Anaerobic Digestion UK Market Status

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This paper was presented by NNFCC's Head of Biomass and Biogas at a Rushlight Biobriefing on the 27th September 2012.


<ul><li> 1. NNFCCUnderstanding the AD landscape: UK andEuropeLucy Hopwood Head of Biomass &amp; BiogasNNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants</li></ul> <p> 2. NNFCCIntroductionConsultancy Advisory Market, technical, Strategic guidance andpolicy &amp; sustainability briefings, meetingexpertise support Membership Standard &amp; business membership packagesSpecialising in bioenergy, biofuels and bio-based products, with anunparalleled knowledge of bio-based supply chains.NNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC 3. NNFCCUK Policy Contextto deliver a hugeincrease in energy from3 5TWh by 2020waste through ADNNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC 4. NNFCCCurrent StatusNon-waste: 29 operational plants 12MWe installedcapacity 63 planned plants 59MWe consentedcapacity + 146 water treatment plantsWaste: 48 operational plants 67MWe installedcapacity 84 planned plants 149MWe consentedcapacityNNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC 5. NNFCCNNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC 6. NNFCCLandfill gas Sewage gas Other biogasNNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC 7. NNFCCBiogas UseBiogas Biomethane PowerTransport Heat Only CHP Gas GridOnly FuelNNFCC: The Bioeconomy Consultants NNFCC 8. NNFCCFinancial Incentives - Options ORCombined Heat &amp; Power (CHP) Biomethane to Grid (BtG) Generation Tariff Feed-In-TariffExport TariffElectricity Market Value for Gasor Market ValueORRenewables ObligationCertificates (ROCs)Renewables Obligation Market ValueBiogas Combustion tariff(</p>