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<ul><li><p>At Home Pedicure: Do-It-Yourself</p><p>Researchers have shown that having a pedicure can be extremely good. They aren't just for helpingyour feet feel better; when they include massage, they are good for things like reducing your pain,raising your circulation, and lowering your stress levels. Professional pedicures, however, are notsomething that a lot of folks are interested in seeking out. Professional pedicures involve using thesame tools that have been used on multitudes of other people and you can't tell those tools arehygienic. The good news is that it is definitely possible to perform a pedicure on yourself. Below isinformation on how you can perform a DIY pedicure without ever leaving your home.</p><p>First off, try removing any existing polish with the help of a non-acetone polish remover (acetone cancause many health problems). Cut the nails on your toes straight across and use a nail file to smoothdown any roughness. Only trim the nails with a toenail clipper, not one for fingernails. The fingernailclipper's curled shape can cause toenails to be ingrown and begin hurting.</p><p>Try to soak your feet in a bath. Try letting your feet sit in a bath of warm water for approximatelythree minutes. Additionally, you can try mixing things to the warm water like bath salts, skinsoothers and softeners and aromatherapy products. This helps the warm bath be more relaxing andtruly pampers your feet and helps them to feel great. You can get ingredients for your foot bath invirtually every store selling bath and body products. There are several that cost a lot of money butpick the ingredients you like the best.</p><p>Use a pumice stone to smooth down any rough patches or calluses that could still be left after thefoot soak. Don't try to use callus shavers or something similar. A good old pumice stone is all youactually need.</p><p>When you're through with the pumice, it is time to rinse your feet. Once you have rinsed away thedust from the pumice stone and your calluses and any foot soak-ness that remains, it is time to applysome moisturizing lotion. There are all types of lotions specifically for the feet available. Try not torub in the lotion (but if you're in a hurry this is okay). Instead, if possible, really massage in thelotion. The massage is good for the rest of your body, not merely your feet.</p><p>Now that your feet are squeaky clean, callus-free clear of calluses and have been properlymoisturized, if you have time, it is time to make them attractive. Though this isn't exactly anessential step, knowing that your toes are pretty (even if you're the only person who can see thembecause your feet are stuffed into closed toe shoes all day) can do quite a lot for your self-esteem.Use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles (the cuticle trimmers can cause cuts and otherproblems). Put on a coat of nail strengthening polish. Once that dries, you can paint your toes inwhatever colors or designs you choose.</p><p>DIY pedicures can be done somewhat quickly and are ordinarily cheaper than those that you wouldget professionally. At-home pedicures are good for your whole body health, so get moving!</p></li></ul>