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Training Proposal for AOL by Matthew Kaiser, Jaclin Principato, and Charles Hosten


  • 1. Presented by: CMJ Consulting
    America OnlineRequest for proposal

2. Agenda
Needs Assessment
Training Course
Training Evaluation
Project Costs
Overall Gains & Benefits
3. Overview
CMJ Consulting
Founded 2000
Located in Chicago, IL
Specializes in Training and Development
Customer Service Training
Clients include:
4. Overview
America Online (AOL)
Global internet services and media company
Online software
Dial-up internet service
Separated from Time Warner in 2009
Headquarters is located in New York, N.Y.
Ranked #1 for Poor Customer Service
2008, 2009, and 2010
Resulted in Profit losses
5. Overview
6. Overview
Why is AOL Ranked #1 for Poor Customer Service?
Lost more than 9 million customers between 2002 through 2006
Customers spend extended periods of time with automated services
Customers are NOT allowed to cancel their service
AOL is tricking customers into buying products
7. Customer Scenario
8. Needs Assessment
9. Needs Assessment
Conducted through:
Interviews with SMEs
10. Training
Customer retention
Customers spend less time waiting and listening to automated services
Provide empathetic customer service
Knowledgeable representatives
11. Training
Objective: Use customer service competencies and align them with the brand and mission of AOL.
Currently does not connect and has resulted in loss of customers, profit, and complaints
12. Training
13. Training
14. Training Course
Day 1: Initial Training Visit
Presentation of CSR Training Process to engage and yield executive buy-in
Answer any preliminary questions regarding the training competencies, processes, and administration
15. Training Course
Days 2-9: Customer Service Training Course
Consists of two separate two hour sessions
Consist of 160 CSRs and 8 managers
20 CSRs and 2 managers per day
Week 1: Call Monitoring System
Week 2: Bi-annual workshops
Continuous observations of the CSRs during both weeks
16. Training Course
Call Monitoring System
Consists of random phone screening for each CSR
Screen 10 to 15 calls per employee during each performance appraisal
Customer Service Workshops
Consists of bi-annual meetings that will review the customer service competencies and future concerns
17. Training Course
Day 10: Training Evaluation
AOL and CMJ Consulting will evaluate the effectiveness of the CSR Training.
Return three months after Training Evaluation
Average call length
Number of complaints
Employee reaction
Customer retention
Return on Investment
18. Training Course Evaluation
Kirkpatricks Four Levels of Evaluation
Evaluate the Training Program on April 11th through April 13th
19. Timeline
20. Project Costs
* The total cost per trainee is $122.62
** There are 168 total trainees
21. Responsibilities
CMJ Consulting
One Trainer
Conduct each CSR Training Course
Two Consultants
Work in conjunction with the managers to create and design the call monitoring system and bi-annual workshops
Work with the Executives during the initial presentation and final evaluation
Assist the Trainer throughout the Training process
22. Responsibilities
Must provide Executive support to yield the most organization-wide buy-in
Must provide adequate facilities for the training program
Requirements: Common meeting room that holds 25 individuals equipped with an overhead projector, tables, chairs, and phones
Must provide CSRs and managers flexibility in regards to regular scheduled work hours
Must continue with the bi-annual workshops, call monitoring system, and developmental assignments
23. Overall Gains & Benefits
24. Questions