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Apollo. Space!!. Apollo 13 Project. Apollo 13. The date of the launch was April 4 th 1970. The location of the launch was at Kennedy Space Center. The purpose of the mission was to land in another region of the moon which was Fra Mauro. The Crew Members. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Apollo 13 Project

Apollo 13 ProjectApolloSpace!!Apollo 13The date of the launch was April 4th 1970. The location of the launch was at Kennedy Space Center. The purpose of the mission was to land in another region of the moon which was Fra Mauro.The Crew MembersThe crew members were Captain James, Arthur Lovell Jr commander John Lenornard,Jack swigert Fred Wallace Haise Jr. The crew members were feeling excited and anxious when they were lifting off. They were hoping to complete their mission and arrive home safely.The ComplicationsThe oxygen tank 2 blew up and then 1 was also to fail the crew members had to shut off all electricity to regain power to send them back home. Lovell, Thirteen minutes after the explosion, Lovell happened to look out of the left-hand window, and saw the final evidence pointing toward potential catastrophe. "We are venting something out into the- into space," he reported to Houston. Jack Lousma, the CapCom replied, "Roger, we copy you venting." Lovell said, "It's a gas of some sort." It was oxygen gas escaping at a high rate from the second, and last, oxygen tank. Extra InformationThe oxygen tanks were highly insulated spherical tanks which held a "slush" of liquid oxygen with a fill line and heater running down the center. The no. 2 oxygen tank used in Apollo 13 (North American Rockwell; serial number 10024X-TA0008) had originally been installed in Apollo 10. It was removed from Apollo 10 for modification and during the extraction was dropped 2 inches, slightly jarring an internal fill line. The tank was replaced with another for Apollo 10, and the exterior inspected. The internal fill line was not known to be damaged, and this tank was later installed in Apollo 13.

Jim Lovell biographyChildren: Barbara L (b. 13 Oct 1953), James A, Jr. (b. 15 Feb 1955), Susan K (b. 14 Jul 1958), Jeffrey (b. 14 Jan 1966)10 grandchildrenAppointed as Midshipman, United States Naval Academy, on July 3, 1948 by recommendation from Congressman John Brophy of WisconsinUnited States Naval Officer who began his career in May 1946 after enlisting in the U.S. Naval Reserve. In 1948, after two years of inactive reserve duty, was discharged from enlisted status to receive appointment to the Naval Academy. Graduated in June 1952 to receive commission as an Ensign, USN, under the service number 507205. Served as a Naval Aviator, Experimental Test Pilot, and later Command Astronaut until February 1973. Retired February 29, 1973 in the grade of Captain, United States Navy.At the conclusion of the Gemini program, in November of 1966, he had spent a total of eighteen days in outer space (fourteen days as the co-pilot of Gemini VII, and four days as the Command Pilot of Gemini XII). That gave him the record of more time in space than any other American astronaut, or Russian cosmonaut. With the added time of his subsequent Apollo missions, it was a recond he held until May of 1973

Jack Swigert

U.S. astronaut aboard Apollo 13.Elected to U.S. Congress from Colorado, but died before he could take office.A life-size statue of Swigert, dressed in his space suit and holding his space helmet, is displayed on Concourse B at Denver International Airport.He was selected for the Apollo 13 crew after Ken Mattingly was grounded.Flew the ill-fated Apollo 13 with Jim Lovell and Fred Haise. The command module was Odyssey and the lunar module was Aquarius.

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