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  • 1. Analysing Existing magazines Aaron Barlow

2. The title stands out as the colours of red, black and white contrast greatly, this draws the attention of the audience immediately and informs them what set of pages they are. The Q also makes the brand of magazine known. The actual contents are bold and are clear. This is achieved through (like most other points) contrasting colours (red, black and white) and a good, bold font. The 44 is effective in the corner of the page as its lonesome on the page and also gives the information as to where the content for the image is held. The photo of the member from the band Gorillaz is incredibly pronounced as it is part of the only coloured content on the page. The border also enhances how much it stands out on the page. It also appeals to the general audience for the magazine: Indie/Mainstream. 3. As with most titles within a magazine this title contrasts greatly with the background (yellow over black, this could represent a buzz from the music). It is also shown in bold which generally catches the audiences attention. The picture of Marilyn Manson is effective for the genre of this particular magazine as he is obviously depicted as being different and rather gothic. His clothes and the couch also enhance the idea for their colour schemes (Black and sometimes red). Advertisements within a magazine shows that other companies trust the magazine enough to be endorsed within them, it also shows popularity among the community. I shall take this into account also. The layout of the actual contents is seemingly constitutional to organised chaos, this is due to the sections being separated by borders yet seeming rather cluttered at the same time, Probably much like the rooms of the audience. 4. The title on the page immediately captures the attention of the audience. This is achieved via the separation of the letters, the boldness of them and the contrast between the black background and the white text. On the whole this magazine is mainly aimed at those who like more mainstream music mixed with fashion etc. I should take into account a mixture of different medias when creating my own. The picture of Beyonce is effective as it appeals to the target audience (being people of the younger generation), its also effective as she is part of the colour scheme, which takes into account the consistency of the magazine. Her figure also somewhat creates a border for the actual contents. I could take this into account while designing my own magazine. The way the writing scrolls down her legs is very clever and gives it a unique effect. It also includes a brief summary as to what each shown article is about. Thus making the audience want to know more.