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<ol><li> 1. Arizona Cardinals - TSE GameTime ScriptPRO ImplementationTOTAL SPORTS SERVICESCase Study </li><li> 2. CHALLENGESTSE Services Provided: TSE GameTime ScriptPRO GT Production Task List GT BottomLine ScriptPRO Mobile Training SupportThe Arizona Cardinals production team is a very forward thinking department, always looking for solutions to improve efficiencies. After the 2008-2009 NFL Season, the year the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl, they searched for the ultimate solution to improve the planning and execution of game day. Previous scripts were built using excel documents. Multiple versions of these excel documents were sent via email to multiple production members when changes needed to be made - leading to multiple documents and causing unnecessary confusion. During live events, the Cardinals struggled when changes needed to be made. They relied on communication via headset and each change was scribbled on paper versions of the script. Having limited space for additional monitors in the production room also proved to be a challenge.SOLUTION TSE provided the Arizona Cardinals with a patented internet-based game management solution, TSE GameTime ScriptPRO.SOLUTION cont. Not only does the system allow multiple users to review and edit information at any given time, ScriptPRO also updates system-wide in real-time ensuring each member of the production team is always working and editing the most up-to-date version. Each time a change needs to be made, anyone with access is able to log into their account from any device with an internet connection to make the change.www.YourTSE.comTo streamline the execution of the live event, the Cardinals strategically configured displays in their production room allowing for each operator to easily view the live script. This resulted in the elimination of printed scripts, and allowed for real-time system-wide updating during live events. </li><li> 3. BENEFITS The implementation of TSE GameTime ScriptPRO has resulted in a more effective solution to handle the extremely fluid and dynamic show put on by the Arizona Cardinals. Script changes run smoother, sponsorship execution is easier and the communication among the production department and sponsorship department is more efficient. One of the benefits of ScriptPRO that the Cardinals production staff has thoroughly embraced has been the ability to make changes in real-time. Being able to streamline scripts straight from any internet capable device has not only cut back on the hectic headset chatter, but also allowed the entire process to become paperless. Previous to ScriptPRO the Cardinals had multiple members of their staff manipulating the script using Excel files with the confusion of file sharing, this patented solution has eliminated that issue. Overall, the Cardinals are running a much more streamlined Show!Michael Conner Video and Scoreboard Operations Manager Arizona Cardinalswww.YourTSE.comReference Contact:We have a very fluid and dynamic game presentation that has a lot of moving parts, sponsorable inventory, entertainment, and sponsorship elements, and sponsorship commitments. ScriptPRO has eliminated the confusion and frustration while allowing us to work on the show from anywhere at any time.Michael Conner Video and Scoreboard Operations Manager (623) 433-7755 Arizona Cardinals 8701 South Hardy Dr. Tempe, AZ 85284 </li><li> 4. RECENT PROJECTS St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis, MO Denver Broncos, Denver, CO Queensland Reds, Brisbane, AustraliaTSE Services Corporate Headquarters PO Box 2166 La Crosse, WI 54602 (800)</li></ol>