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To obtain a position that will incorporate my advanced knowledge of instructional technology and support my goal of a long-term career in educational administration.


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2. These are a few of my favorite things 3. My Philosophy (in its simplest form) 1. Make kids love school2. Collaborate with parents and other teachers 3. Stay current, involved, proactive 4. I am a product of North East ISD in San Antonio. Hidden ForestEisenhower ChurchillElementary Middle SchoolHigh SchoolI left for a little while but couldnt stay away for long.Upon graduation, I returned to NEISD at Stahl. 5. My teaching career began atStahl Elementary and I have spent10 wonderful years there.I approach Austin withexcitement for a new2013adventure and Year Teac her of the optimism for growth in mycareer. 6. Why me? 7. I am captivated by working with children. 8. Technologyis FUN! Did you know Iam the CampusTechnology Coordinator? 9. Here are my TECHNOLOGY PROFICIENCIES: Daily use of varied interactive websites in core subject areas: Math,Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies. SMART Applications: SMART Board, Notebook, Slate, Airliner Apple products: iPads, iPods MAC Programs: iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, iTunes Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point Advanced Teacher Web and Blog Skilled integration of classroom learning with district technologyincluding wireless laptops, wireless keyboards, flip cameras, TurningPoint Polling Systems Expert student creation in programs including Photo Story 3,Kidspiration/Inspiration, Audacity, and other district media programs 10. Im a team player. 20132012Stahl Volleyball Team. I worked hard to coordinate severalevents as part of the Health and Wellness Committee. 11. Teaching and learning isnot a destination;it is a journey.I will graduate from Texas A&M University-College Station in August of 2013, witha Masters of Education in Educational Administration. 12. Get in touch:210.274.1510arhodes03@yahoo.com Thank you for your time and consideration.


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