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Ashraf Mohamed fathy Address: Cairo Egypt Mobile: 01023890190 - 01117610067E-mail:

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 01\05\1987 Place of Birth: Cairo Nationality: Egyptian. Social Status: Married

Career Objectives

Seeking a job where be my qualifications and experience can be enhanced in the field of retail.

Work Experience

Worked as customer service trainer from (2007) to (2010) on Karen fashion. Worked as Asst. store manager from (2011) to ( 2012) on Aldo group. Working as store manager from (2013 till now) On Aldo group.


Customer Service knowledge with understanding of customer care concept High Communication skills with different departments. Good Leadership skills appeared in leading colleagues and subordinates. Facilitating projects, ideas, day to day business and team building activities. Analyzing points of weakness that needs development Presentation skills. Dynamic and hard worker with ability to handle task management in timely manner. Decision making & Negotiation skills.

Additional professional skills

Able to work on own initiative and as a part of team. Excellent communication skills. Developing and motivating my team members to achieve our objectives. Highly motivated, available as needed for training, travel, overtime, etc. High ability to work under pressure.

Business Skills:

Mastering Windows XP and MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook). Good at speedy typing on computers. Good looking and highly representative when handling customers. High talented at handling customer complaints. Enthusiastic spirit and Sustain long working times. Very cooperative in Team work Business. Good user of Retail Management system.

Computer Skills

Outlook Retail Management System Word Excel PowerPoint Infinity System Oracle system

Language Skills

Arabic: - mother tongue English: - Good

Activities & Hobbies



Awarded to call it spring city stars for the outstanding achievement of Ramadan 2014 target of in retail group Egypt of 2014. Company induction program at feb 2016 Effective communication skills & E-mail etiquette at march 2016


1- Coaching in & out Meeting. 2- Check List (Window + floor, wall etc). 3- Hourly Sales report (Customer Flow). 4- Morning Sales Report (Mail on 06:00 Sharp). 5- Night Shift Meeting 6- Daily Sales Reports. 7- Improving the conversion Rate at every store during my visit. 7- Exchange & Refunds. 8- Stock room organization Weekly 1- Visual Updates and refresh 2- ROS Materials report 3- Maintenance Check list. 4- Weekly Sales Comparison and KPI report. 5- Best - Slow Seller report 6- Sell out per by category 7- Defected Items & without barcode& check damage 8- Send vacation requests and Penalty Forms 9- weekly training 10- Weekly Staff Meeting points.

Monthly: 1- Time card. 2- Monthly Schedule. 3- Stock level in - out report. 4- Target result. 5- Staff Names to Acc. Department. 6- Staff Evaluations. 7- Defected sheet. 8- Monthly sales Comparison. 9- Next Target Plan. 10- Review P&L report.

Store check Plan

-Paperwork & Administration review and follow-up -Banking, Deposits, Stock Reception Process Follow-up , Store Agenda Planning and Use, Scheduling One-on-Ones.

-Participate in Morning meeting ( if its done or not ) Review and follow-up -Evaluation of Morning Meeting , M.B.O objectives , Coaching -IN , Task delegation , general information exchange to plan and prepare day with team.

-V.M Review and Follow-up -R.O.S , Details , Sequence , VM Binder Organization ,Windows , Best Sellers , Rotation of stock , Use of Agenda for planning and executing weekly tasks.

-Sales Floor -Leading by example and always suggestive selling and practicing what you preach.As you are helping Clients you will be able to evaluate, stock room standards , Staff , Customers habits ,sequence , back store organization , staff's sales techniques, ect.

- Daily recap and plan of action for Managers to get to the next step- actions which need to be done , plan to get it done and also setting the direction that the Customers are always most important over any task. This should be done using a Store Visit Report.