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Arts and crafts 1#. 3-D PICTURES. Everyone has ordinary, flat pictures on there walls. So change that around with 3-D pictures. All you will need is:. White card Coloured tissue paper Cotton wool A pencil Glue A bowl for the glue Scissors A paintbrush A marker pen. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Arts and crafts 1#

  • 3-D PICTURES Everyone has ordinary, flat pictures on there walls. So change that around with 3-D pictures.

  • All you will need is:White cardColoured tissue paperCotton woolA pencilGlueA bowl for the glueScissors A paintbrush A marker pen

  • From cardboard to frogDraw a picture of a frog on some card and divide into sections.Tear some coloured tissue paper and stick it into place. Cover the hole frog. Being careful not to go over the edges.

  • Finishing touchesWhen you have covered the hole frog add in some extra features such as some eyes and a fly for it to eat.Carefully cut out your frog but not cutting the tissue paper.

  • Little extrasFinish of your frog with a coat of PVA glue for a glossy shine.You could even stick your frog onto a blue piece of card as a watery background.You can use this technique for any type of animal.

  • SUPER SNAKE HOOKIs your bedroom full with clutter that you cant find your clothes or bags. Well what you need a snake hook.

  • All you will need is:CardboardNewspaperSticky tapeKitchen rollA mugSome paints A tub of PVA glue A pair of scissorsA paintbrushA marker pen

  • From cardboard to snakeOn the cardboard draw around the mug into a S shape.Cut the snake out. Scrunch up some newspaper to fit the snake and tape it on.

  • Finishing touches3. Scrunch up a small ball for the snakes eye and tape it on.4. Wrap pieces of kitchen roll round the snake.5. Paint your snake with patterns and cool designs.

  • Little extrasHang your snake up but be careful not to hang to much on it or it may break.Make more snake hooks in different designs and patterns for more effect.

  • COOL CALENDARSHome-made calendars. There easy to make and there great for presents.

  • All you will need is:21-21cm square card13-13cm picture Small piece of ribbonA small calendarGlueSticky tape

  • From card to calendarFirst stick your picture onto your piece of card.Stick your piece of ribbon onto the back of your card too.Also stick the little calendar on the bottom of the card

  • The last step Hang it up

  • Thanks for watchingWatch out for the new volume of Arts and Crafts 2#.

    :P :) XD


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