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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(A.I). Intelligence of what ? Intelligence of machines and soft wares DEFINITION : The branch of computer science that deals with development of intelligent machines and soft wares. . A.I is the field of false hopes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Electronic Language Translation


INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(A.I)Intelligence of what ?Intelligence of machines and soft waresDEFINITION: The branch of computer science that deals with development of intelligent machines and soft wares.

A.I is the field of false hopesIn 3 to 8 years we will have a machine with the general intelligence of an average human being, 1970 by Marvin Minsky.Within 20 years machines will be capable of doing any work a man can do,1965 by H.A. Simon.Within a generation then problem of creating artificial intelligence will substantially be solved.1967 by Marvin Minsky.

Deep Bluesucceeded in defeating Garry Kasparovin 1997. Software and algorithms developed by AI researchers .The A.I according to Stottler Henke ; Many people dont realise the true benefits of A.I, despite its widespread use. A.I is whatever hasn't been done yet

(1)Electronic Language TranslationThe research took 12 years from 1954 1966 It spend more than 20 million US dollarsConclusion: It is impossible to remove ambiguities. eg the spirit is willing but the meet is rotten . the vodka is good but the meat is rotten. Therefore careers were destroyed and research ended. (2)The expert systemA computer system that emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert had to be designed to solve complex social problems by reasoning like an expert, other than following the procedures developed. After 11 years ie in (1985) the project proved no progress and it was turned down.How A.I improves our day to day life.It can act as an aid for humans.Its can be used in Businesses.Today artificial intelligence is used in our homes and sophisticated establishmentsImpacts of Artificial Intelligence on Organizational Decision Making.It has become faster .It has become more accurate.It has become easier.School use A.I to make decision about which student they should accept.A.I researches hinder(block) researches in importance social problems.image

The Future of A.I and Its effects on Humanity.The impact on Society of animal-like machines .In the 1940s. Thomas Watson, the head of IBM, famously predictedA.I has no future.Major funding agencies became frustrated with lack of progress and eventually cut off all fundsOnly 2 major funding companies left ie DARPA and ALPAC.This resulted to change of names eg ..What has future is IT ,..and.. Not A.I.Sorry we had only one image and no video.Sorry we wont allow questions either. THE END