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<ul><li> 1. +Augment Park Bridging the futureTeam Baby Face</li></ul> <p> 2. +Previously on Team Baby Face 3. +Hiyoshi Park Field WorkWe did fieldwork in Hiyoshi Park to knowwhat kind of people goes to the park andwhat are their major activities in the park.Other than seniors we also found juniordoing sports in the park. Grandparents andparents take their children playing with toysand facilities.Some people even pick fruit like kaki forpreventing from rotting. Each part isseparate, what we want to do is to let themmake a more enjoyable time in the parkand be more interactive. 4. +Brain Storming with Stickies 5. +Brain Storming with Clay 6. +Rapid Prototype 7. Story of Bill the father bear 8. Memories of Park 9. It is Dead 10. +Target PersonaAge: 29 years oldGender: MaleBackground: From Singapore, University in USAActivities: Jogging, Outdoors Sports, BasketballComments:I enjoys doing sports outdoors as the air and environment is fresh. Torelease stress and keep a healthy body is also a reason for myoutdoors activities. Furthermore, from my work background, it isimportant to maintain communication with others.Suggestions: Enjoy the outdoors while doing exercise Keep park beautiful and do destroy 11. We want to refresh the park , not only for ourselves, but also for the future generation to enjoy the same joy that we used to have. 12. Pass the joy onto next generation More fun than Wii More real than Kinect More player than WoW 13. CONCEPT VIDEO 14. +Augmented Reality 15. +AR Glasses Glasses reference Brother AiRScouter 16. DEMO 17. +Future ResearchMotion Capture 18. + Lets Go Out and Play! 19. +Concept Re-check Our Philosophy Healthy Relaxing OUR PROTOTYPE Interactive Out-door Outdoors Sports Gear Our Vision Fresh AR technology Interactive Machine Method Make park more fun 20. Thank you for watch our presentation! </p>