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  • 1. Assignment 10: Film Billing Chelsea Fashole-Luke

2. Model Example From ClassAn example done by ourteacher, using the filmJuno. 3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Comedy 4. List of TitlesList of titles from thefilm Scott Pilgrim vsThe World 5. Titles - continued 6. Distributer The Universals logo andThe film starts recognisable theme song havewith the name of been pixelated to sound game-the distributer. like, in order to fit the video game theme of the film. Universal Pictures presentsExample of video game theme. Original logo 7. TeaserEstablishes the charactersand sets the sceneThe setting of the film isintroduced. This film uses a profile style layout to give some background information on the characters. Some of the main characters are also introduced. 8. Distributer Source: Pictures_Pilgrim_vs._the_Worldpresents3 minutes into theopening (after theteaser) the name of the The distributers name isdistributer is shownshown first because they haveagain ownership over the film asthey invested money into it. 9. Production companies 10. Title of filmTitle appears severalminutes into theopening sequenceBackground fades to blackand the rest of the film titleappears 11. Credits 12. Credits 13. DirectorDirectors nameappears lastSignifies theimportanceof thedirectorAllows the audience toremember the name ofthe director more as it isthe last credit shown 14. Cirque Du Freak: The VampiresAssistant Action/adventure/fantasy 15. CdF: The Vampires Assistant details 16. List of Titles 17. List of Titles cont. Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew 18. List of Titles cont. Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew Crew 19. This all happens in thespace of 2 seconds(0.00-0.02). 20. Distributer0.04Universal pictures avery popular and wellknow distributer 21. Production companies 22. TitleTheme of the title Animation used to showmatches the the titlevampire theme ofthe film 23. Most well known actor first, less famous actors later ondespite playing the main character. 24. Director Director credited lastAnimationshowscharacterfrom thefilm Animation to go with the theme of the film 25. ComparisonBoth films have thedirectors credited lastFilm titles are animated