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The latest in multiplexing - including our newest innovative & unique kits.


<p>Immunoassays &amp; MILLIPLEX map KitsThe #1 Best Seller for Multiplexing using Luminex technology</p> <p>Analyte Quarterly Q3 2012Bone Metabolism Cancer Cardiovascular Disease Cell Signaling Cellular Metabolism Inflammation/Immunology Metabolism Neuroscience Stem Cells Toxicity</p> <p>EMD Millipore is a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany</p> <p>The Latest in MultiplexingMILLIPLEX map Multiplex Immunoassay KitsMagnetic Bead FormatKit Bone CD8+ CD8+ Premix 15 Cell Signaling Angiogenesis RTK Total 10 Plex Cell Signaling Angiogenesis RTK Phospho 10 Plex Cell Signaling Multi-Pathway 9 Plex Cell Signaling STAT 5 Plex CVD Panel 1 CVD Panel 2 CVD Panel 3 CVD Panel 4 Cytokine/Chemokine Panel Cytokine/Chemokine Panel Premix 27 Kidney Toxicity Panel 1 Kidney Toxicity Panel 2 MMP Panel 2 Neurodegenerative Disease Panel 1 Neurodegenerative Disease Panel 3 Neurodegenerative Disease Panel 4 Neuropeptide Pituitary Th17 Th17 Premix 25 TIMP Panel 1 TIMP Panel 2 Total GAPDH Total -Tubulin Human Human Human Human Rat Rat Rat Rat Human Human Human Human Human Mouse Mouse Mouse Human Human Human Human/ Rat/Mouse Species Human Mouse Mouse Human Human</p> <p>NEW PA NEL S</p> <p>Discover the Latest in Innovative and Unique Assay Kits, Instruments and ServicesELISA Kits Cytokine ELISAs GlucagonCatalogue No. HBNMAG-51K MCD8MAG-48K MCD8MAG48K-PX15 46-673MAG 46-674MAG 48-680MAG 48-610MAG HCVD1MAG-67K HCVD2MAG-67K HCVD3MAG-67K HCVD4MAG-67K RECYTMAG-65K RECYMAG65K27PMX RKTX1MAG-37K RKTX2MAG-37K HMMP2MAG-55K HNDG1MAG-36K HNDG3MAG-36K HNDG4MAG-36K HNPMAG-35K MPTMAG-49K MTH17MAG-47K MTH17MAG47K-PX25 HTMP1MAG-54K HTMP2MAG-54K 46-667MAG 46-713MAG</p> <p> Glucagon (10-pack) GLP-1 High Sensitivity (Active) GLP-1 High Sensitivity ((Active) 10-pack)</p> <p>MAGPIX Instrument Multiplex analyte detection system (See page 20)</p> <p>Services Biomarker Services (See back cover)</p> <p>Experience the versatility of our MILLIPLEX map kitsat no risk!MILLIPLEX map is the market leading multiplex assay portfolio known for quality, consistency and flexibility, based on the Luminex xMAP technology. If you're new to MILLIPLEX map, purchase your first kit at 50% off list price (minimum 3 plex).</p> <p>50% OFFMILLIPLEX map kits now through 2012(Use promo code ZBIOS542) Plus, if you don't love the results we'll credit your account!</p> <p>ELIS A / RIA</p> <p>ELISAs &amp; RIAsEMD Millipore provides an unparalleled level of peer supportscientists working with scientists to provide you with the quality tools and services you need to do your best work. With a wide range of ELISAs and RIAs, we advance your research in many research areas including metabolic disease (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular), inflammation, immunology, neuroscience, oncology and cell signaling. Plus, some of our most popular ELISAs are available a 10-pack format.</p> <p>*Cytokine ELISAsKit IL-2 IL-2 IL-4 IL-4 IL-6 IL-6 IL-10 IL-10 TNFa TNFa Species Human Mouse Human Mouse Human Mouse Human Mouse Human Mouse Catalogue No.NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!</p> <p>Neuroscience ELISAsKit Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) Nerve Growth Factor (ChemiKine) Neuropeptide S (NPS) Neuropeptide Y (NPY) Neuropeptide Y (NPY) Phosphorylated Neurofilament (pNF-H) Pigment Epithelium Derived Factor (ChemiKine) S100B SAA-3 Catalogue No. NS400 EZHS40 EZHS42 EZHS-SET EZBRAIN40 EZBRAIN42 EZBRAIN-SET CYT306 Species Human/ Rat/ Mouse Rat/Mouse Human Human Rat/Mouse Multispecies Human Catalogue No. NS830 EZHIL2 EZMIL2 EZHIL4 EZMIL4 EZHIL6 EZMIL6 EZHIL10 EZMIL10 EZHTNFA EZMTNFA</p> <p>CYT304 EZHNPS-34K EZHNPY-25K EZRMNPY-27K NS170</p> <p>CYT420</p> <p>* 10-Pack Format Now Available for Select Kits!</p> <p>Human Mouse</p> <p>EZHS100B-33K EZMSAA3-12K</p> <p>Neuroscience ELISAsKit a-Synuclein Amyloid Beta, 1-40 Amyloid Beta, 1-42 Amyloid Beta, SET Amyloid Beta (Brain), 1-40 Amyloid Beta (Brain), 1-42 Amyloid Beta (Brain), SET Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (ChemiKine) Species Human/ Rat/Mouse Human Human Human Human Human Human Human/ Rat</p> <p>ELISA Cell-based AssaysDual Detect CELISAsDescription ErbB2 (Tyr1248) H2A.X (Ser139) Catalogue No. 17-490 17-720</p> <p>For Research Use Only.</p> <p></p> <p>ELIS A / RIA</p> <p>ELISA Circulating BiomarkersKit Adiponectin 10 - Pack Adiponectin 10 - Pack Adiponectin Adiponectin Adiponectin High Molecular Weight 10 - Pack Adipsin Amylin (active) 10 - Pack Amylin (total) Apo AIV BDNF Chemerin C-Peptide 10 - Pack C-Peptide 2 CRP CRP CRP FGF-21 FGF-21 FGF-23 10 - Pack FGF-23 FGF-23 Fibronectin (Quantimatrix) Ghrelin (active) 10 - Pack Ghrelin (active) Ghrelin (total) 10 - Pack Ghrelin (total) GIP (total) 10 - Pack GIP (total) 10 - Pack GLP-1 (active) 10 - Pack GLP-1 High Sensitivity (active) GLP-1 (total) 10 - Pack GLP-2 (total) 10 - PackFor Research Use Only.</p> <p>Species Human Mouse Rat Canine Human</p> <p>Catalogue No. EZHADP-61K EZHADP-61BK EZMADP-60K EZMADP-60BK EZRADP-62K EZCADP63K EZHMWA-64K EZHMWA-64BK</p> <p>Kit Glucagon 10 - Pack Growth Hormone 10 - Pack IFNa Insulin 10 - Pack Insulin 10 - Pack Insulin (Animal Serum Free) Laminin Leptin Dual Range 10 - Pack Leptin 10 - Pack Leptin 10 - Pack Leptin Nerve Growth Factor (ChemiKine) Omentin-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide 10 - Pack PEDF (ChemiKine) Procollagen Type IIA N-Propeptide (PIIANP) Proinsulin (Intact) Proinsulin (total) 10 - Pack PYY (total) 10 - Pack RBP4 Resistin 10 - Pack sCD26 sE-Selectin sICAM-2 sICAM-3sL-seLectin</p> <p>Species Human/Rat/ Mouse Rat/Mouse Human Human Rat/Mouse Human Human Human Mouse Rat Canine Rat/Mouse Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human HumanNEW! NEW!</p> <p>Catalogue No. EZGLU-30K EZGLU-30BK EZRMGH-45K EZRMGH-45BK Cyt271 EZHI-14K EZHI-14BK EZRMI-13K EZRMI-13BK EZHIASF-14K ECM310 EZHL-80SK EZHL-80BK EZML-82K EZML-82BK EZRL-83K EZRL-83BK EZCL-31K CYT304 EZH0MNTN1-29K EZHPP40K EZHPP-40BK CYT420 EZPIIANP-53K EZHIPI-17K EZHPI-15K EZHPI-15BK EZHPYYT66K EZHPYYT-66BK EZHRBP4-18K EZHR-95K EZHR-95BK ECM345 ECM330 ECM346 ECM337 ecm331</p> <p>Mouse Human Human Human Human/Rat Human Human Rat/Mouse Human Rat Canine Human Rat/Mouse Human Rat Mouse Human Human Rat/Mouse Human Rat Human Rat/Mouse Multispecies Multispecies Multispecies Human/RatNEW! NEW!</p> <p>EZMADPSN-22 EZHA-52K EZHA-52BK EZHAT-51K EZHAPOA4-73K CYT306 EZHCMRN-57K EZHCP-20K EZHCP-20BK EZRMCP2-21K CYT298 CYT294 CYT296 EZHFGF21-19K EZRMFGF21-26K EZHFGF23-32K EZHFGF23-32BK EZRFGF23-42K EZMFGF23-43K ECM300 EZGRA-88K EZGRA-88BK EZRGRA-90K EZGRT-89K EZGRT-89BK EZRGRT-91K EZHGIP-54K EZHGIP-54BK EZRMGIP-55K EZRMGIP-55BK EGLP-35K EGLP-35BK EZGLPHS-35K EZGLP1T-36K EZGLP1T-36BK EZGLP2-37K EZHLPHS-35BK</p> <p>* </p> <p>Coming Soon Solid Plate Format CU.S. Patent #: 5,541,066: 5,780,240 Requires Sample Extraction</p> <p>2</p> <p>ELISA Other AssaysEZ-Transcription FactorDescription AP-1 Family c-Fos c-jun ErbB2 (Tyr1248) HDAC jun/Fos NFB Family NFB p50 NFB p50/p65 NFB p65 PI3 Kinase Activity/Inhibitor PhosphaFluor HTS OmniPhosphatase Ras Activation ssDNA Apoptosis Universal TF Colorimetric Catalogue No. 70-550 70-545 70-540 17-490 17-374 70-546 70-560 70-515 70-510 70-520 17-493 17-448 17-497 APT225 70-501 70-601 70-646 70-660 70-615 70-610 70-620 Chemiluminescent Catalogue No. 70-650 70-645 70-640</p> <p>ELIS A / RIA</p> <p>Star ELISAs, continuedDescription phospho-EGFR (Tyr1173) phospho-FAK (Tyr397) phospho-IR (b Subunit) (Tyr 1162/1163) phospho-IRS1 (Ser307 mouse/Ser312 Human) phospho-IB (Ser32) phospho-jNK 1/2 (Thr183/Tyr185) phospho-MEK1 (Ser218/222) phospho-MET (Tyr1230/Tyr1234/Tyr1235) phospho-p38a (Thr180/Tyr182) phospho-p53 (Ser15) phospho-PRAS40 (Thr246) Catalogue No. 17-461 17-480 17-484 17-459 17-486 17-466 17-474 17-470 17-488 17-475 17-478</p> <p>RIAKit Adiponectin Adiponectin C-Peptide C-Peptide Catalogue No. ECM300 ECM345 ECM330 ECM335 ECM340 C-Peptide C-Peptide Ghrelin (active) Ghrelin (total) GLP-1 (active) GLP-1 (total) Glucagon Insulin Insulin Insulin Lispro Insulin Specific Insulin Ultra Sensitive Insulin Leptin Leptin Leptin Leptin Proinsulin PYY PYY (3-36) Specific PYY (total) Human Human Rat Human Mouse Rat Multi-species Human Rat/Mouse Human Human Species Human Mouse Human Rat Canine Porcine Human Human Multi-species Multi-species Multi-species Rat Porcine Catalogue No. HADP-61HK MADP-60HK HCP-20K RCP-21K CCP-24HK PCP-22K GHRA-88HK GHRT-89HK GLP1A-35HK GLP1T-36HK GL-32K RI-13K PI-12K LPI-16K HI-14K HI-11K SRI-13K HL-81K ML-82K RL-83K XL-85K HPI-15K RMPYY-68HK PYY-67HK PYYT-66HK</p> <p>ELISA Other AssaysExtracellular MatrixKit Fibronectin sCD26 sE-Selectin sICAM-1 sVCAM-1 Species Human Human Human Human Human</p> <p>ELISA Cell Signaling / IntracellularStar ELISAsDescription AKT1 (total) EGFR (total) Erk 1/2 (total) FAK (total) Insulin Receptor (b subunit) (total) IB (total) jNK 1/2 (total) MEK1 (total) Met (total) p38a (total) PRAS40 (total) Src (total) phospho-Akt (Ser473) phospho-Akt (Thr308) phospho-EGFR (Tyr1068) Catalogue No. 17-455 17-460 17-463 17-479 17-483 17-485 17-465 17-473 17-469 17-487 17-477 17-467 17-457 17-456 17-462</p> <p>For Research Use Only.</p> <p>3</p> <p>CIRCU L ATING</p> <p>MILLIPLEX</p> <p>map</p> <p>M I LLI PLEX </p> <p>Your Source for Simultaneous Multi-Analyte Detection the Voice of Luminex xMAP Technology The broadest selection of analytes across a wide range of disease states, including metabolic disease, inflammation, neurodegenerative disease, toxicity, cancer and more. All the components and reagents you need to detect multiple analytes simultaneously in a small sample size (10-50 L)all in a single kit, using a single catalogue number. Available in both magnetic and non-magnetic bead format. Magnetic polystyrene beads contain encapsulated magnetite with bead surface chemistries that are comparable to nonmagnetic beads. New magnetic bead panels will be introduced into our portfolio each quarter! Select a premixed kit or choose analytes within a panel to design a custom kit. Quality controls provided to qualify assay performance. Analytically validated panels that yield consistent analyte profiles irrespective of plex size. Standardized standard curve ranges across analytes and lots to ensure lot-to-lot consistency. Panels meet stringent manufacturing criteria to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility. Environmentally friendly packaging: our boxes are 100% recyclable to reduce ecological footprints. Consolidated packaging available for larger orders to reduce storage needs.</p> <p>For Research Use Only.</p> <p>map</p> <p></p> <p>MetabolismHuman Adipokine Panel 1Serum/Plasma Samples (Cat. No. HADK1MAG-61K)Adiponectin Adipsin Lipocalin-2/NGAL PAI-1 (total) Resistin</p> <p>Rat AdipocyteCell culture samples (Cat. No. RADPCYT-82K)Adiponectin IL-1b IL-6 Leptin MCP-1 PAI-1 (active) PAI-1 (total) TNFa</p> <p>Non-Human Primate Metabolic Hormone(Cat. No. NHPMHMAG-45K)Amylin (active) C-Peptide Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) TNFa</p> <p>M I LLI PLEX m a p CI RCU L ATI NG</p> <p>Human Adipokine Panel 2Serum/Plasma Samples (Cat. No. HADK2MAG-61K)HGF IL-1b IL-6 IL-8 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 NGF TNFa</p> <p>Human Metabolic Hormone(Cat. No. HMHMAG-34K)Amylin (active) Amylin (total) C-Peptide Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) TNFa</p> <p>Human Liver Protein(Cat. No. HLPPMAG-57K)AFP ANGPTL3 ANGPTL4 ANGPTL6 FABP1 FGF-19 FGF-21 FGF-23 HGF</p> <p>Human AdipocyteCell Culture Samples (Cat. No. HADCYMAG-61K)Adiponectin HGF IL-1b IL-6 IL-8 Leptin MCP-1 NGF PAI-1 (total) Resistin TNFa</p> <p>Mouse Metabolic Hormone(Cat. No. MMHMAG-44K)Amylin (active) C-Peptide 2 Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) Resistin TNFa</p> <p>Human Gut Hormone(Cat. No. HGT-68K)Amylin (active) Amylin (total) Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Insulin Leptin Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total)</p> <p>Mouse AdipokineSerum/plasma samples (Cat. No. MADPK-71K)IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 PAI-1 (total) Resistin TNFa</p> <p>Mouse Gut Hormone(Cat. No. MGT-78K)Amylin (active) Leptin Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Insulin</p> <p>Rat Metabolic Hormone(Cat. No. RMHMAG-84K)Amylin (active) C-Peptide 2 Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total) TNFa</p> <p>Mouse AdipocyteCell culture samples (Cat. No. MADPCYT-72K)Adiponectin IL-6 Leptin MCP-1 PAI-1 (total) Resistin TNFa</p> <p>Rat Gut Hormone(Cat. No. RGT-88K)Amylin (active) Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Insulin Leptin Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total)</p> <p>Rat AdipokineSerum/plasma samples (Cat. No. RADPK-81K)IL-1b IL-6 Insulin Leptin MCP-1 PAI-1 (active) PAI-1 (total) TNFa% Requires a protease inhibitor during sample collection Magnetic Bead Format Cannot be plexed together: 1) Amylin (active) and Amylin (total) 2) PAI-1 (active) and PAI-1 (total)</p> <p>Canine Gut Hormone(Cat. No. CGTMAG-98K)Amylin (total) Ghrelin (active) % GIP (total) GLP-1 (active) Glucagon Insulin Leptin Pancreatic Polypeptide PYY (total)For Research Use Only.</p> <p>5</p> <p>MetabolismHuman Pituitary Panel 1(Cat. No. HPTP1MAG-66K)ACTH AGRP CNTF FSH GH LH TSH</p> <p>Bone MetabolismRat Stress Hormone(Cat. No. RSH69K)ACTH Corticosterone Melatonin</p> <p>Human Bone Panel(Cat. No. HBNMAG-51K)ACTH DKK1 FGF-23 IL-1 IL-6 Insulin Leptin OPG Osteocalcin Osteopontin PTH SOST TNFaNEW!</p> <p>MI LLI PLEX m a p C I RCU L ATI NG</p> <p>Human Pituitary Panel 2(Cat. No. HPTP2MAG-66K)BDNF Prolactin</p> <p>Multi Species Steroid/ Thyroid Hormone(Cat. No. STTHMAG-21K)Cortisol Estradiol Progesterone T3 T4 Testosterone*n</p> <p>Non-Human Primate Pituitary Panel 1(Cat. No. NHPPT1MG-46K)ACTH AGRP CNTF FSH GH LH TSH</p> <p>Human Bone Panel 1ASerum/plasma samples (Cat. No. HBN1A-51K)ACTH Insulin Leptin OPG Osteocalcin Osteopontin PTH</p> <p>Rat Thyroid Three Plex(Cat. No. RTHY-30K-03) MB Format Coming Soon*T3 T4 TSH</p> <p>Non-Human Pituitary Panel 2(Cat. No. NHPPT2MG-46K)BDNF Prolactin</p> <p>Rat Thyroid Two Plex(Cat. No. RTHY-30K-T3T4) T3 T4</p> <p>Human Bone Panel 1BTissue culture samples (Cat. No. HBN1B-51K)ACTH Adiponectin IL-1b IL-6 Insulin Leptin OPG Osteocalcin Osteopontin PTH TNFa</p> <p>Rat Thyroid Single Plex(Cat. No. RTHY-30K-TSH)NEW!</p> <p>Mouse Pituitary(Cat. No. MPTMAG-49K)ACTH BDNF FSH GH LH Prolactin TSH</p> <p>TSH</p> <p>Human IGF Binding Protein(Cat. No. HIGFBP-53K) MB Format Coming Soon*IGFBP1 IGFBP2 IGFBP3 IGFBP4 IGFBP5 IGFBP6 IGFBP7</p> <p>Mouse Bone Panel 1ASerum/plasma samples (Cat. No. MBN1A-41K)ACTH IL-6 Insulin Leptin OPG TNFa</p> <p>Rat Pituitary(Cat. No. RPTMAG-86K)ACTH BDNF FSH GH LH Prolactin TSH</p> <p>Mouse IGF Binding Protein(Cat. No. MIGFBPMAG-43K)IGFBP1 IGFBP2 IGFBP3 IGFBP5 IGFBP6 IGFBP7</p> <p>Mouse Bone Panel 1BTissue culture samples (Cat. No. MBN1B-41K)ACTH IL-6 OPG Osteocalcin TNFa</p> <p>Canine Pituitary N(Cat. No. CPTMAG-96K)ACTH BDNF FSH GHFor Research Use Only.</p> <p>LH Prolactin TSH</p> <p>Single Plex KitsAdiponectin (Mouse) Adiponectin (Rat) IGF-1 (Mouse/Rat) IGF-1 (Human)n IGF-1 (Human)*n</p> <p>Insulin Leptin</p> <p>IGF-2 (Human)*n</p> <p>6</p> <p>See our website for...</p>


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