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  • 1. By Monae Minors-Gibbs
  • 2. Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent A Russian spy comes in and informs that the President of Russia will be assassinated during a visit to New York City to attend the funeral of the recently deceased U.S. Vice President. The name of the assassin: Evelyn Salt Concerned about the safety of her husband, she goes on the run. Her boss Ted Winter refuses to accept that she is a mole or a double agent but her actions begin to assume that she is.
  • 3. Yes, this linear structure had a chronological order of the: Beginning (Set up) Middle (Conflict) End (Resolution)
  • 4. Explicit narrative reason Explicit narrative evidenceTheres a clear beginning that gets theaudience into story This shows they are both happilyThe audience are relaxed and settling married at first.into the filmClear chronological order of the This shows theflashbacks husband is sticking by her.The middle had conflict Screen grabs showsExplosions her husband beingShootings shot and watching it happen.And chasesThe end shows her escape This shows saltRunning in the woods making her nextBut leaves the audience contemplating move.of what may happen next
  • 5. Act 1 (Set-up) The beginning sets up the movie.Evelyn Salt 1st Salt & her husband Orlov Oleg Vassilyscene is the Russian man (bad guy)Trying to convince Shes being let Happy He (the bad guy)that she is not a spy loose relationship tells a storyWhy is she being Her husband is Everything seems Audience wondersbeaten up? waiting for her to be going good why a storySets up the story Trigger the The audience feelsfor the audience audience thoughts satisfied of what will happen now
  • 6. Continued ..Orlov Oleg Vassily story Evelyn Salt against the CIA agentsHes getting a flashback while telling She was forced to stay in a room buthis story escapes after a destruction with OrlovWhen his story finishes he confesses Oleg VassilyEvelyn Salt is the assassin She makes a quick explosion to getThe other CIA agents are confused as outthe computer says hes telling the This is the start of a crisistruth
  • 7. Act 2 (conflict) The crisis are happeningRussian vice president A Russian kills Salts Evelyn Saltattack husbandShe make an explosion The Russians killed her Salt gets revengeat the funeral husband Kills all the Russianshe gets arrested This scene makes it there and Orlov OlegThe audience think that dramatic Vassilyshes captured The audience feel Eye opener for the sorrow audience as she manages by herself
  • 8. Continued ..The other CIA agent Salt kills the agentThis agent was a Russian and She attacks again shockinglyhad the same plan Salt kills the false agentThis gets the audience confused The audience are shocked
  • 9. Act 3 (end) The survivalThe boss Ted lets Salt free Evelyn Salt still aliveA big escape out of a plane Shes still aliveAudience begin to question if she The audience is happy that shessurvives alive Still questioning her next move
  • 10. The structure is easier to follow Makes a lot of money Enjoyed better for the audience when used to a certain structure
  • 11. They would have enjoyed the structure Felt satisfied/happy about watching the film They would have been confused May have thought some was predictable
  • 12. -Challenged ending: Audience left uncertain of if she kills the rest If she survived through the woods Let the audience communicate of to what would of happened Salt left with no husband-Established action conventions: Car chase Long running chase Big explosion (e.g. funeral, killing Russians) The relationship between a man and woman