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2. Index 3. 2 The best 365 websites around the world 4. 3The best 365 websites around the world The Awwwards Jury January February March April May June July August September October November December Webs by Color 5 8 21 35 47 61 75 89 103 117 131 145 159 173 187 5. 4 The best 365 websites around the world 6. The awwwards 7. 6 The best 365 websites around the world 8. 7The best 365 websites around the world The Awwwards Awwwards recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. Our goal is to create a community that bids for a more accessible, usable and beautiful Internet. Each year, an international jury made up of some of the most important designers, bloggers and Internet agencies, evaluates hundreds and hundreds of websites; scoring them on a scale of 1 to 10 for its Design, Creativity, Usability and Content. Three winners receive a bronce trophy: - Best agency of the year. - Best site of the year. Jurys choice. - Best site of the year. Peoples choice. The Awwwards trophy repesents a greater- than symbol and a less-than symbol superimposed. These symbols are used to contain HTML tags. Every element in a website is placed between these two symbols, and so, it could be said that they contain the whole Internet. 9. 8 The best 365 websites around the world 10. Jury 11. 10 The best 365 websites around the world Hi, my name is Anthony Dart. I am a multi disciplinary designer/ director from South Africa. I am the founder and Director of a design and animation studio, Ontwerp.tv. South Africa Anthony Dart www.ontwerp.tv Director Im Antonio Lupetti, Engineer, Pro Blogger, Mac User, Web addicted. I live in Rome, ITALY. Author of Woork Up, a popular blog with fresh news and useful stuff for internet lovers. Antonio Lupetti www.woorkup.com Italy Founder of Woorkup Bulent Shik has worked at various graphic design studios, advertisement agencies, and interactive agencies over the course of 10 years. He specializes in user interface design, concept design, rich media, application design, iconography, interactive art direction, graphic design. Germany Bulent Shik www.thecoreunits.com Art Director 12. 11The best 365 websites around the world Carl Rosekilly, graphic and web designer from Blackpool, North West England. Been involved with the creative industry professionally for 7 years. United Kingdom Carl Rosekilly www.carlrosekilly.co.uk Graphic Designer David is an independent graphic design professional based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In the past, David has worked internationally, including clients from Japan, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United States, and Canada. David Arias www.arias.ca Canada Graphic Designer I am Drew Europeo, a designer and illustrator in the Philippines. I ran grafikas.com and dreweuropeo.com. I have been collaborating with different designers around the globe for several years now. Philippines Drew Europeo grafikas.com Designer and illustrator 13. 12 The best 365 websites around the world Im a graphic and web designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Im the founder of Abduzeedo and also co-founder of a web studio called Zee. You can get in touch with me via Twitter at @ abduzeedo or also visit my personal site at fabiosasso.com. Fabio Sasso www.abduzeedo.com Brazil Founder of Abduzeedo Felipe Medeiros is a Brazilian based Creative/Art Director with an advertising bachelor and over 10 years experience. He is also the Founder of Cappen, an awarded digital agency that has worked with clients such as Coca Cola, Vivo, Burger King, Land Rover and Claro. Brazil Felipe Medeiros www.cappen.com Creative/Art Director I got started Web designing in 2002, and in 2004, just a year after getting married and with the help of my wife (illustration) and my flash kwnowledge, I started doing it profes- sionally. Spain Gabriel Segura www.cssmania.com Founder of CSSmania 14. 13The best 365 websites around the world My name is Jay Hollywood and Im a designer based out of Perth, Australia. I run my own freelance studio where I specialise in branding, user experience and interface design. I also blog about various topics. Australia Jay Hollywood www.jayhollywood.com.au Art Director Gopal Raju, founder of Convax Solutions - a web design and development company in India, is an experienced designer and developer, passionate about exploring all the Web can offer. Gopal has worked with some of the worlds biggest names in the industry. Gopal also writes in his blog ProductiveDreams.com. India Gopal Raju www.indofolio.com Senior web developer Goksel is a 28 year old Freelance UI/UX Developer who worked with both small and large teams in USA and Turkey. He worked at various graphic design studios, advertisement agencies, and interactive agencies over the course of 6 years. He is currently living in an awesome mediterranean city: Antalya. Turkey Goksel Eryigit www.geryit.com UI/UX Developer 15. 14 The best 365 websites around the world Im a Project Manager @ Merix Studio, web design & development agency from Poland (Pozna). Also founder of GoDealla.pl, leading polish deal-a-day aggregation app. Poland Kamil Kaniuk www.merixstudio.com Founder of Merix Studio Josh Hemsley is a web and mobile interface designer. Currently, hes the Creative Lead for MyEnergy.com and serves as a design advisor for various startups. Previously, he co-founded and designed at WeAreFixel.com, a design agency. USA Josh Hemsley www.thevisualclick.com Founder of Fixel Ive been a Web Designer since 1997 with a strong background in Editorial/ Graphic Design. I love designing things, whether its RGB or CYMK, I just love being able to create something out of nothing. Paraguay Juanma Teixid www.teixido.co Founder of Teixid 16. 15The best 365 websites around the world Hello. I am the Director of Interactive/ Partner at florida based agency called Push. I am a Yale trained designer and winner of many web awards including FWA, Interactive One Show, and the Webbys. USA Mark Unger www.pushhere.com Interactive Director Kevin Sweeney works as an application developer for Vimeo in New York City. In the past, Ihe has led the IA and front-end development of sites such as EA, Atari, National Geographic, and most recently, FOX. Kevin Sweeney www.f-i.com USA Developer at Vimeo Blue Beetle is a boutique interactive studio helping clients engage with their audience in meaningful and innovative new ways. Based in Dubai since 2004, were a very multinational team with a spirited passion for what we do. Our ethos is simple: clear communication through excellent design and deployment. United Arab Emirates Mark Hirst www.bluebeetle.me Entrepreneur 17. 16 The best 365 websites around the world Graphic and web designer with a passion for web development, likes to combine these disciplines with the creative industry. Currently working and living in Serbia as a freelancer. An enthusiastic soul always looking for a challenge. Serbia Nikola Areina www.bergb.com Graphic and Web designer Senior User Experience Designer near Minneapolis, MN with 15 years experience in creative design and development for websites, desktop and mobile applications and social media with an emphasis on usability, accessibility and web standards. USA Mike Lane www.mlane.net UX Design My name is Oscar Prez, Im a 38 year old digital artist and the Creative Director at Tierra Virtual Studio, founded in 2000. We bring nine years of experience in web technology to every project. Spain Oscar Prez www.tierravirtual.net Interactive Director 18. 17The best 365 websites around the world Ray Cheung is a web developer and designer who has a passion for web design and web application development. He runs several successful blogs over the internet and aims to share all of the useful information and resources he has to his readers. China Ray Cheung www.webappers.com Founder of WebAppers.com Pablo Zrate is an awarded multidisciplinary designer with more than a decade of experience. Hes knowledgable in Web & UX design, and hes really passionate about CSS3, HTML5 & Mobile. Currently you may find him either working on new stuff for himself or at his day-job: designing for FOX International Channels & NGCI. Argentina Pablo Zarate www.pablozarate.com Designer My name is Paul Mosig and I am the co-founder of the arts and design studio Racket located in the Blue Mountains Australia. Self taught designer although I went through art school & studied New Media and Photography. Australia Paul Mosig www.racket.net.au Co-Founder Racket 19. 18 The best 365 websites around the world Romain Colin, Founder of Fubiz, this site is centered on the subjects of the graphic world, the urban culture, the products tendancies and numerical arts. A baseline: Daily dose of inspiration, a version available in 2 languages with 9 galleries. France Romain Colin www.fubiz.net Founder of Fubiz.net Hi, my name is Sean. I own a small design company called Legwork Studio. I spend my days designing. Im totally in love with my beautiful wife, listen to and play various types of ironic rock music, still enjoy playing hockey when I can and generally spend my time trying to be awesome. USA Sean Klassen www.legworkstudio.com Founder of Legwork Studio We are CreativePeople from Moscow, Russia and we hold an excellent portfolio full of interesting web projects, animation, games and logos! We create creative ideas all day long and even at nights, and we love our wooden secretary Zina! Russian Federation Sergei Prokofiev www.cpeople.ru Entrepreneur 20. 19The best 365 websites around the world Wing Cheng, graphic and web designer from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Been involved with the creative industry professionally for 5 years. Netherlands Wing Cheng www.wingcheng.com Art director My name is Shyam Soni, co-founder of Mooze Design, iPhone app development company with Gijsbert Koren. I also work with A

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