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Auction website script pdf


<ul><li><p>Online Auction Simplified With </p><p>Ready-made Auction Website Script </p><p>Readymade Auction Script Online, PHP Based Auction Script </p><p>Online auction business is simplified by the use of auction website script. The script is </p><p>Php based and it has aided in capturing more than 40% of all e-commerce market </p><p>shares. The benefits of the PHP based auction website script are manifold and </p><p>interestingly they can be availed at a very nominal cost. The script is a product of </p><p>Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and emphasis is laid to make the script unique by </p><p>incorporating modern features and functionalities. The objective is however to ensure </p><p>that the software is able to stand the test of time in this competitive market. </p><p>The Auction website script provides a comprehensive professional auction website </p><p>solution aimed to meet specific business requirements. The software is useful to build a </p><p>marketplace for buyers and thus aid them in connecting online to businesspersons </p><p>interested in purchasing auctioned items and auctioning different products. </p><p>The software required for establishing customized auction portal is available online. It is </p><p>easy to install and use. The user is not required to be expert in software programming as </p><p>it can be very well used by non-professionals. It is plug &amp; plays type and has an </p><p>attractive user interface. It also has a flexible admin panel, SEO friendly interface, bug-</p><p>free nature and highly customizable features and properties. </p><p>Besides, it is affordable and since the software has many features and properties, </p><p>therefore it is best-used post customization. However, customization after purchase to </p><p>include additional features and properties requires the user to pay extra amount of </p><p>money. The advantages of the product are many. It enables buyers to create a live </p><p>auction website almost instantly post installation. Thus the software is an effective tool </p><p>for business as it maximizes profits and that too when the investments are low. </p><p>The readymade auction website software has a number of front-end and back-end </p><p>features. Since the auction website is an e-commerce website, therefore it has all the </p><p>features of e-commerce websites. In it, the user can classify listings into multilevel </p><p>categories. There is seller account management and the seller can post any number of </p><p>listings. There are provisions to save auction ads. Auctioned items can be purchased by </p><p>making online payments. The payments are monitored using payment gateways like </p><p>PayPal, which remain integrated with the software. </p><p>There exist individual member areas for each buyer and seller. Seller profiles are </p><p>maintained on the website. There are options to edit member profiles. The website has a </p><p>support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads. The software also has excellent after </p><p>sales services. Owing to the multitude of features and properties, the software is widely </p><p>used by many businesspersons in India as well as abroad. </p></li></ul>