ANNEX A - ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES WORKS AppendiANNEX A - ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES WORKS ... CONQUAS 21 series. These booklets are available for purchase from the BCA

Download ANNEX A - ARCHITECTURAL  SERVICES WORKS  AppendiANNEX A - ARCHITECTURAL  SERVICES WORKS ... CONQUAS 21 series. These booklets are available for purchase from the BCA

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<ul><li><p> CT1401B001 </p><p>ARCHITECTURAL &amp; SERVICES SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX C : ANNEX A </p><p>P1 - 1 -1 </p><p>ANNEX A - ARCHITECTURAL &amp; SERVICES WORKS General Notes: The Contractor is required to include in his tender this and all other general specification of works or descriptions as detailed in the Consultants drawings and Breakdown Schedule as accepted and expected of them by the respective trades and profession. All other works (including ancillary works) that are required to see to the successful completion of the project to CSC are deemed to be inclusive in the contract as quoted in the tender and contract price. The Contractor is deemed to have inspected the site and documents and is satisfied that the works as described in the tender, documents and contract drawings are sufficient, complete and clear enough for the Contractor to understand and construct the project to completion with CSC. Should the Contractor require any additional items or information, these should be asked or informed before the contract is executed between the Contractor and the Company. Under no circumstances will the Company and or the Consultants entertain any claims for extra time or cost due to plead of ignorance or misunderstood interpretation of the documents and drawings. It is agreed by the Contractor that the Consultants assessment and directions in all matters arising out of such are final and non-negotiable. Should there be a discrepancy, omission, typographical error or duplication of items resulting in a reduction in cost, this cost is allowed by the Contractor to be omitted, deducted or adjusted from the contract sum in the final accounts leading up to the Companys acceptance of the project. Should there be an addition, discrepancy or typographical error or addition of items resulting in an increase in cost, the Contract sum cannot be adjusted by the Contractor and is treated as absorbed or included in the first instance when the contract is signed. The above is excluding any direction, instructions, or amendments issued by the Company and or the Consultants during the course of the project as determined by the Consultants to be or could be varied. In case of doubt, the Contractor is to seek clarification from the Consultants. This specification may carry some items that is not required in the works as described and should be ignored. Only relevant specification is to be referred to. </p><p>I PART 1 - GENERAL PRELIMINARIES A. SITE PROGRAMME The Contractor is to prepare and submit to the Consultant a detailed time schedule he proposes to execute the </p><p>whole of the Works and to sign it as part of the contract documents. The Contractor is to allow for providing all necessary additional copies of the agreed schedule. </p><p> B. SITE MANAGEMENT The Contractor is to allow in his prices for all on and off site management cost including an air-conditioned site </p><p>container office where weekly site meetings can be held. C. LABOUR The Contractor is to allow in his prices for the following items: - </p></li><li><p> CT1401B001 </p><p>ARCHITECTURAL &amp; SERVICES SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX C : ANNEX A </p><p>P2 - 2 -2 </p><p> 1) Importation of labour including higher rates of wages, transport, travelling time, fares, subsistence and </p><p>lodging allowances. 2) Operation of incentive schemes and costs of overtime working. 3) Guaranteed time. 4) Insurance and pensions. 5) Annual and Public Holidays. 6) Sick pay. 7) Any other disbursements and added requirements to comply with Labour Ministry, Union and other authority </p><p>organizations arising from employment of labour. D. SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE The Contractor is to provide suitable safety, health and welfare measures and amenities to comply with the current </p><p>Statutory Regulations for the Building Industry. The Contractor shall be responsible for the health and safety of his own and of Sub-Contractors personnel and </p><p>must ensure that they conduct themselves in a reasonable and safe manner consistent with the prevention of injury to persons or damage to property. The Contractor in this regard must conduct induction classes to all workers entering the Site. </p><p> The Contractor must observe all statutory regulations and codes of practice applicable to his and to Sub-</p><p>Contractors personnel and to the work covered by the contract and must also observe any special safety requirements notified to him by the Consultant. </p><p> The Contractor must nominate a member of his staff (Safety Officer) to deal with safety matters and inform the </p><p>Employer/Consultant of the name and mobile phone number of his nominee. The Safety Officer must be contactable 24 hours/ 7 days and conduct inspections as required by him under the statutory requirements. </p><p> The Employer will inform the Contractors Safety Officer of any special safety procedures in force and he will then </p><p>be responsible for training all the of the Contractors personnel on the procedures. E. USE OF EXISTING TOILETS, WATER &amp; POWER The Contractor will arrange his own temporary toilet facilities for all workers on site to use freely. Temporary </p><p>supplies and cleaning of the toilets for cleanliness and health requirements must be arranged and paid for by the Contractor. </p><p> The Contractor can separately arrange with the Employer (if allowed) for the use of toilet facilities, water and </p><p>electricity power and will be responsible for any damage, cleanliness arising out of such usage. The Employer reserves the right to charge or refuse the use of Employers toilets, supply of water and power. F. SECURITY The Contractors attention is drawn to the fact that the Employer reserves the right to implement the following </p><p>security measures: - a) The Employer reserves the right to search any vehicle, person or property, entering, leaving or present on the </p><p>Employers premises. </p></li><li><p> CT1401B001 </p><p>ARCHITECTURAL &amp; SERVICES SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX C : ANNEX A </p><p>P3 - 3 -3 </p><p> b) The Contractor shall at the reasonable request of the Employers Company Security Officer produce for his immediate inspection a list showing the full names, NRIC No., home addresses, date of birth and occupation of each of his employees working on Company property. The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that his Sub-Contractors are aware of and will comply with these requirements. Security passes will be issued and worn at all times on site and within the Airport Restricted Areas. Workers without security passes will not be allowed into the Airport security area. </p><p> G. MATERIALS, GOODS AND WORKMANSHIP All materials, goods and workmanship shall be of the best quality of their respective kinds and trade. Consultants </p><p>assessment of the quality and defect or acceptance will be final. All materials and goods shall be used or fixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturers printed instructions and </p><p>recommendations. The Contractor is deemed to comply with all good trade and industry practices as published by the BCA under the </p><p>CONQUAS 21 series. These booklets are available for purchase from the BCA should it be required by the Contractor and is not reproduced here. Should there be works that are not reflected or specified, the Consultants direction, instruction or determination will take precedence and the Contractor must abide by it. The Consultant in his determination of the unspecified works will be fair in his judgment and provide for any variation to time, or cost as deemed fair. </p><p> H. PLANT, TOOLS AND VEHICLES Provide all necessary plant, tools and vehicles for the proper execution of the Works in the agreed period of time for </p><p>completion of this Contract. The Contractors attention is particularly drawn to the prevention of nuisance to the Employer and adjoining owners </p><p>and occupiers from the carrying out of the Works as previously described under the item head Adjoining Property and Prevention of Nuisance. </p><p> I. GENERAL SCAFFOLDING, CRANE, LIFTING EQUIPMENT &amp; GONDOLA SYSTEM Provide all necessary general scaffolding, Crane, Lifting Equipment &amp; Gondola for the proper execution of the </p><p>Work. Metal scaffolding is preferred to bakau scaffolding, and all such works, including gondola, must be with Contractors PE approval and endorsement and approved by the authority for use. </p><p> J. SAFEGUARDING THE WORKS Safeguard the Works, materials and plant against damage and theft including all necessary storage, watching and </p><p>lighting for the security of the Works. The Employer does not provide any safe storage facility and all stores are to be within the work site without obstructing or inconvenience Employers areas or use. </p><p> K. MAINTENANCE OF ROADS, ETC. The Contractor is to make good at his own expense any damage to roads, bridges, footpaths, rights-of-way, grass </p><p>and landscape etc. (including services, drains and sewers). A pre-condition survey by the Contractor is required to establish existing condition of site and surrounding to avoid claims of damage and responsibility. </p><p> L. MAINTENANCE OF SERVICES Protect, uphold and maintain public and private services, drains, Cables and sewers and give all necessary notice </p><p>to the local authority, SATS, CAG or other statutory undertakers about the works to be done over, around and under it. The Contractor is responsible to protect (temporarily or permanently), carry out any works required to help maintain such services during and after construction. </p></li><li><p> CT1401B001 </p><p>ARCHITECTURAL &amp; SERVICES SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX C : ANNEX A </p><p>P4 - 4 -4 </p><p> The Contractor is to make good at his own expense any damage to public and private services, drains and sewers caused by the carrying out of the Works provided such damage is due to any negligence, omission or default of the Contractor (or his Sub-Contractor). </p><p> M. MAINTENANCE OF EXISTING BUILDING, ETC. Protect and uphold the existing buildings on the site and the adjoining buildings during the period of this Contract. The Contractor is to make good at his own expense any damage to the existing buildings, fences etc on or around </p><p>the site and any adjoining buildings/property. N. WATER FOR THE WORKS The Contractor will arrange with the building owners or Employer for the use of the water at site. The location point </p><p>of the supply will be as advised. The Contractor is to make all necessary temporary arrangements for the distribution from that point. Charges by the Employer for the use of water may apply. </p><p> O. LIGHTING AND POWER FOR THE WORKS Provide lighting and power for the Works and make all temporary arrangements for distribution about the site. A </p><p>separate Contractors Site Distribution Board (PE Certified) is required to be fitted for this distribution. The Contractor can alternatively arrange with the building owner or Employer for the use of the above. The location </p><p>point of the supply will be as advised. Charges by the Employer for the use of electrical services may apply. P. P.C. SUMS If the Contractor is permitted to tender (and his tender is accepted) for any work, materials or goods for which a P. </p><p>C. Sums has been included in the document, such P. C. Sum together with profit (if any) which has been added by the Contractor will be omitted. Any profit and attendance (P&amp;A) required by the Contractor shall be included in his tender for the work covered by such P.C. Sums. If none stated, it will be deemed that no P&amp;A cost is charged by the Contractor. </p><p> Q. SUB-CONTRACTORS, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, STATUTORY </p><p>UNDERTAKERS AND FIRMS EMPLOYED DIRECT It is deemed that the following attendance is required of the Contractor which is deemed inclusive in his tender. a) General Attendance General attendance on nominated sub-contractors, local authorities, statutory undertakers and firms employed </p><p>directly shall be deemed to include allowing reasonable and free use of standing scaffolding, rooms, sanitary accommodation and welfare facilities, providing space for office accommodation and for storage of plant and materials, providing light and water for their work and clearing away rubbish. </p><p> b) Special Attendance Special attendance on nominated sub-contractors shall be deemed to include unloading and distributing the </p><p>sub-contractors materials and plant, providing light to the nominated sub-contractors office and storage area and providing power for tools, etc. </p><p> c) Additional Items for Attendance Additional items for attendance on nominated sub-contractors, where applicable, have been described </p><p>separately in this document. </p></li><li><p> CT1401B001 </p><p>ARCHITECTURAL &amp; SERVICES SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX C : ANNEX A </p><p>P5 - 5 -5 </p><p> d) Particulars of Requirements The Contractor is to obtain from sub-contractors, local authorities, statutory undertakers and firms employed </p><p>direct full particulars of their requirements with regard to holes, chases, recesses and other details and is to supply them with all necessary dimensions and other information to enable their work to be correctly executed and subsequent alteration obviated. </p><p> If the Contractor strikes/remove scaffolding before ascertaining whether it is required by any sub-contractor, </p><p>local authority, statutory undertaker or firm employed directly, he will be responsible for re-erecting the scaffolding if so required at his own expense. </p><p> e) Damage to Works It is the responsibility of the Contractor that the work of any sub-contractor, local authority or statutory </p><p>undertaker employed by him under this Contract is not damaged by another or by himself and will be required to make good any such damage at his own expense and to the satisfaction of the Consultant. </p><p> R. PHOTOGRAPHS The Contractor shall not take or permit to take any photographs on site without the written consent of the Employer. </p><p>No photographs so taken shall be used for publicity purposes without the written consent of the Employer. Progress photographs before, during and after construction must be provided, if requested. Cost of same is </p><p>considered inclusive in the tender. S. TEMPORARY HOARDING, FENCE AND GANTRIES The Contractor is to allow for providing all temporary hoarding, fenced &amp; planked footways, guard rails, gantries and </p><p>the like as may be necessary for protecting the public and the adjoining owners/occupiers, for meeting the requirements of any local or other authority and for the proper execution of the works and pay all charges in connection therewith. </p><p> Any hoarding erected is to be painted externally with 2 costs of oil paint of a colour approved by the Consultant. </p><p>Polykem finish boards are also allowed. No advertisements will be permitted on any hoarding, fan, guard rail, gantry, etc. except safety signs and We are </p><p>moving with you and We are Building to serve you better. These signs will be deemed inclusive. T. NAME BOARD A site notice board is left to the Contractors proposal and will follow the BCAs requirements in size etc as specified </p><p>( if stated ) but the letter, details and positions must all be agreed with...</p></li></ul>


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