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  • Apple TV 4th Generation

    Release date: 2015 Capacity: 32GB-64GB Price: $149-$199

  • Whats new in Apple TV?A plenty of awesome features for your business


    MDM Easily manage your Apple TVs by remote using your

    favorite mobile device management (MDM)


    Apps Thanks to tvOS, now you

    can develop awesome apps like it happens on iOS

    devices directly on your TV screens.

    Local storage New aTVs are now shipped

    with 32 or 64GB local storage disks in order to allow you to store data,

    apps and media.

    Continuity tvOS inherits continuity

    support, you can manage do continue to use your apps &

    games thanks to handoff functionalities.

  • Siri, whats your favorite film?Now you can talk with tv. Siri is there too.


    Its new its Siri Remote!Thin, light & sexy. Three simple words to define the new Siri Remote.

    Developed using Bluetooth 4.0 low energy, it is shipped with a lightning port in order to easily recharge it via USB.

    It supports gesture thanks to a new touch glass surface.

    Talk with your TV, Siri is waiting to help you

    Touch glass surface to easily navigate your apps

    6 dedicated buttons, accelerometer & gyroscope

  • Apple Tv is growing reaching over 13% of the overall market share in 3


    ShareBy the end of January more

    than 5000 apps were listed in the tvOS App store.


    13% 5000+ 1400+

    Entertainment and games are the topping categories

    inside the app store.

    Apple TVSome interesting numbers about Apple TV


  • Apple TV is an awesome tool for your business and for your leisure time too.

    Lets talk about case studies

  • Digital signageMix local storage with MDM, youre right Its an awesome deal!


    Its easy as 1..2..3! And you can increase the customer

    experience making use of bluetooth and iBeacons!

    Easily scalable & deployable Thanks to MDM support you will be able to manage plenty ATVs directly from your control panel, scaling from only a few devices to hundreds of devices installed in each of your shops.

    Contents stored locally The new Apple TV is shipped with a 32 or 64GB storage, that allows you to store your contents locally and develop an awesome pre caching system. No more worries about streaming network traffic and bottlenecks.

    Realtime analytics & behavioural targeting tvOS allows you to develop your custom apps embedding analytics tools; now you can manage to provide your customer better & multichannel experience combining analytics, proximity marketing and behavioural targeting.




  • GamingA new console. Even mobile too thanks your iOS devices.


    Casual gamers, youre welcome!

    Wii replacement with improved graphic engine.

    iOS to tvOs app conversion is pretty easy tvOS inherits a lots of features and frameworks from iOS, so it si pretty easy to port and convert an iOS app to tvOS. You only need to improve the new UX using the Siri Remote or any third party game controller.

    Siri Remote, gyroscope + accelerometer = fun! Like the Wii-mote, the Siri Remote is a pretty fun way to play your games thanks to the gyroscope and the accelerometer that are installed in slim & rechargeable via usb remote.

    Third party controllers supported Are you an hard-core gamer? Steel series is providing you awesome game controllers to enhance your gaming experience.




  • TV AppAre you ready to have your dedicated tv channel, simply using your already published contents?


    Say goodbye to TV! Broadcasting tv has nothing in

    common with aTV.

    Are you ready for a real new revolution?

    Apps are going to replace channels Apps are revamping the old channel centric approach. Now they are able to provide you exclusive, tailor made & async contents.

    Siri can help you Tap Siri button and you can start chatting with her in order to quickly reach your favorite contents. Pretty easy!

    Push notifications support The information flow is no more based on broadcasting laws, now you can directly interact and manipulate any information feed and receive real time notifications via push messages.




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