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Here's an apple cake recipe. I love the apple cakes. I wish that you try to make one.


<ul><li> 1. A recipe developed by Pau Benito</li></ul> <p> 2. Ingredients 3. A roll of pastry tomake the base ofthe cake 4. 1 or 2 apples as youthink bestIf you want to savourthe taste of the appleyou have to take twoapples. If, however,you prefer to hide thetaste of the apple itwill be enoughtaking only an apple. 5. Peach orstrawberry jam 6. Between one tothree packets ofsugar (more or less16 grams) as youthink best 7. Butter because ofspreading it on thebase of the cake 8. To preparate thebaseFirst you have to take thebase that you haveprepared and then youhave to spread it across thetray. But pay attention,because its necessary toput waxed paper betweenthe tray and the base of thecake. Maybe you wont haveto buy the waxed paperbecause it can be includedin the same packet of theroll pastry. That will allowyou to work better and thebase wont get stuck on thetray. If you dont want tobuy waxed paper and theroll of pastry doesntinclude it, you canpreviously spread the traywith butter. 9. To add the slicesof appleThe second part consists ofpeeling the apple andcutting it in form of slices.The slices dont have to beneither thin nor thick. Youhave to spread some butteron the base of the cakeand, when the base isgreased with butter, youwill be able to put the sliceson the base. You can placethe slices like you want, butits recommended todistribute them uniformly.A little piece of advice: Itsbetter to prick the roll ofpastry with a fork beforeputting the slices of appleon the base of the cake. 10. To add the sugarWhen the slices of appleare placed on the base, youcan sprinkle sugar on thebase. The amount of sugardepends on your criteria. 11. To cook the cakeNow its time to put thecake in the oven.Previously, you have toheat the oven and earn atemperature of 200C /220 C.After introducing the cakein the oven, you have towait about fifteen minuteskeeping the temperature ofthe oven. Pay attention,you have to check the cake.The cake hasnt to cook toofast. When the cake iscooked, you can removethe cake from the oven. 12. To add jamAdding jam to the cakeprovides the cake a goodtaste. Its recommended toadd the jam because thetaste goes better. The tasteof the jam is on yourchoice. Normally, the jamis made with peach orstrawberry, but you canadd the type of jam thatyou want. Making moreapple cakes will allow youto compare the taste and todo your own choice of thejam. 13. To cook the cakea second timeAnother time, you have tointroduce the cake in theoven. Keeping the sametemperature, this time youwill only have to wait 5minutes (the time neededto end the procedure ofcooking the cake). 14. Finish!!!When the cake is cooledyou can begin to eat it.I wish that it goes well. </p>


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