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  • 1. Analysing Existing magazines Aaron Barlow

2. There are a number of pictures relative to the genre/band being promoted. They have been placed erratically together to show the laid back and somewhat chaotic attitude of the music. These 4 boxes stand out quite well as the red contrasts with the black background. The colour is consistent with the border strips on either side of the pages. This section of the article on the left side is effective and efficient as it gives room for the images and splits the article into sections to give the reader a chance to view all of the items on the page. The main title stands out greatly with the contrasted colours to the background. Contrast should definitely be taken into account for a greater effect on my own magazine. Advertisements on the page create a feeling that the magazine/band are that popular that companies wish to be endorsed by them. 3. Lily Allen is the main celebrity in this magazine. The shot is of a medium close up which is (as explained in the front covers analysis) consistent with most music magazines. She stands out as she takes up the whole of the second page The title grabs the attention of the reader immediately with its use of the erratic font and the style of a reversed newspaper which shows rebellion. This could be translated to being an important story. Lily Allen is in bold Red letters thus creating an even greater impact to herself and the article below. The colour red gives off a feeling of urgency or danger. It is also consistent with her outfit. 4. The large red L symbolises danger, passion, lust, sexuality and urgency. The L stands for the Lady in Lady Gaga. I could use this in my own magazine for the main model. The article itself is easy to read as it isnt sectioned off, also the L doesnt obstruct the writing in any way, thus creating an urgent impact on the article immediately. The image of Lady Gaga is in the consistent form of a medium close up. She is in greyscale creating a feeling of class. This helps the red L to stand out even greater. She has a somewhat determined, awe inspired look on her face which makes her look interesting. I should take into account Facial expressions when taking pictures for my magazine.