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    Email: Walkup@rci.rutgers.edu Date: July 2013 Clinical Psychologist: New York State License: 009801 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Rutgers University

    Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University, Visiting Assistant Professor, 9/91 - 6/94; Assistant Professor, 7/94 - 7/00, Associate Professor (with tenure), 7/00-7/13. Professor, 7/13 -

    Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research, Core Faculty, 7/94-present. AIDS Policy Research Group. Center for Education on Research and Therapeutics (Mental Health). Rutgers Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Faculty (New Brunswick Campus), Associate Member, 6/97-present. Rutgers Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, Faculty Fellow, 2007-08.

    SUNY Downstate Health Science Center, Department of Psychiatry; Clinical Assistant Instructor. Taught in behavioral science sequence. Funded research on diagnosis and psychopathology, 7/89-6/91. New York University. Postdoctoral research with Jerome Bruner on narrative structures in cognition, 6/87-7/88. Various adjunct teaching positions at Bloomfield College (Psychology); Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research (MA Program in Liberal Studies); Brooklyn College (MA Program in Health Policy). EDUCATION: 1991-1994 Rutgers University. Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research,

    NIMH Post-doctoral Fellow. Organization and Financing of Care for People with Severe Mental Illness. Program included didactic seminars and research on inpatient treatment of schizophrenia in New York State and on intervention to decrease work disability in population with medical illness and co-occurring major depression.

    1987-1989 SUNY Downstate Health Science Center, Department of Psychiatry.

    Two year postdoctoral clinical training in inpatient psychiatry. Clinical work on inpatient unit, with supervision by senior faculty, training seminars.

    1978-1987 M.A., Ph.D., Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research. Department of Psychology.

    Studied general and clinical psychology. American Psychological Association (APA) approved clinical program. APA approved clinical internship, Brooklyn VA Outpatient Clinic. Other supervised clinical placements in physical rehabilitation psychology (Goldwater Hospital) and neuropsychology (Mt. Sinai, Department of Neurosurgery). Dissertation on adjustment to use of prosthetic limb.

  • 2 1977-1979 M.Litt. St. Andrews University (Scotland). Department of Philosophy. Program included work

    on philosophy and psychology, along with thesis on role of psychological theory in the work of German philosopher, Jurgen Habermas. Funded by Rotary Foundation Scholarship.

    1974-1976 BA (cum laude) Yale College. Philosophy major. 1972-1974 Southwestern College, Memphis Tennessee. PUBLICATIONS Journal Articles Forman SG, Chu B, Fagley N, Walkup, J.. (2012). Factors Influencing School Psychologist "Willingness to Implement" Evidence-based Interventions. School Mental Health. Prince, J., Walkup, J.T. Akincigil, A., Amin, S., Crystal, S. (2012). "Risk of New HIV/AIDS Diagnoses Among American Medicaid Beneficiaries in Eight States: Is Serious Mental Illness a Risk Factor?" Psychiatric Services.

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    Townsend, L.; Walkup, J.T.; Olfson, M.; Crystal S. (2012). Systematic Review of Validated Methods for Identifying Depression Using Administratiave or Claims Data. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 24 (S1), 163-173. (Supplement U.S. Food and Drug Administration Mini-sentinel Program.).

    Akincigil, A., Olfson, M., Siegel, M.., Zurlo, K., Walkup, J.T.;Crystal, S. (2012). Racial and ethnic disparities in depression care in community dwelling elderly in the United States. .American Journal of Public Health. Featured in American Journal of Public Health: Feb. 2012 Highlights. The study received regional, national and international press coverage, including US News and World Report.

    Walkup, J. T., Akincigil, A., Hoover, D. H., Siegel, M. J., Amin, S., & Crystal, S. (2011). Use of Medicaid Data to Explore Community Characteristics Associated with HIV Prevalence Among Beneficiaries with Schizophrenia. Public Health Reports. 126 Suppl 3:89-101.

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