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Below are some of the features you might consider for using our product. Different Level of user types a. Admin b. Business Developer c. Recruiter Admin is responsible for all the master entry of the software and approving a particular requirement and keep track of each and every requirement. Admin also assign different requirements to different recruiters. Business developer can add a requirement posted by a client into the system. Recruiter is responsible for flowing up a requirement and fulfill the target. Recruiter can search for candidates from the system and is responsible for all the things i.e. from schedule the interviews up to a candidates join to the organization or also till rejection with feed of each and every round in between. What recruiter does can also be done by Admin There is also and tracker to views a requirements or candidates status at any point of time. Tracker just fetches data and represents this to the user in a better managed way. There is also advanced candidate search facility. Map candidates to a particular requirement and vice versa.


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  • 3. Managers Access Page
  • 4. Search Resumes
  • 5. Total Resumes Received
  • 6. Manage Recruiters & Clients
  • 7. Setup Management
  • 8. Assign Job Requirements
  • 9. Recruiter Login
  • 10. Recruiters Access Page
  • 11. Resumes received in past 10-Days
  • 12. Client Login (for Businesses)
  • 13. Client Login for Businesses
  • 14. View Matched Jobs
  • 15. View Responses to Job Openings
  • 16. Track Progression of Job Matches
  • 17. Edit Your Public Profile viewable Candidates
  • 18. Candidate Login
  • 19. Candidate Access
  • 20. Update Resume & Profile
  • 21. Keyword Search for Open Jobs
  • 22. Find Jobs Matches for candidate Resumes
  • 23. Advanced Job Searches
  • 24. Candidates Edit Profiles
  • 25. Get Your Custom Design Now
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