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Presentation M-Days 2011-01-28, Frankfurt/M, PDF


<p>Augmented-Reality-M-Days-2011-Willi-Schroll.ppt</p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 presentation available: viewing+download </p> <p> </p> <p>pa:vd </p> <p>From Augmented Reality apps to Augmented Worlds </p> <p>Willi Schroll, strategiclabs M-Days, Frankfurt/M </p> <p>2011-01-28 </p> <p>So</p> <p>urce: By Laitr Keiows [CC-BY-SA-3.0] </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Futurists are analyzing all the signals to </p> <p>get the big picture </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 Source: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Augmented Reality today </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Augmented Reality in Gartner Hypecycle </p> <p>Source: 2009 </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>What is Augmented Reality? </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Augmented Reality is more than Augmented Perception </p> <p>Source: Nokia, </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>The special thing of Augmented Reality is that it involves the senso-motoric loops </p> <p>Sources: AR browser: Wikitude; AR drone: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Direct manipulation is the most intuitive way to interact with the data in the environment </p> <p>Source: AR Social Shopper and AR conferencing: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Genuine Augmented Reality is involving our reality construction </p> <p>Reality Construction </p> <p>Source: X-ray:; AR conferencing: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>AR effect for user experience </p> <p>The space of interaction is exploding: From the display to the physical world </p> <p>Source: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap ISMAR 2009: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Add sensors, web of things, gestural UI! </p> <p>AR is a kind of transmedia, a frameless, limitless outernet </p> <p>Source: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap ISMAR 2009: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>The impact of Augmented Reality </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>AR is starting a new mode of interaction with the environment. Impacting life and work! </p> <p>Source: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>In 2020 we will see all kind of layers like we have an ecosystem of twitter streams today </p> <p>Corporate layers, event layers, personal layers, group layers examples: </p> <p>Today: Activity streams Tomorrow: AR layers </p> <p>@mdays &amp;mdays @wschroll &amp;wschroll </p> <p>@google &amp;google </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Bruce Sterling, scifi author + visionary thinker </p> <p> We can put any reality we want into your brain, now the issue is what reality should </p> <p>we put there. </p> <p>Source: Bruce Sterling at ARE2010, </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>The implications of Augmented Reality </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Navigation </p> <p>Augmented Social Networking </p> <p>Local Immersion </p> <p>Identity </p> <p>Privacy </p> <p>Social Search </p> <p>Hyperlocal Offers </p> <p>AR Advertising </p> <p>Context Intelligence Small Worlds </p> <p>Lifelogging </p> <p>Predictive Marketing </p> <p>Ambient Intelligence </p> <p>MAR at Home </p> <p>Augmented Signage </p> <p>Realtime </p> <p>Realspace Realpeople </p> <p>Reality Design </p> <p>Reality Mashup </p> <p>Instant Reality </p> <p>Augmented Media </p> <p>AR Commons Hybrid Intelligence </p> <p>360 Transparency </p> <p>Reality Stream </p> <p>Mixed Reality Games </p> <p>Reality Mining </p> <p>Infotainment </p> <p>Blended Learning 3.0 </p> <p>Augmented Reality User </p> <p>Search Commerce </p> <p>Socializing Entertainment </p> <p>Sharing </p> <p>Experience </p> <p>MAR Event Guide </p> <p>Serendipity </p> <p>MAR Ecosystem </p> <p>Ubiquitous Shopping </p> <p>Affective MAR Sensor Fusion </p> <p>Hybrid Tracking </p> <p>Obectlinked Customer Interface </p> <p>Object Recognition </p> <p>Face Recognition </p> <p>Augmented Identity </p> <p>Permissions </p> <p>Civic IICT </p> <p>Augmented Dating </p> <p>Immersive Edutainment </p> <p>Knowledge Symmetry </p> <p>HyperLBS </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Hayes16 business models ... some waiting </p> <p>Augmented Reality </p> <p>Business </p> <p>Gary Hayes: 2009 </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>The maturity gap </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Usability is still weak </p> <p>The interface is quite in its infancy. </p> <p>Source: Fraunhofer IGD, </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Breakthrough technologies? </p> <p>AR Glasses and lenses </p> <p>Source: 2010 </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p> Augmented Reality maturity </p> <p>Source: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap ISMAR 2009: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p> Pioneers preparing the new </p> <p>Source: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap ISMAR 2009: </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>AR-enabled transparency for smarter living </p> <p>Source: Map of the Decade 2010s / rossdawsonblog-com (yellow frame added for emphasis by author) </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>Thank you for your attention! </p> <p> twitter: @wschroll Xing MAR group </p> <p>LinkedIn ARBcon group </p> <p>strategiclabs 2011 </p> <p>How to connect with the Augmented Reality Community </p> <p>Xing Groups: MAR and AR </p> <p>LinkedIn Groups: Augmented Reality Professionals, Augmented Planet, Mobile Augmented Reality </p> <p>Next events / planning </p> <p>are2011 </p> <p>17-18 May in Santa Clara </p> <p> </p> <p>ARBcon2012 </p> <p>April 2012 in Berlin </p> <p> </p>