australian mobile networks. 2g networks telstra mobile (edge) optus mobile vodafone-hutchison (edge)

Download Australian Mobile Networks. 2G Networks Telstra Mobile (EDGE) Optus Mobile Vodafone-Hutchison (EDGE)

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  • Australian Mobile Networks

  • 2G NetworksTelstra Mobile (EDGE)Optus MobileVodafone-Hutchison (EDGE)

  • 3G NetworksTelstra MobileOptus MobileVodafone-Hutchison

  • 4G NetworksVividWireless

  • 2G

  • TechnologiesGSM-900 uses 890915 MHz to send information from the phone to the tower

    935960 MHz for the other direction

  • GSM uses GPRS or EDGE for data connectionsGPRS allows for up to 56Kb/sEdge can connect at 236Kb/s

  • 3G

  • TechnologiesTelstra / VHA share a 2100MHz networkTelstra own a 850MHz network VHA operate 900MHz and 1800MHz networksOptus also operate both 900MHz and 1800Mhz netowoks

  • The data component of 3G is HSPDAHSPDA allows for 42Mbit

  • 4G

  • TechnologiesTransmits at 19GHzReceive at 18GHz

  • Vividwireless uses the WiMAX standard for data connectionsWiMAX allows for 144Mb/s down and 35Mb/s up.


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