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AWAKE electron source. New Electron Source WP at CERN Base Line Scenario Simulations Diagnostics Questions and Issues Conclusions. Layout of AWAKE Experiment. Layout of Electron source. To be developed in the future. Base line scenario. Base line. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


AWAKE Photo injector Layout

AWAKE workshop, CERN, April 9th-11th, 2014Steffen Dbert, BE-RFAWAKE electron sourceNew Electron Source WP at CERNBase Line ScenarioSimulationsDiagnosticsQuestions and IssuesConclusions

Layout of AWAKE ExperimentCI SAC meeting 2013Layout of Electron source

To be developed in the futureCI SAC meeting 2013Base line scenarioBase lineUse PHIN gun and equipment (convert to copper cathode ?)Klystron and Modulator from CTF3Get booster from Cockcroft/Lancaster collaboration (specs from CERN) ?Additional equipment needed (solenoids, vacuum, wave guides, girders)Diagnostics, PHIN, CERN, INFN (to be defined)Beam dynamics simulations, CERN ,Cockcroft ?Integrated test in CTF2 in 2016, external help welcomeInstallation and commissioning into CNGS area in 2017, external help welcomeAlternative, upgradeLook for alternative gun, Califes, Cockcroft/Lancaster, INFN ? (goal will be ultimate beam performance, tiny emittance, ultra short bunches)Evaluate performance, impact and costWork package responsibilitiesTasksResponsibleRF powerCERN, Gerry McMonagleGUNCERN, Steffen, Eric ChevallayBoosterSTFC, Graham Burt ?LaserCERN, Valentin FedosseevInstrumentationCERN, Lars JensenMechanical designCERN, Nicolas ChritinMagnetsCERN, Jeremie BaucheVacuumCERN, Jan HansenControlsCERN, Marine Gourber-PaceIntegrationCERN, Fred, Ans PardonsCommissioningCERN, Steffen, ChiaraSimulationsCERN,STFC, Steffen, Oznur Mete ?Interlocks, SafetyCERN, Rui NunesBe aware this list is certainly incomplete and preliminary

Ion Pump ?AWAKE INJECTOR MODULERF GunBeamDirectionIon PumpSupport PedestalSynthetic Granite GirderBooster Linac 1m longYAGQuadrupole MagnetSlit Horizontal and Vertical Corrector MagnetYAGProposal by STFC DaresburyAWAKE electron sourceschematicLength ~ 4 mFCE, DEMSBPRLaser +DiagnosticsRF GUN EmittanceIncident, Reflected Power and phaseSpectrometerCorrectorMTVVPIFCTAcceleratorMTV,EmittanceMatching tripletBPRBPRIncident, Reflected, transmitted PowerKlystronA,fAwake electron beamrequirementsParameterPhase 1Phase 2Beam Energy 13-16 MeV20 MeVEnergy spread (rms)0.1 %Bunch Length~ 4 ps< 1 psLaser/Rf synchronization1 ps0.1 psFree Repetition Rate10 HzSynchronized repetition rate0.03 HzBeam Focus Size< 250 mmDivergence< 3 mradNormalized Emittance2-5 mm mmrad0.5 mm mradBunch Charge0.2 nC1 nCAwake simulationsPhin gun, 20 MV/m structure, 0.1 nC, 1 mm 3 ps laser

Awake simulations

Phin gun, 20 MV/m structure, 0.2 nC, 1 mm laser

Awake simulationsPhin gun, 20 MV/m structure, 0.2 nC, 1 mm laser, 1 ps laser

Awake simulations

Phin gun, 20 MV/m structure, 0.1 nC, 0.5 mm laser

Awake simulations

Phin gun, 20 MV/m structure, 0.1 nC, 0.25 mm laser

Many variants are possibleClear laser and beam parameter specification are needed for the simulationsShould define reference scenarios for the simulationsBooster structureSome rough numbers1 m long constant gradient structuref= 2998.55 MHzQ ~ 15000r/Q ~ 70 MWDV= 15 MVTf= 280 ns, 2a ~ 2 cmPo = 11 MW

PHIN gun needs about 10 MW for 85 MV/m

Roughly 30 MW needed to power the injector (one klystron)Laser diagnostics: laser power, position, virtual cathode, micro pulse lengthRF diagnostics: rf power signals, rf phaseBeam instrumentationInstrumentHow manyResolutionPrecisionBPMs350 mm ??Phase monitor1ps ??Screen320 mm ??Multi slit1< mm mrad ??FCT1 pC ??Faraday Cup1 pC ??Spectrometer110 keV ??Streak Camera1< ps ??Define rough commissioning scenario, what do we measure where and howKlystron IssuesTransport: Study of transport and possibility to exchange klystron in situ has to be done, likely a local lifting device is neededSynchronisation: 3 GHz synchronized signal is needed as well as a number of timing triggersSafety: The modulator contains Oil together with high voltage, the waveguide may contain SF6A risk assessment has to be done to determine fire protection measures !!Remote control: We usually have access to those klystron while running beam, likely need to improve the remote control capabilitiesQuestionsA few question to trigger discussions:Timing: How is it organised, beam, controls, data acquisitionControls: Guidelines for the control system, hardware, FESA, data baseExperiment data taking: which information we need synchronized, sampling rate (BPMs protons, electrons, Laser, spectrometer )?Location of electronics for power supplies, diagnostics and data acquisitionRough time line2014201520162017Beam line design

Booster design

Infrastructure definition

Rough IntegrationDetailed Component design and fabrication

Detailed integration

Infrastructure installation(Water, Power, Ethernet, klystron handling)Installation and commissioningIn CTF2(may be not all hardware)

Infrastructure installation, electron source shielding, access system, racksInstallation of source and commissioningin AWAKE

Infrastructure and issues before installation:Water, power, Ethernet, klystron handling equipment, racks for electronics, electron source shielding, access system, laser beam line, alignment concept, commissioning concept, controlsConclusionsNew CERN work package for the electron source in placeMany open questions we have to address in the future Beam requirements for first phase likely possible with PHIN gun and boosterSome useful equipment should be available from CTF3Need detailed beam and laser specificationsRequirements for second phase challenging to fulfil simultaneouslyA lot of work ahead, help is very welcomeEndAwake electron beam work package reflectionsQuestions:

Access scenario, where can we go during experimentLocation of power supplies, electronics, data acquisition, vacuum equipmentLocation of klystron/modulator elementsTransport of klystron/modulator items, crane for mounting klystron ?Safety requirements, restrictionsElectron source housing, how does it look likeBeam diagnostics, what has been done for the beam line yet, BPMs, correctorsControl system, beam, vacuumWater, electricity availabilityClarify collaborations, with UK, Frascati ?Define time constraints, milestonesSingle plasma cell @side injection

2 plasma cells/on-axis injection

Awake simulationsPhin gun, 20 MV/m structure, 0.01 nC, 0.5 mm laser


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