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    03-07-2012, 02:06 PM

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    Nov 2010LA


    Aquascaping Category

    Cuma mau share rangkuman dari bro Randy di forum sebelah, semoga bisa nambahpengetahuan di aquascape. Maaf kalo rada bikin loading inet nya atau sudah pernah ada tread seperti in sebelumnya


    Suhu Aquascape



  • berikut sumbernya

    Originally Posted by randy0319


    As a beginner, I have been hoarding hundreds of pics of different styles and types ofdesign that others have made in order to better understand this art form. These are my own oppinions onwhat constitutes a style/catagory of design/ model. I had to put all of the pics in seperate folders on mycomputor in order to keep track of them and found similarities developing so I thought that I would share.NONE of these pictures are mine...except one or two due to lack of examples by others. They are theworks that I consider classic examples of their given catagory. Some of these pictures might befamiliar, and some may be new, but I consider all of them to be great artists in the own rite. There aremany fine works in my collection of pictures that I did not include because that would be too daunting atask. I have included a few pictures of each catagory to give examples that are representative of thecatagory. I also tried to include aquariums that use the golden ratio and/or rule of thirds within their execution.Each person can make their own collection in order to choose what they want to do when the time comesto rescape. Here is my take on these ever expanding lists.

    Originally Posted by Translate by Google

    Kata Pengantar:Sebagai pemula, saya telah menimbun ratusan pics dari berbagai gaya dan jenis desainyang lainbuat dalam rangka untuk lebih memahami bentuk seni. Ini adalah oppinions saya sendiritentang apa yang merupakangaya / kategori jenjang desain / model. Saya harus menempatkan semua pics di folderterpisah pada computor saya untukmelacak mereka dan menemukan kesamaan berkembang jadi saya pikir bahwa sayaakan berbagi. NONE inigambar adalah milikku ... kecuali satu atau dua karena kurangnya contoh oleh oranglain. Mereka adalah karya yang sayamempertimbangkan contoh-contoh klasik dari kategori jenjang mereka diberikan.Beberapa gambar mungkin tidak akrab, dan beberapamungkin baru, tapi saya menganggap semua dari mereka untuk menjadi seniman besardalam ritus sendiri. Ada banyak bekerja dengan baik disaya koleksi gambar yang saya tidak termasuk karena akan terlalu menakutkan tugas.Saya telah menyertakanbeberapa foto dari setiap kategori jenjang untuk memberikan contoh yang mewakilikategori. Saya juga mencoba untuktermasuk akuarium yang menggunakan rasio emas dan / atau aturan pertiga dalameksekusi mereka. Setiap orang dapatmembuat koleksi mereka sendiri untuk memilih apa yang ingin mereka lakukan ketikasaatnya tiba untuk rescape. di siniini saya mengambil daftar ini terus berkembang.

  • Spoiler: Arches Kategori Show

    This is a catagory that seems classic due to the memories of all of us aschildren make such things for our fish to swim through . Here are some great examples:

  • Spoiler: Cave Catagory Show

    Caves were the second thing that I tried to create as a kid...never worked. It isa difficult stlye to get right but worth the effort. The last picture is mine due tolack of examples.

  • Spoiler: Concave catagory Show

    This type is almost a stock standard and is so integral to the hobby thatcountless examples exist already. Here are a few classics

  • Spoiler: Convex catagory Show

    Convex is the opposite and is usually based on a central mound. Once again thisform is also a classic and is integral to most aquatic design layouts as afoundation of form.


  • Spoiler: Classic Dutch style Show

    One of the oldest known in the hobby, it is a complicated arrangement ofdifferent shapes, textures, hights, and colors with 'avenues' radiating from acentral view point. Some have compared it to shopping at a vegatable marketwith cases of different specimens on display. There are rules to the depth ofthe substrate, hieght of terraces, appropriate water chemistry, and otherconsiderations; even the placement of the tank in the household has apointspread in judging. I have yet to attempt this labor intensive style butPlantbrain has done a magnificent job and has a thread worth seeing called'Dutch something or other'...I think.

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    Spoiler: Nano and pico tanks

    03-07-2012, 02:17 PM

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    Nov 2010LA



    The world in a dewdrop is the focus of this catagory. The smaller the tank themore amazing. The goal is to play with scale and perspective to such an extentthat the tank looks much larger then it really is. Tweezers, nimble fingers, andpatience are a must. Some micro tanks ae even too small for snails and reddcherry shrimp to live in. The example below, made by Superwen is to be found in


    Suhu Aquascape


  • the glass cup used for CO2 diffusing within the tank...about the diameter of a1/2 $ coin.

  • Spoiler: Rectangular Catagory Show

    This is a catagory that practically covers the back glass wall of the tank. TheDutch style falls into this catagory and may confront the scaper with thedifficult task of portraying depth.

  • Spoiler: Tree stump catagory Show

    This catagory takes the viewers perspective down to the roots of a tree in theforest. There can be more then one but we are looking down on a mountainpath and examining where we set foot. This style can also be expressed as theroots of a tree seeking nutrients at and below the waters edge as would beseen at any stream or slow moving river. Fsih find places to hide and visualexploring can be endless. Of the two perspectives- take your pick.

  • Spoiler: Triangle/Wedge catagory Show

    This is a classic catagory that diagonally divides the tank from one upper cornerto the opposite lower corner. If handled properly it can lead the eye of theviewer into the depths of the tank.

  • Spoiler: 'V' cut catagory Show

    This is a catagory that has definite elements of the concave catagory but alsoposesses a 'V' cut or line that draws the eye into the aquascape. Manyvariations of this style exist. I have only include the obvious


  • Spoiler: Waterfall catagory Show

    This is a dramatic style that uses either sand or filter floss for its affect. Someartists even include a hidden air hose and catch basin to create the effect offalling water within an aquarium. It differs from the next catagory of streams inthat the angle of decent of the 'water' is steeply inclined.

  • Spoiler: River/stream catagory Show

    Though not as dramatic as a waterfall, the river or stream in aquascaping is aclassic that has many interpretations. It conveys a tranquil atmosphere. Twostreams are usually the maximum for this iconic design element.

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    Spoiler: Fantasy catagory

    03-07-2012, 02:30 PM

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    Nov 2010LA




    Suhu Aquascape


  • Spoiler: Designer catagory

    From castles with moats to frodo's house. This catagory transports us toanother world.


    This catagory for me is really amazing. Those who venture into this area reallywork with design in an unorthodox way. They make us rethink the way a tankcan look and help us to enjoy the beauty of their unique visions

  • Spoiler: Avatar/Pandora Catagory Show

    This was such a popular film that it spawned its own catagory in my oppinion.Here are a few different interpretations of it. I hope that there will be more to

  • come from imaginative people.

  • Spoiler: Wabi Kusa Catagory Show

    Dish gardens and fish have been with us forever. Some of the earliest examplescome from the art of Bonsai using 'Floating Isles' in a large shallow ceramicplatter of water. Mosses, and miniature trees hung tenaciously from the rockycrags. Here are a few versions of these green jewels.

  • Spoiler: Other catagories Show

    I am sure that other catagories could be dreamt up- such as sculptural, freeform, etc. I am sure that you, gentle reader, gets the idea. These are most allof the main catagories of aquascaping that I have noticed and catalogued.Please share your thoughts and your own lists of your favorite tanks. Peace---R


    This catagory is simple and straight foreward. It approaches the perspective oflooking up at the 'leaves' of one to three trees. Its emphasis is on the branchesand spreading canopy as a focal point. When you see this creation it becomesunmistakable as a masterful art form.

  • Spoiler: Seashore catagory Show

    I almost consider this a sub catagory but as I looked through my picturecollection I noticed that thi