awapuni school our ict l earning journey

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Awapuni School Our ICT L earning Journey. Town & Country Cluster. Introduction. In 2009 Awapuni school were accepted onto the ICT contract for 2010-2012. We are in a cluster with eight schools, our cluster name being ‘Town & Country’. Our Vision. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Awapuni School Our ICT Learning Journey

Awapuni SchoolOur ICT Learning Journey

Town & Country Cluster


Our Vision

To raise student achievement by engaging our learning community as connected, confident, learners through the collaborative development of a personalised and sustainable e-learning ecology.

In 2009 Awapuni school were accepted onto the ICT contract for

2010-2012. We are in a cluster with eight schools, our cluster name being Town & Country.

Our journey begins at the 3-day conference called Learning@ school held in Rotorua on the 24th February 2010. During the conference we met other members in our cluster and we discussed future goals and planning for the contract.

The Principal-Stephen Soutar and Lead Teacher-Raina TeTure attended the conference. The course enhanced both Principal and Lead Teacher knowledge in terms of e-learning in education.

State one important aspect gained from the conference:

Principal - How To Create and Deliver Memorable Presentations presented by Sharon Carlson & Tara Fagan

Lead Teacher Powerful Learning Journeys Using Digital Story Telling within an ePortfolio to show the learning process presented by Ian Fox & Lenva Shearing

I really enjoyed learning about how to create an ePortfolio of a childs learning progress. It was a powerful presentation on how to community the process of childrens work through ePortfolios. Voicethreading was one attribute of this presentation that I would like to implement into my classroom.

Terms 1 2 Progress report

Progress report continued


Where to next?

Three laptops were up for renewal. We decided to change from PCs to Macs. The laptops werent ready for use until the morning of Friday 14/05/10 which meant the Lead Teacher and principal were without laptops. Now the issue is familiarising ourselves with the Macs for the first time and what is compatible with our server e.g. synchronising etc.

Familiarisation with Macs and use with our intranet

Investigate installing wireless internet

Review the internet filtering system already in place to be more user friendly to our needs

Surveying of teachers needs

Grant applications for computers

Ensuring more participation from teaching staff other than the Lead Teacher

Upskilling the teaching staff by means of the wiki and the professional readings etc available to us.

Professional Development for Lead Teacher & staff

DATESTAFFFOCUSWHERE TO NEXT?12/3/10LT-Raina & PRT-OronBlogging with Allanah KingTrial aspects from this course in our classes22/3/10LT-Raina & StephenICT Cluster meeting at Bunnythorpe School Lead Teachers & Principals15min presentations on one thing we got from the Learning at School ConferencePresent information to staff in regards to new elearning tools e.g. Comic life 25/3/10All staffAttended Feilding ICT Cluster mini taster sessions at Manchester Street SchoolSelect and trial activities in our own classes if they are appropriate28/4/10All staffIntroduction to the ICT project Browse the ICT cluster wiki address www.towncountryictpd.wikispaces.com14/5/10LT-Raina, PRTs-Oron & SarahICT Cluster meeting at Bunnythorpe SchoolSuzie Vesper presentation on Web.2Introduce some ideas from this course to the staff5/5/10All staffICT goalTo develop knowledge and skills needed to enhance e-learning in our classroom.All teachers agree with this goal To become familiar for what elearning tools and skills are available via the school, community and the wider world

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