 years of experience in building elegant, high performing software across many industries • As a contributor to Cloud Academy, Kevin is an expert in AWS Systems as well as cloud architecture • CTO and co founder for several startups (, temperature @lert) • Kevin’s passion and knowledge of software architecture and cloud systems makes him the perfect technical founder for Backboard as we gain users and the precious photos and videos that come along with them.

Kevin Felichko, CTO

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Thank you. For inquiries please contact Jon Flax: [email protected]