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  1. 1. BE READY TO ACCEPT APPLE PAY.As more and more customers are going wallet-free, you will need to have the latest payment technology available. Through North American Bancard you can receive FREE Apple Pay-ready equipment.
  2. 2. EQUIPMENTOPTIONS NORTH AMERICAN BANCARD IS EXCITED TO OFFER NFC/EMV ENABLED THAT ALLOW YOU TO ACCEPT CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS. 1. Vx520 DC NFC/EMV 2. PIN Pad Vx805 NFC/EMV So what is Apple Pay and how does it work? Apple Pay uses a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna in its mobile devices to bring contactless payment technology to the masses. Heres how it works: Customers register their credit card(s) through Passbook. At the time of payment, customer holds their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or Apple Watch to your NFC-compatible terminal The two devices communicate with each other to handle payment What is NFC? NFC allows a mobile device to exchange data with another enabled device. Specific to mobile payments, customers will typically use their smartphone to communicate with the NFC-compatible terminals in order to make a payment. Large retailers already have NFC-compatible equipment in place, but this technology has yet to be widely adopted. Works wIth Vx510 DC Vx520DC NFC/EMV Vx520 EMV Vx570 EMV MAKE SURE YOU TO START ACCEPTING ARE ONE OF THE SMALL BUSINESS FIRST OWNERS CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS 2014 North American Bancard, LLC. All Rights Reserved. North American Bancard is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA. Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc. New merchants that do not have existing NFC-enabled equipment. IDEAL FOR Merchants that have terminals but are not NFC-enabled. The Vx805 is an add-on that can connect to any of the terminals listed above. IDEAL FOR (316)518-6668 Lani L. Yardley Independent Consultant

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