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<ol><li> 1. IntroductionMy report is about video game systems from1985-2007 enjoy. </li><li> 2. Video games from1985-2007By:Andrew Claytor </li><li> 3. 1985 the nintendoentertainment systemWhen the nintendo entertainment system cameout in 1985 many people went out to buy it. Onlaunch date it cost $250. </li><li> 4. The Sega GenesisMegadrive 1989Main difference? themega drive and thenintendo entertainmentsystem(NES) was the NES8-bit vs. 16-bit. </li><li> 5. Graphics look like a kidsdrawing. </li><li> 6. Timeline of graphics </li><li> 7. super nintendo(SNES)The super neswas a greatsystem 16-BITthe same as themega drive. Itcame out in1991. </li><li> 8. Play Station 1The ps1 came out in 1995 Sony was new in thevideo games the ps1 was there first system </li><li> 9. nintendo 64The n64came outin 1996,itwas thefirstsystem tousepolygonsand aanalogstick inthemiddle. </li><li> 10. Sega dreamcastThe dreamcast came out in 1998on the controller it had a screenwhich you could take out out andplay mini games on. </li><li> 11. Play station 2The ps2came outin in 2000it was128-BITthecontrollerwas thebest of itstime withtwoanalogsticks onit. </li><li> 12. Nintendo gamecubeThegamecubecameout in 2001.Now segaandnintendoboth had adisk basedsystem. </li><li> 13. XboxThe xbox came out in 2001 this is when graphicsstarted getting good on disk based system thegame Halo was the best first person shooter outthere. </li><li> 14. Xbox 360The xbox360 cameout in2005 ithad a newstylecontrollerwirelessand andyou couldtalk topeople onany game. </li><li> 15. Nintendo WiiThe wiicame outin 2006you couldplayonlinewith otherpeopleand onsomegamestalk topeople. </li><li> 16. PS3the ps3 came out 2006 and you could talk toanyone in the world and play with in the worldthe games were blu-ray disks so the graphics werethe best of its time </li><li> 17. this is what we have nowps3 xbox 360 pc </li><li> 18. future systemsxbox720ps4 </li><li> 19. ConclusionHope you enjoyed my report.By:Andrew Claytor </li><li> 20. SourcesGoogle wikipedia</li></ol>