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Originally presented Jan 16, 2014 for Papillion Junior High parents.


  • 1. Apps Your Kids Are ! (or Most Likely Soon Will Be)! Using Josh Allen Instructional Technology Facilitator Papillion-La Vista School

2. Who I am 3. Twitter: @j_allen 4. Web 1.0 > 2.0 5. Web 1.0 6. Web 2.0 7. Create anyone anywhere anytime 8. 9. Creating and Connecting From YouTube: 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute6 billion hours of video watched each month - almost an hour for every person on Earth; 50% more than a year ago Source: 10. Who is using social media? Age 18-29 - 83%Household income >$30K - 72%Urban population - 70% Source: 11. Using mobile devices 12. Before we talk about apps 13. Lets talk about pizza 14. Social media is no different. 15. Facebook example From Quarter 2 2012 - Q 3 2013 Active Facebook users age 16-19 fell from 62% to 52% Age 20-24 63% to 52%In 2013 Active teen use for Vine has increased by 639%Instagram - 85% increaseSources: 16. Why is active use of Facebook dropping? 17. Because of people like you 18. Increased use of Facebook Active use increases from Q 2 2012 to Q 3 2013 Ages 35-44: 47% to 53%45-54: 43% to 49%55-64: 39% to 45%Source: 19. People like you make it uncool for teens to say they use Facebook. 20. Sowhered they go? 21. Android & iOS 22. Two things to keep in mind 23. If your child is using these apps, it doesnt mean they are using them inappropriately. 24. Apps will come and go, but behavior will remain the same. 25. How many do you know? 26. Snapchat Sendimages and videos to friends with a time limit of how long they can see it. Twomain issues revolve around sexting and that there are ways for pictures to be saved. Source: 27. Kik Alternative to SMS text messaging - no messaging limits or fees.Messaging is mostly private.Prompted to invite everyone in your phones contact list.Other issues arise with apps within Kik. Example: OinkText allows you to submit your username (or real name) to connect with others on Kik. Source: 28. Whisper Users anonymously post their secrets as images with text.Can view images online but need the app to interact.People who post are looking for likes and comments. Source: 29. Probably the most common site that our District has seen issues with.Post a question and receive answers.The person who posts can decide whether or not to allow anonymous content.Anonymous content leads to LOTS of concerns and instances of cyberbullying. Source: 30. Vine 6 second looping video clipsCan have private or public account; public by default.Concern is the ease of nding inappropriate content. Source: 31. Instagram Shareimages or 15 second videos publicly or privately. Contentis public by default. Inappropriatecontent is prohibited by their terms of service, but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Source: 32. Twitter Microbloggingsite (140 characters or less) Greatfor short summaries of what is going on in the world. Easyto hit send - not always recommended in the heat of the moment. Source: 33. Why are these apps appealing?Students like the privacy - no different then when you decided to pass a note instead of talk to someone. 34. But remember the pizza! 35. What can you do? Talk with your kids. Do they use these apps?If so, how do they use these apps?How are others using the apps? 36. What can you do? Know all of their passwords and/or device passcodes.There are a variety of apps and ways to monitor devices - depends on the type of device. 37. educators/educate-families 38. Where is your kids device at 9pm? 39. Relationships matter 40. Questions or Clarications? 41. Thank you! This presentation:! Twitter: @j_allen