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  • 7/22/2019 Annual Summary Report - Minhaj Welfare Foundation 2014


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  • 7/22/2019 Annual Summary Report - Minhaj Welfare Foundation 2014


    Georgeown Universiy, Washingon DC - March 2010

    Poliical & Religious Radicalism, Universiy o C0penhagen, Denmark

    Launch o he hisoric FAWA, London - 2010

    Jamia al-Azhar, Cairo Egyp - 2012

    World Economic Forum wih he Indonesian Presiden

    US Insiue o Peace - March 2010

    15,000 people atended Peace or Humaniy Con erence in he Wembley Arena in 24 Sepember 2011

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    by Samra Mursaleen(London)

    Dr Muhammad ahir-ul-Qadri hasspen his lie in he service oneedy people or he pas hreedecades, during which he hasworked irelessly worldwide offer-ing educaional seminars, lobbyingor social and economic welarerighs and iniiaing insiuionsand organisaions o carry ouprojecs or he social, religiousand economic developmen ocommuniies.

    From he very beginning o his

    lie he has consisenly presen-ed a model o Islam espousinghe universal values o he uniyo mankind, inclusion, oleranceand he love o humaniy. He hasconsisenly condemned all ormso exremism, radicalism anderrorism. He recenly auhoredhe hisorical 600 page religiousedic; Fawa on errorism andsuicide bombings which eliciedan exraordi0nary response romhe world media, academics andpoliicians. Subsequenly he was

    invied o speak on Islamic concepo Jihad a Georgeown Universiy,US and he US Insiue o Peace.In 2011 he was noably he onlyIslamic scholar who was asked ospeak on he realiy o errorisma he presigious World EconomicForum in Davos and in 2012 washe keynoe speaker a he Peaceor Humaniy Conerence held aWembley Arena, London.

    His resoluion o elevae com-muniies and socieies over he

    pas hree decades has involved acomprehensive and muli-layeredapproach. Tis includes promoingPeace and Ineraih Harmony,Womens Righs and Developmen,Social Welare, Human Righs andDevelopmen o Educaion or all.Tis has been achieved hrough hisacademic lecures, books and nu-merous projecs hrough his organ-isaions. He has ounded numerousinsiuions and iniiaed majorand ar-reaching programmesin order o realise his objecivescovering all aspecs o human lie.Trough his works as a religiousscholar o he highes eminenceand credibiliy, he is well knownhroughou he Muslim world assomeone who has ouched andinspired millions hrough his mes-sage o peace, uncondiional loveand olerance or mankind.

    An imporan endeavour has beenhis concern wih empoweringwomen. Trough his acions andprojecs he has called or grea-er educaional and employmen

    liberies or women, encouragedacive paricipaion o women in allaspecs o sociey and has a-

    emped o address he significanculural barriers undermining hesaus and role o women wihinradiional amily and social sruc-ures o he Asian Subconinen.

    Wih gender inequaliy being amajor barrier o ending povery,Minhaj Welare Foundaion hasunceasingly campaigned againsgender violence and canvassed orhe promoion o womens rolesby changing atiudes hrougheducaion and providing rainingand opporuniies or women oacively parake in sociey. Accord-ingly Minhaj Welare Foundaionse up Bai-ul-Zahra - an all-e-male hosel ha offers an environ-

    men conducive or young womeno pursue heir higher educaionwihou he ear socio-culuralissues. Te majoriy o hese youngsudens who arrive rom rural

    areas and povery sricken com-muniies leave he scheme moreempowered and equipped wih hequalificaions and skills o findwork and o suppor heir amiliesand ulimaely heir communiies.Te oundaion has also beenunding wedding ceremonies andproviding dowries or hundreds opoor young women who cannoafford o do so hereore enablinghem o begin a new lie.

    In a counry wih a lieracy rae ounder 50%, Dr Qadri considerededucaion o be a prioriy and in1984 he esablished a universiyo provide higher educaion hawould be accessible o he poor.A remarkable large-scale educa-ion projec hen ollowed in heearly 1990s, which esablishedhundreds o educaional cenreshroughou Pakisan, accessibleo boh low income amilies andemales. In he field o social wel-are, disaser and povery relie, DrQadri ormed a new siser organi-saion in 1989, laer o be knownas he Minhaj Welare Foundaion,which has benefied vicims o

    naural disasers such as he su-nami affecing Indonesia; he Bamearhquake, Iran; he Souh Asianearhquake in Pakisan, along wihvarious developmenal and edu-caional projecs in Pakisan andoher underprivileged counries.

    Te promoion o peace andineraih harmony, religiousmoderaion and inegraion arekey aspecs o he mission o Drahir-ul-Qadri and indeed havebeen he saed aims o his world-

    wide organisaion o Minhaj-ul-Quran rom is very incepion.His effors have also born rui in

    Humaniarian Effors ofDr Muhammad ahir-ul-Qadri

  • 7/22/2019 Annual Summary Report - Minhaj Welfare Foundation 2014


    World Economic Forum, Davos - January 2011

    Peace or Humaniy Conerence, Wembley London - 2011

    Peaceul Fuure in Aghanisan, urkey - November 2011

    ehran, Iran - March 2014

    Peace Conerence a he Nassau Coliseum in New Jersey

    NSW Parliamen Legislaive Council, Ausralia - 2011Hisorical visi o India - Dr Muhammad ahir-ul-Qadri speaking o he pac crowd in Banglore - March 2012

    he various oher counries o heworld hrough he disseminaiono his lecures and publishedworks mos noably his Fawa onerrorism and Suicide Bombingsand hrough he esablishmen ocenres where religious modera-ion is acively augh and pro-moed, alongside he promoion oineraih dialogue and inegraion.

    In 2002, Dr ahir-ul-Qadri ook heunprecedened sep o allowingChrisians o worship inside heMinhaj-ul-Quran Mosque, a boldand symbolic gesure in recog-niion o he righ o reedom oworship o Chrisians and heir

    riendship wih members o he

    Islamic aih. oday, in he hisoryo Pakisan and he Subconinen,is he firs ime ha a Muslimscholar has welcomed members ohe Chrisian communiy, o whichi is no possible o find a similarexample. Dr ahir-ul-Qadri hasopened he doors o Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque or us in which opray. Dr Qadri has begun a newchaper in iner-religious rela-ions. (Bishop Andrew Francis,Chairman o Chrisian Coordina-ion Council, 15 March 2002).

    Mos recenly in 2013 Dr Qadriled he hisorical Long Marchin Islamabad or he alleviaion

    o povery and he resoraion

    o social and economic righs ohe povery sricken people oPakisan. In which he demandedha comprehensive poliical andelecoral reorms were me oensure ha he poor and workingclass ciizens o Pakisan can haveproecion and equal paricipaionwihin Pakisani sociey. I was hefirs ime ha Pakisan had seensuch a mammoh ani-corrupionand pro-democracy proes Marchon his scale which remained ullypeaceul. I was a demand or heend o a corrupion ridden poli-ical srucure and or elecionso be conesed beween peoplewho were declared eligible byhe Consiuion, in Dr Qadriswords I wan o ell he naionalinsiuions o Pakisan and he

    180 million people: we do nodeny poliics. Tis address is orhe sake o resoraion o cleanpoliics.

    Dr ahir-ul-Qadri draws his sup-por rom millions o Pakisaniswho have been rusraed wih hedominaion o poliics by a handulo ained leaders rom elie ami-lies; embitered by a poliical sys-em riddled wih corrupion whichenables is poliicians o embezzlemillions o rupees, and an elec-

    oral sysem ha allows millionso voes o be alsely regisered.In such condiions where reeand air elecions is an unrealisichope, Dr Qadri insiss ha onlyafer an overhaul o he poliicalsysem can real democracy prevail.Addressing a rally o hundredso housands o people in Lahoreon 23 December 2012, he saedhrough change and reorms weneed o resrucure our poliicaland elecoral sysem or he sakeo rue democracy. In order o save

    our sae, in order o save democ-racy, in order o save our poliicalprocess, rom collapse, we need

    world-class srucural renewal, andwe need change, so ha he poorand needy in our counry can live alie o digniy ree rom povery.

    Te increasing and widespreadlawlessness, povery and he lacko economic opporuniies in Pa-kisan has mean ha is becomehe 34h mos corrup counry inhe world according o ranspar-ency Inernaional. Te increasinginernal errorism has rendered ihe second mos dangerous coun-ry according o he laes error-ism Risk Index (RI), wih 35,000people killed since 2010. Despiehis he governmen has ailed oormulae any laws on errorism.In an inerview wih he Financialimes, Dr Qadri warned o Paki-

    sans break up unless ruling poli-icians were orced o abide by lawsha hey have openly disregardedor years. Te whole process is aoal negaion o he principles odemocracy, he said. I only wanhe consiuion o be enorced.Law breakers are he lawmakers inPakisan, he said, adding sev-eny per cen o parliamenariansare ax evaders, so how could weexpec hem o hink abou hepovery sricken people. Deliveringhis speech in Islamabad Dr Qadri

    demanded reorms o end dynasicpoliics, widespread errorism andmismanagemen. Te March endedwih he Islamabad Long MarchDeclaraion which was signed byhe hen Prime Miniser. Wih isnaural resources and alen Paki-san has he poenial o become ahriving counry and i seems hawih he pro-Democracy March Drahir-ul-Qadri has brough a newhope or is people.

    For more inormaion abou he

    ounder Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Mu-hammad ahir-ul-Qadri please

    Te ounder o MWF sharing a meal wih he Orphan children a AGHOSH (an Orphan Care Home in Lahore)

    Picure: Dr Muhammad ahir-ul-Qadri leading A Million ManMarch in he capial ciy o Pakisan. Women, he elderlyand young children campaiging or heir basic human righs

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