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  • Animated Murals Brief 11 - #11B

    For this chosen brief which I decided to carry out involved in depth research based on understandings of meanings and functions of imagery used in public spaces such as buildings and so forth. In order to do this project of 3 proposals showing animated murals on After affects I looked at current murals around the world. I looked upon Philadelphias Mural Arts Program which included an artist called Stephen Powers who created bold, eye catching messages to give inspiration to people in the local community. Sign writing and Graffiti were the 2 key types of typography methods used around the city.

    Researching Current Murals

    My first mural which will be placed into a animation to represent a proposal of third world countries such as INDIA. This is one of 2 locations I have chosen for the country. One of them being is because it is where my roots are from. Secondly there is poverty which takes place in rural areas of India and poverty is happening in many different cities in the large country. Above is the image I found of a castle in India. The opposite of what message I am putting across. (India Google)

  • Screen Shots..

    A brief message to explain what the mural will be about and how it affects certain ethnicities more than others.

    To animate the sequence further I added a large question mark to make a large impact on this mural

    Opacity changes within the symbols

  • Mural 2 - New DehliMy second mural is about a heartfelt, upsetting, horrific story which took place over the festive period in New Delhi, India. A 23 year old student, raped and beaten by a gang of males on a bus. I decided to create a mural based on a GATE OF INDIA in New Dehli to STOP RAPE happening in India completely. Many innocent women are attacked by monsters for men and these cases are never reported simply due to the fact people are scared it will bring shame on their family. This allows the rapists to attack again and again feeling as if they have an advantage. It must stop and the Indian Government need to stand up for the women in their country!!

  • Mural 3New York City SubwayMy third mural is based on a New York City Subway train. The events taken place such as robberies, being pushed in front of trains, theres not enough caution and awareness. So I decided to create a mural which is based on the floors of trains in the colour RED. (New york subway Google)