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<p>Apple Apps for Kids 2014Dont know which apps to get your kids? Here are some examples:English-LanguageArtsMathCreative Games</p> <p>Lower Grades K-2</p> <p>Endless ReaderArticulation StationSparkleFish</p> <p>Jumbled Sentences 1Phonics GeniusGrammar JammersQuestimate!</p> <p>Vocab MindSnacks</p> <p>Grammaropolis</p> <p>Sushi Monster</p> <p>Pearl Diver HDMotion Math: WingsMotion Math: ZoomTodo K-2 Math</p> <p>Mathmateer LiteMath Drills LiteMath Slide 1Thinking Blocks 1</p> <p>Checkers</p> <p>Awesome EatsFlow Free/Bridges</p> <p>Toca Builders $3Doodle BuddyBrainPop Jr.</p> <p>Toontastic</p> <p>PuppetPals</p> <p>Upper Grades 3-6</p> <p>Google Docs / DriveSpelling City</p> <p>Bluster!Madlibs</p> <p>Educreations</p> <p>News-O-Matic</p> <p>Stack the States Lite</p> <p>Stack the Countries LiteKhan Academy</p> <p>Pearl Diver HDMath Drills LiteMarble Math LiteThinking Blocks 1Splice It!Chicken Coop FractionsHopscotch</p> <p>LetsTans 10-in-1</p> <p>iCut</p> <p>Geared / Geared 2</p> <p> / Chess FreeSimple Physics</p> <p>VideoliciousHow Stuff Works</p> <p>BrainPop</p> <p>1 Multiple appsRestrictions: Settings General Restrictions: You can set up a 4-digit numerical passcode to lock installing &amp; deleting apps, and in-app purchases, along with other parental controls</p>