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Mike Wilkinson, Kongres Biznes To Rozmowy,2009, NETIA


  • 1. How do NGN Serviceshelp the enterprise?Nowoczesne rozwizania telekomunikacyjneMike WilkinsonDirector EMEA marketingBroadsoft
  • 2. AgendaIntroduction to BroadSoftMarket BackgroundNGN SolutionsCase StudiesSummary
  • 3. Introductionto BroadSoft
  • 4. About BroadSoft Employees 380 in 21 Countries* Innovation 1,100 Person-Years* Customers 450 in 70 Countries Market Leader 9 of top 10 carries* Shipped Over 13M Lines Experience Founded in 1998, Deployed since 2001 IMS > 50 networks Interop 415 DevicesData as of 2Q 2009*company wide gures
  • 5. BroadWorks Product Vision
  • 6. MarketBackground
  • 7. Enterprise TrendsMobility Hosted Costs Carbon Open SecurityFootprint Systems
  • 8. NGN Solutions
  • 9. Creating the Anywhere Business Stage 4: Unied Work Flow Stage 3: Unied Communications Stage 2: Converged Communications Stage 1: High Quality Multi-Media Communications
  • 10. What is the solution?Typically primary redundant Redundant System Primary SystemBroadWorks deploymentsDeployed on customerpremise or hosted by carrier Carrier IP-VPNConnected via carrier VPNand interconnected viaSIP trunks SIP TrunksSolution was a combination IP Interconnectof BroadSoft, Acme Packetand Amdocs
  • 11. Cost efectiveness ..reason for the lower CaaS price structure. First and foremost, the per- user licensing fees to the CaaS infrastructure suppliers are far lower than the comparable fees paid to the IP PBX vendors. Source: Gartner 2009
  • 12. An open systemBuilt on carrier-grade openhardware from IBM and SunIntegrated with a vast arrayof terminals including supportfor Ciscos SkinnyManaged by open provisioningand management systemsNo vendor lock-in and achievethe best price pointsfor handsets
  • 13. Reliability Forrester 43% of businesses suffering a disaster never recover sufciently to resume business - Of those that do reopen, only 29% are still operatingtwo years later. Source: Gartner 2009
  • 14. Features
  • 15. Feature mobility
  • 16. Security The MyTelco dedicated voice solution has been security tested by the largest Telcos in the world No BroadSoft solution has ever been security breached Over 4.4B minutes of voice trafc a year without any issues In combination with Acme Packet the MyTelco solution has an array of security capabilities to allay any concerns
  • 17. Receptionist
  • 18. BroadSoft offer powerful hosted UC solutionsVoice integrated with your ofce applications IM, Presence, e-Mail, Contacts, Calendar, To-do List, Web Meeting, Doc Sharing, CRM and accessible from various business touch points
  • 19. On the moveStandard Mode Extended Mode
  • 20. BroadSoft Salesforce.com integration
  • 21. BroadSoft iGoogle integration
  • 22. Mobility Take your PBX with you
  • 23. Case Studies
  • 24. DAK
  • 25. Who Are MWB Business Exchange?Provide managed ofce andmeeting facilities in 73 locationsaround the UK42 MWB Business Exchange sites,11 City Exec centers and 20 MLSsites (acquired in June 2009)1800 clients in the ofces withan average number of 8workstations per clientAverage stay in the managedofce of 23 months
  • 26. Main BenetsScalability of the solution to exceedMWBs requirementsCarrier provenSystem resilienceFeature depthMulti-tennant capabilityAbility to brand clientsMobility featuresAdditional applications like SFDC,HMC and Call center
  • 27. Summary
  • 28. SummaryThe modern enterprise must be able to work fromanywhere with the same business toolsReal-time multi-media communications are increasinglybeing integrated into the business workowOnly open standards based systems will be able toprovide these types of solutions cost effectively
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