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    Akenerji Elektrik retim A..Miralay efik Bey Sokak 15 Ak HanGmsuyu 34437 stanbul/Trkiye

    Tel: +90 212 249 82 82 Fax: +90 212 249 73

  • Contents02 Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting 04 Akenerji in Brief 08 Operations Map 09 Installed Capacity 10 Financial and Operational Highlights12 Milestones 14 Akkk in Brief 16 EZ in Brief 17 Mission, Vision, Values and Akenerji Employees 18 Message from the Chairman 20 Message from the CEO22 Energy Sector in the World and in Turkey 26 Operations in 2013: Generation 28 Investments 32 Retail Trade 33 Wholesale 35 Carbon Certification, Emissions Trade and Carbon-Neutral Electricity 36 Akenerji Employee Profile 38 Environmental Practices and Social Responsibility44 Corporate Governance 44 Board of Directors 48 Independency Statement 50 Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report 60 Major Developments in the Past Year 61 Risk Management 61 Summary of the Affiliated Company Report 62 Dividend Distribution Policy 63 Dividend Distribution Proposal of the Board of Directors 64 Independent Auditors Report 67 Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes

  • Towards more ambitious goals...As one of Turkeys leading private electricity companies in terms of production capacity and number of facilities, we continue to contribute to the countrys growth. Upon completion of our ongoing project currently in various stages of investment and construction we will enjoy the capacity to singlehandedly generate a large portion of Turkeys electricity.

  • 2 Akenerji AnnUAL rePOrT 2013

    Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Akenerji Elektrik retim A.. For The Year 2013

    1. Opening of the meeting and forming of the chairmanship of the meeting,

    2. Presenting and negotiating the Annual Report of the Board of Directors for the year 2013,

    3. Presenting the Reports of Auditors for the year 2013,

    4. Presenting, negotiating and polling of the Financial Statements of 2013,

    5. Releasing the members of the Board of Directors for their activities within 2013,

    6. Presenting and polling of the Dividend Policy of our Company and Dividend Distribution Proposal prepared by the Board of Directors,

    7. Election of the Independent Audit Firm in accordance with the Communiqu on Principles regarding Independent Auditing Standards published by the Capital Markets Board and Turkish Commercial Code and approving the election of the Independent Audit Firm by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Communiqu on Principles regarding Independent Auditing Standards published by the Capital Markets Board,

    8. Giving information to the General Assembly within the concept of the Corporate Governance Principles of the Capital Markets Board, in case that the shareholders holding management power, the members of the Board of Directors, executive managers and blood and marital relatives up to second degree made transactions, which may result in conflict of interest among the Company or its subsidiaries; did business which falls into the scope of the Company or its subsidiaries in its name or others name, and had shareholding with unlimited responsibility and giving authorization to the members of the Board of Directors under the provisions of Articles 395 and 396 of the Turkish Commercial Code,

    9. Informing the General Assembly in accordance with Capital Markets Legislation about the donations and aid made by our Company within the year 2013,

    10. Informing the General Assembly in accordance with Capital Markets Legislation about the related party transactions carried out by our Company,

    11. Informing the General Assembly under Article 12 of Corporate Governance Principles of Capital Markets Board, about the securities, pledges, mortgages and sureties provided for the benefit of third parties and the income or benefits that the Company retained as a result.


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  • 4 Akenerji AnnUAL rePOrT 2013

    Akenerji in Brief

    Akenerji has established a well-balanced portfolio through consistent investments and has maintained its edge in 2013 despite changing competitive conditions.


    Electricity Generation and Sale Electricity Import, Export and WholesaleElectricity Retail Sale and Distribution Steam Generation and Sale Natural Gas Import, Export and Wholesale

    Number of Employees

    2013 Turnover


    TL 771 million

    Leading the energy sector with prudent investmentsHaving started power generation in 1989 as an auto-producer under the umbrella of the Akkk Group of Companies, Akenerji is today a leading player in the Turkish energy sector. The Company changed its status as an auto-producer in 2005 and began operating as an independent power generation company from that point.

    Due to remarkable initiatives in the field of renewable energy, the Company stands out in the industry due to its foresight and consistency. The Company reached a total renewable electricity capacity of 388 MW in 2012 with the successive activation of three hydroelectric power plants. Akenerji has made groundbreaking initiatives through efficient monitoring of market conditions; it has set an example for the electricity sector as a whole.


    Kemalpaa NGPP


    Bozyk NGPP

    Ayyldz RES

    647 MW

    132 MW

    273 Ton/s

    127 MW

    Akocak HEPP 81 MW

    Bur Bendi HEPP 28 MW

    Uluabat HEPP 100 MW

    Gkkaya HEPP 30 MW

    15 MW

    Bulam HEPP 7 MW

    Feke II HEPP 70 MW

    Himmetli HEPP 27 MW

    Feke I HEPP 30 MW

    Generation Capacity

    Power Plants

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    Since its inception, the Company has stood out within the sector thanks to its flexible, dynamic structure that can easily adapt to global competition, a visionary strategy and adherence to international standards in business processes. These characteristics have solidified Akenerjis pioneering position in the industry and has placed the Company uninterruptedly on Turkeys 500 Largest Industrial Corporations list released by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) since 1993. As one of the nations largest private power generation companies, Akenerji ranked 237th among the ISO 500 companies, with net sales revenue from production of TL 352 million in 2012.

    By capitalizing on its in-depth knowledge of energy production, Akenerji skillfully manages the change and market risk within the industry. Appreciated for future-oriented and prudent investment decisions, the Company displays the same consistency with energy trade. Enjoying one of the largest customer portfolios in the sector, Akenerji forges ahead toward its goal of becoming the nations leading energy company. As a result, the Company demonstrates a superior performance with regard to managing and selling energy, far higher than its given capacity, through additional capacity agreements with other power generation companies. Keeping a close watch on international marketing opportunities, the Company commenced cross-border energy trade via the European interconnected system in 2011.

    Toward a bright future with renewable energy Cognizant of the responsibility that befalls power companies in the creation of a safe future, Akenerji shapes its objectives accordingly. In its 24 years in operation, the Company has made all decisions with due consideration of its environmental and social responsibilities. It has set an example for the entire sector with emphasis on modern power generation techniques. Akenerji supports clean and sustainable energy resources and opts for eco-friendly solutions. In addition to its natural gas-based operations, the Company has also invested very large sums in renewable energy. By doing so, the Company plans to diversify its energy resources to reach a well-balanced portfolio structure and manage the fuel supply risk.

    Akenerji initiated its investments in renewable energy sources by participating in the first hydroelectric power plant tenders held by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in 2005. Ayyldz Wind Power Plant, the Companys first renewable energy generation plant, went into operation in 2009. Subsequently, Akocak, Bulam,

    Bur Bendi, Feke II and Uluabat hydroelectric power plants were activated in 2010; Himmetli Regulator and HEPP in Adana, Feke I Regulator and HEPP, Gkkaya Dam and HEPP successfully became operational in 2012. As such, the share of renewables in Akenerjis total capacity rose to 60% in 2013.

    Akenerji continues renewable energy projects with a consistent performance. As a prominent investment, the Company purchased kale Enerji Elektrik retim ve Tic. A.. (kale Energy Electricity Generation Industry and Trade Co.) in 2010, which owns the license of Kemah Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant with an installed capacity of 160 MW. Planned to become operational by 2017, Kemah Dam and HEPP project constitutes the largest HEPP project in the Akenerji portfolio. Our application to increasethe installed capacity of Kemah HEPP from 160 MW to 198 MW was approved by EMRA; the related license amendment will take place in 2014.

    Contributing to the Turkish energy industry through state-of-the-art production methods, Akenerji continues its renewable energy investments to reach its target of a safe and bright future.

    The first investment of a robust partnership to be activated in 2014 The partnership between Akkk and the Czech power company EZ evolved into an equal-parts strategic joint venture in Akenerji with an agreement signed in October 2008. The first investment of this joint venture is the 900 MW-capacity Egemer-Erzin Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Project located in E

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